I keep on waiting for my tank then i lose it from stupid stuff

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  1. Tanatos

    I saw a tank column pulled from the gate, the tanks exploded by them selfs all the way to the battle, I think it was because of the proximity to orher tanks, but still, losing 1/4 of a fighting force to a bug is annoying.
  2. LT_Latency

    Get a friend and switch back and forth being the gunner and driver.

    Between the 2 of you if you can't keep a tank up 90% of the time you are playing you are doing something horrible horrible wrong
  3. Sebastien

    I bet you call them POGs as well
  4. PyroPaul

    and your point is?

    there are plenty of games that offers better infantry play and are not plagued by the issues caused by 'Scale' (such as 50 on 5 conflicts) or 'Freedom' (such as Spawn Camped by Tanks and Aircraft.)

    The point to Planetside is Supposed to be Vehicle Combat...
    Infantry play is intended to be support in this game.

    If i want to play Infantry... i play games which only allows infantry.
  5. LT_Latency

    People don't understand how large scale works.

    When there are 200 people shooting at something it's going to die. Tanks can one shot infantry from 500m so infantry shoot at them first because they don't want to die. When 20 people are shooting at you, You are going to pop.

    They can't change that.
  6. Larolyn

    Most impressive suiciding Vanguard I have driven, was one that decided to do a forward flip. Off a hill. On to a bridge. Landing upside down and somehow bouncing. Off the bridge. And down into a canyon at base that use to be on the good Esamir before finally blowing into many tiny pieces with me still inside it. Fun times.
  7. PyroPaul

    They can change that...
    They can change that Easily

    That is a problem caused by Stupid Design which started with the Annihilator.
    Fire-and-Forget rockets with Omni-targeting capabilities and near 100% accuracy ratings? That's Balanced!

    they integrated more Skill/Power balanced targeting or more reliable counters, such problems wouldn't really exist.
  8. Zar

    I only have to win once you killing me means nothing. I can just try again ill admit I have come across a few REALLY good tankers that i can't seem to kill most running with radar but for the most part id say 85 % are just rolling cert presents waiting to be opened with some c4. but by all means nerf them XD works for me. never did like driving tanks. in zergs they live for a bit but 3-4 out in the open dead within about 5 mins.
  9. Keiichi25

    No... Planetside and Planetside 2 is suppose to be COMBINED ARMS... Which means infantry AND vehicles, not 'Vehicle Combat'

    Infantry can take down tanks and air to a degree, but infantry does rely on tank support and air support just as much as Air and Armor rely on Infantry to support them.

    The real annoyance I have is with some drivers who ram into my vehicle, costing me resources I spent and putting me on a timer because they are on my side and just stupid. Crash outs are also annoying as well.
  10. LT_Latency

    No they can't, Because people have to be able to defend themselves in some way when the numbers are lower.

    2 or 3 people need to have a chance to beat a tank, So when you scale that up to 13 people shooting the same tank. it goes KABOOM. Unless you are going to argue tanks should just be able to roll everything in sight because you play one.

    If you take out lock ons, The dumb fire missiles need to go super fast to reliable hit their targets. Which makes them very powerful when infantry shoot them at each other
  11. Millsy

    Vehicles should fight in the field but be extremely vulnerable in and close to bases, dumbfire achieves this. SOE's mistake was to make dumbfire rockets standard equipment with no profit to them. Hence lock-ons and mana turrets. Now the areas between bases hardly see any vehicle action, because SOE have to make money.
    I've taken out tanks from over 700 m with the mana turret, but it isn't enhancing the infantry play. This game is still good but it's lost a lot of potential, what should have been epic because of its scale and diversity took some cash driven bad decisions.
  12. JudgeDeath

    Pebbles ... they are deadly .. hell more deadly then tank mines ... If only I had somesort of hovering tank ... oh wait
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  13. Hoki

    I think half of my tank deaths are from flipping them.
  14. Aegie

    Right, but how is it not a power-up if a tank has a 5:1 win ratio?
  15. Ulven

    I lost a Lightning at max HP after I crashed once into some INVISIBLE debris. It didn't show on my screen until after I crashed into it and it tumbled over.
  16. Zar

    ok i have a 20 1 win ratio in light assault most of time more in big fights cause people bunch up so yeah c4 + big crowd of people = 20 /1 kill ratio and all i have to do to do it again is go back to a term and reload once again tanks are part of the game not a power up cause they die just as easy as a troop when c4ed. you have issues with tanks ok i get that try running with a squad or engage them in indirect ways don't run through the open and eat a shell
  17. PyroPaul

    Or, you know, you could introduce more skill intensive lock-on systems which demand more from players then simply pointing at something for a few seconds then pressing the trigger for assured points. Things such as splitting up targeting rights (can only target air, ground, 'Large' vehicles (MBT, Lib, Galaxy, Sundy) 'Light Vehicles' (Light, ESF, Harass, Flash)) or even high response Guide-by-Wire requiring aim.

    Unless if you're going to argue that using a Fire-and-Forget weapon, which has a near 100% accuracy rating, and is capable of Targeting Every Vehicle in the game requires a huge amount of skill and is perfectly balanced because You use one...
  18. LT_Latency

    When tanks can drop a hit and kill you in one shot from any range yes.

    If you want to reduce the range infantry can do damage same thing has to happen to vehicles or there is no effective way to fight them as an infantry unit.

    Are the going to change vehicle weapons so you must be using the right weapon to hurt cert infantry classes as well?? A tank gun can only hurt LA and another can only hurt INF.

    Having a system where you go......Oh i don't have the right gun on so i am totally screwed is a bad system
  19. PyroPaul

    wow, delusional infantry man here.

    Tanks have a Ballistic projectile so to 'Drop a hit and kill you in one shot' does take a marginal degree of skill in order to achieve, On top of this, they also cost Vehicle resource to obtain, and can only be obtained from specific points on the map.

    The amount of effort, skill, and time required to pull a vehicle and Place it on a specific point to be able to drop those kind of shots shots, then the knowledge the player must have in order to sink those shots is in No Way equal to the HA that spawned with a Fire-and-Forget Omni-Lock-on Rocket Launcher which he gets free of charge, and often is deployed in rather close proximity to important area's that require infantry at 5-10 seconds intervals...

    Having a system where you have to put in double the effort of the next guy but only get a fraction of the reward is an even Worse system... And that is the system we have now in the game.

    having such a system would force players to think, create role diversity, and cause concepts such as 'Team-work' to evolve in groups... i know all of these things are foreign concepts to you, but it is true.
  20. LT_Latency

    If you can't kill infantry with a tank, You are bad. It easy to rack up ton and tons of kills with tanks by boming them to hell and back.

    oh no, I have to aim something that can kill in one shot. ooohhh nnnooss. If the lock on killed in one shot you might have a point but it takes server volleys which you can repair after you are hit.

    I singled handled brought my friends KDR from under 0.6 to over 1 using the harasser to farm infantry. We often go 30-50 kills before we die.

    Then that team work system need to apply to veichles as well, Why they hell should infantry be affted by all these rules and not veichles. Infantry should be limited to what they can kill but i should be able to blow them all to hell because I want to. Thats bull crap