I just had a...surreal experience

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  1. Paperlamp

    So here's my story: there's this guy on my server that I know uses hacks but is not necessarily a hacker(supposedly uses them only to kill other hackers, IDK) and he kills me several times(yes with a shotgun mainly although once with a mercenary and once with c4) and I'm in a bad mood. I've been awake for awhile and have had some wine plus I'm running around as an infil in cqc but with a bolt action(I am not a great quick scoper) - this is all kind of my own fault, I can be a bit of a masochist.

    I have violent thoughts about him as well as just feeling like a failure, natural FPS feelings when you've been playing past a point you should've logged. Doesn't help that the guy is a bit egotistic and thinks shotguns are fine(yes there were tells between us unfortunately one day when I was whining about them in /yell he messaged me with some form of l2p yoda wisdom nonsense except less nice than yoda). Which is why it's irritating that I'm being killed by him. Basically...think AccelPrime from these forums except worse typing skills. Considered logging onto his faction but in some odd turn of events ended up healing and reviving him instead - I don't know what is wrong with me. I log off an on sporadically as my rage ebbs and flows.

    Then suddenly there're tons of korean players on(it's like 5 am west coast server). Platoons of them in the same outfit. They are...very easy to kill. They stand still a lot when shooting, and I'm sure their latency is just terrible. I am padding my K/D like mad just popping heads - as much as I hate to admit I can't help but pay some attention to K/D though I wish it didn't exist. After a certain point though, it's not fun. It's too easy and I feel like I'm probably ruining their fun. I guess there aren't any servers for them, and for whatever reason they play with terrible lag anyway.

    I guess I'm not really going anywhere with this just felt like sharing the experience. I should go back to therapy.
  2. }{ellKnight

    Just wasted a few minutes of my life reading this... I regret it.
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  3. KAHR-Alpha

    Sir, you're taking the game way too seriously.
  4. lootandshoot

    me too dem feels bro
  5. SolidSnake

    I think he was still having wine while typing this rambling nonsense. Wish we had forum admins here but alas it's just a wasteland for forum whining and SOE announcements. I don't think they even read anything posted here.
  6. tastyBerryPunch

    Thank you for the warning.
  7. TownCryer8

    Sometimes switching off your brain makes you 100 times smarter. You should try that sometime OP.
  8. Sen7ryGun84

    Click like of you only came here because you thought the thread title read "I just had a sexual experience".
  9. Paperlamp

    I am pretty sure they mainly pay attention to reddit.

    Still, this was gameplay related in a way. It includes a story of my gameplay ...or something.
  10. TheRealMetalstorm



    also, Rubbish. Korean players are the seriously really really good at any game they can get on their hands. I know very well because I'm asian and I play a lot of competitive counter strike. The best players are korean, but they refuse to enter the international leagues because they can't be f'd. Their standard of play in regional competitive games approaches that of international teams.

    Also, I only play Combat Arms on the Korean server now. Little to no hackers because asians tend to have much more personal pride (idk, its probably the culture we have or something), and the standard of play is so much higher.

    OP must be drunk.
  11. Paperlamp

    They might be good but with such bad latency it doesn't matter that much.
  12. MarioO

    So you fell in love with that guy? Cool story, bro.
  13. Paperlamp

    Was waiting for a cool story bro response.
  14. phreec

    Go seek a destructive relationship.
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  15. BH Brigade

    lol I was on at like 2 am west coast server, and there were a ******** of asians talking in proxi chat, like 100+ not in any ouftit, but all just zerging together, and talking asian to eachother :D
  16. phreec

  17. DramaticExit


    Lets play count the languages.
  18. Haba

    Over 9000