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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    ... today I was fighting on Indar, assaulting the tower in the West whose name I do not remember. I am happily fighting Smurfs as VS when I retreat inside the building to reload and I see a fellow medic pointing the gun at me.

    Then he fires, I get some hit and swing aside (I am wearing a camo, maybe the guy is confused) but not fire back. The guy stops firing, come closer and empty the magazine at point blank range. Dead.

    Sigh. Another Einstein whose IFF is faulty. Being a Medic at least he rescue me. Back to fight without even a second glance, I categorize the event as a "Violet on Violet" incident but 30 seconds later I come back to the same building to reload just to see the same Medic killing another VS and then rescuing him.

    I ponder whether to unload the Orion on him and then I simply decide to press on. What is this? The new form of stat-padding?
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  3. Luicanus

    I'm pretty sure you don't get xp for rezzing allies who died to friendly fire. It'd be a serious oversight if it counted towards directives.
  4. infilallday

    The only reason people do this is because they find it funny.
    Dont ask me why, they just do
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  5. adamts01

    Paint chips?

    I've actually been seeing plenty of vets doing much worse teamkilling and other shenanigans lately. Seeing the game in a state which is so much worse than a year ago is pretty frustrating. Players put in substantial effort on the test server and put forward completely professional and helpful criticism. To see Daybreak clearly not give a **** about releasing quality patches really makes players not give a **** in return. Add to it Chinese flodding the server and throwing alerts, blatant hacking, zero ramifications for team killing, completely broken mechanics, this absolutely horrid alert system, and to top it off a 40 minute que to get on to your faction to group up with friends as a paying member if your faction happened to just start an alert..... It's so easy to just not give a ****.
  6. infilallday

    Its a shame long term players feel the game is dying/dead. Thats pretty much the sentiment here as a whole.
    Ive been playing for about a month now after having a long break.
    I took a break because at the time there would be multiple continents opened and minimal pop on each.
    They have certainly fixed the pop issue now, with plenty of big fights available. This is on Ceres, PS4.

    I still enjoy the game thouroughly but probably havent invested enough time into it to realise its short comings.

    I mean everything works for me, i dont have an issue really. Sure sometimes the game crashes, its not that often.
    There is a wait for non members when changing continents, sometimes. When there is im not waiting more than 2 mins, so it doesnt bother me.

    Team killing is a pain and more should be done about it but its not game breaking. Implants are new for me and offer a little extra.
    Not really sure how alerts work now but it doesnt matter. I go where the action is. Perform my role as an infiltrator and move on.

    I dont want this game to die and neither do most of us. The negativity here though is toxic. I mean just reading posts has me hating the game. But i dont! lol

    Maybe its time to just stop playing.

    Actually, maybe its time that i stopped coming here.....
  7. SquirtAttack

    On multiple occasions, including last night, I have had players leave the enemy faction just to join the faction I am playing in so that they can team kill me. For one of my other characters I was playing last night, it was very obvious that the person did it because they had the same name as the person I killed a couple of times in the enemy faction, except they had a different number at the end. That is even more annoying to me. I reported him, but I doubt anything will happen.