I just cant figure it out...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zherot, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Zherot

    I just cant figure it out... Seriously i cant just figure it out why im dying?, i just dont understand how it seems everyone can see me yet i have NO IDEA where the hell did i got shoot, its stupid, plain stupid, no icons on the mini map either, THIS IS NOT FUN, walking 3 steps and being killed by a random dude which i have no idea where he was, spawn again and repeat the same BS, seriously im just afraid of walking in any place because i know for fact someone is going to kill me and im not even going to know where the killer was, is stupid, i remember in halo were you have a radar where you could tell were enemies were, here you just cant tell, the stupid minimap dosent help because it dosent show all the enemies.

    On top of that the time to get killed is DUMB i mean it just takes someone spot you and you are dead WITH NO WAY TO FIGHT BACK, its **********, whats the point of all this fancy technology if your stupid soldiers are still dying like flies, its stupid, you cant fight back once someone jumps on you, you are pretty much dead. Im seriously not enjoying this game, i really tried to understand it because at first i had trouble with that but now that i get how things work in terms of objectives and stuff, i just cant figure this out, and i think there is nothing to figure out here, is just how this stupid game is and thats it.
  2. HadesR

    First off ..

    1) What's your average FPS ?
    2) Press Tab > Bottom right .. What's your average Latency and Connection quality ?

    Now if those are pretty good we might be able to figure out it's a gameplay issue rather than a Technical one ..
  3. Zherot

    60 fps
    118 ms
  4. Tommyp2006

    Any chance you could record and upload to youtube about 10 minutes of gameplay? That would help us a lot.
  5. CupofFriedGold

    The TTK in this game is a bit longer than most, it's somewhere in between COD/BF and the Halo series. It could be headshots(2x damage multiplier) that are dropping you fast.

    When I was new to the game I player Engi or Medic and would stay somewhat behind other players to see the routes they took. Learning the different bases and lanes of fire in them will go a long way towards increasing your lifespan.

    Also be sure to look up and watch out for light assaults. The H key will expand your minimap, the [ and ] keys zoom it in and out. Although I would rebind minimap zoom to mouse wheel rather than weapon swap.
  6. HadesR

    Those seem ok so it's more than likely a case of needing to adapt to the scale of Planetside ..

    With so many players and with so many bullets coming from so many different angles it can be frustrating ...

    I'm not sure what class you play but maybe try a support class for a while ( Medic / Engineer ) and hang back a little .. It would allow you a little time to become accustomed to bases and their layouts ( Choke points , obvious camping spots etc ) without being in the frontline assault as you do so ..

    Regardless of experience though, there will always be deaths from people you just did not see .. The scale of the game makes it impossible to remove that factor, all you can try to do is limit it by learning layouts, watching corners, WATCHING THE ROOF TOPS ( so many miss that ) etc etc etc ..