I heart tanks.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BigMacDeez, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. BigMacDeez

    Whether or not c4 is changed, I will still be out in my glorious metal murder machine, turning the crunchies to paste underneath my tracks. I worry not about guys with little plastic explosives.

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  2. MilitiaMan

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  3. SinMachine

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  4. Ganelon

    I love tanks as well, gets me so many points when blowing one up.
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  5. Tommyp2006

    Yup, I won't stop pulling them either way. They're just so much more fun to use than playing as infantry, for the most part.
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  6. BigMacDeez

    Why carry a weapon when it can carry me? AMIRITE?
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  7. EliteEskimo

    Yes.... We needed a thread dedicated to the Metal Mobile Fortresses of Doom for all things on the ground.:cool:




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  8. Total_Overkill

    Tanks are for cowards that need 12 inches of armor plated nanites in order be of any use on the battlefield...

    Luckily, coming up behind them with another 12 inches (of explosives) show them who the real men are!
  9. BigMacDeez

    Not so much... :)
  10. EliteEskimo

    You represent the Midget in this film and the tank represents PS2 tankers. Enjoy:D

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  11. KenDelta

    -spends 200 resources on a couple o c4 bricks-
    IT'S ON!!!
  12. Total_Overkill

    Ya... that occurs daily >.>
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  13. BigMacDeez

    That's the spirit!
  14. EliteEskimo

    I run over people trying to kill me on a regular basis. However the best scenario is running over an invisible infiltrator you didn't even know was there.:)
  15. Van Dax


    bet you primitive fools never saw that coming.

    EDIT: Of course it is Canadian :p
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  16. BigMacDeez

    This thing looks like it has more smoke grenades than main gun rounds...
  17. Van Dax

    You will never ever see this thing. Stealth by way of being unstealthy
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  18. BigMacDeez

    Lolz. Is that a forest fire coming this way? OH NOES
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  19. EliteEskimo

    Hey look boys some fog is rolling in.... Hey wait a minute! *dead* :D

    On a related note, IR smoke should make bigger smoke screens.:cool:

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  20. Tommyp2006

    Only if it the midget is friendly. If it's an enemy, he would just pass right through you.
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