I heard turning up Graphics gets better FPS... True?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Cookie5000, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Lavans

    People don't stop playing PS2 because you're busy picking your nose at the terminal. Things are still being rendered in the background, like explosions, gunshots, VR dummies dying and respawning, etc.

    In other words, the GPU usage and power target is going to fluctuate. Duh

    Uh oh, wrong again. The fan isn't "set" to anything. It uses a custom curve.
    I bet you didn't notice the fan was fluctuating between 70% and 72%, did ya? :)
  2. BlackDove

    Have you noticed the threads(largely ignored) where people say that their game crashes, black screens or disappears when using one of those menus or redeploying? And if youre buying stuff or changing things in a terminal, and it affects stability, thats a problem.

    If the overhead from the Scaleform HUD or other 2D elements that are ALWAYS on the screen are even partially responsible(theybseem to be) for the poor utilization(lots of threads about that) in PS2, then thats a big deal.

    And do you really think that kind of additional load is acceptable, given the number of performance and stability problems on this forum?
  3. Lavans

    I love how you automatically assume that it's an issue with PS2 when a select number of people experience X, Y, Z issue.
    I guess you never heard of driver or OS issues before? :)

    Performance and stability problems?
    I wonder where those issues actually come from.
    I have 3 systems ( Q9450/HD4870, 2630QM/GTX460M, 2500k/GTX680) and all 3 run perfectly fine and don't crash or suffer black screens.
    People need to learn how to troubleshoot and take care of their systems instead of defaulting to the scapegoat game :)
  4. BlackDove

    Ok Higby even posted about the black screen issue because so many people had it. I DID troubleshoot it and it wasnt the drivers. It happened with my underclocked and well cooled GPU using 314.22 drivers. How is that NOT the game? Why did they blame the drivers if it did it to ALL drivers after a game update and stopped after another?

    I do wonder where the MASSIVE AMOUNT of threads about unusually low performance given a lot of peoples specs, crashes to desktop, black screen driver crashes etc come from. You even get the menu load problem(as your videos and screenshots showed)but you dont care.

    Perhaps you should post the solution. I know plenty of people with extremely high quality high end desktops that have these issues. Whats funny is also that they seem to happen to A LOT of users after specific updates.

    So, please tell us what is wrong with out configurations?

    Heres a few to analyze:

    Mine i5-2320, 16GB RAM, Gigabyte Z68 motherboard and 660ti Seasonic X650,

    Friend 1 i5-3570, 16GB RAM, Gigabyte motherboard and 660, Delta 750W PSU,

    Friend 2 i5-4670, 16GB RAM, Gigabyte motherboard and 450W cooler Windforce 770, Seasonic 650W PSU,

    All in well ventilated cases with high quality power supplies and properly configured and secured operating systems.

    Friend 3 uses an E5 Xeon with 24GB ECC RAM and plays from a 16GB RAM disk with 8 for actual use as system RAM.

    Then theres the posters on here with systems that usually range from an i5 with a 660 to LGA2011s with 780Tis and Titans getting all the same issues.

    Not exactly garbage hardware.

    So what do we need to do to fix all these different systems?

    How are we not taking care of our systems?
  5. Lavans

    High quality parts does not grant immunity to driver/software/os issues.
    If the issue is caused purely by PS2, then everyone would have these issues.
    However, I'm not going to derail this thread because you can't troubleshoot. But I will say this much - if all your friends are following your advice, then there is one common denominator between their systems right there. :)
  6. BrianJ2

    All settings give me the same about the same results of very playable FPS(70-80FPS) in mid-large battles.

    Being in a heavy biolab fights brings me to 30FPS on Ultra tho(Motion blur disabled, render distance 4000)
  7. BlackDove

    I mentioned 4 specific systems.

    What about the countless threads on the forun with people getting the black screen, game disappearing with no error, overheating or this thread "graphics options have no effect on performance"?

    Is it some big conspiracy i created lol?

    And since youre an expert, why do the graphics detail settings have no effect on performance?

    Heres my theory. Once you drop below the overhead that two things have, you cant play the game.

    1. The CPU limitation of the huge thread that handles player position etc. That requires a high single core performance CPU like an i5 and a lot of RAM.

    Dont have that? Got AMD with CMT cores? A laptop with a 2GHz i7(normally good)? Youre screwed. A lot of threads back that up.

    2. The 2D menus. Not only do they have the annoying(dangerous to people with cheap hardware) effect that other threads describe, but the WAY they load a GPU prevents the GPU from being effectively used.

    Not only that, but you actually posted how the ui makes so many calls for resources that it will cause performance issues.

    If those two factors can be overcome by basically having 2x the amount of computational(and electrical) power ypud need if the game didnt have these optimization issues, then you can play the game.

    Until you get into a big fight or you get out of your scythe and look at the bugged effects or get shot with rockets. Then you get the "my high end system gets 2 fps in a big fight" thread.