I heard turning up Graphics gets better FPS... True?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Cookie5000, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Octiceps

    Oh darling...

  2. Cookie5000

    Magic ^_^ People really underestimate the power of my laptop...
  3. Octiceps

    And how's that working out for ya?
  4. MajiinBuu

    People told me that too, they overestimate my hardware.
    I play on very low as well, but switching to medium and my fps plummets. I haven't tried since the optimization, I just assume it'll still be bad. I don't know which is bottlenecked, the FPS display shows both CPU and GPU on and off.
    Intel Pentium B950 2.10GHz
    Intel HD Graphics
    Windows 7 64-bit
    4 GB RAM
  5. Dragam

    MajinBuu : The issue is, that you have a computer that is clearly only meant as an office computer - without a dedicated Graphics Card, you cannot possibly hope to play any modern games, without the performance being god awful. That being said, rest of the system has to be up to par aswell.
  6. ZenitHMaster

    Heres best useroptions:



    You can add EffectsRenderDistanceScale = 0.65 and ParticleRenderDistanceScale if you like but it diddn't help me.
    PS: Im running a GT220 and a Celeron dual core
  7. blueangleofdeath

    If your gpu and cpu switches often that is a good thing. You may be able to get away with low but I don't think you can get to medium. From checking out your cpu http://ark.intel.com/products/55627/Intel-Pentium-Processor-B950-2M-Cache-2_10-GHz you might be able to upgrade your memory to 16 gigs. That might help you get you to medium but it shloud defently help improve the lower settings if it doesn't with medium. Could you post your notebook model please?
  8. ohmikkie

  9. blueangleofdeath

    Some are but these don't even pass the minimum requirements in all aspects.
  10. TeknoBug

    GOD that's worse than my old Toshiba that has an AMD P360 2.4GHz CPU.
  11. Gammit

    The only sarcasm you may have detected is the low probability that they would hire you. Although I am still skeptical about your power virus claims.
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  12. Gammit

    I ate too much corn on the cob, whole.
  13. BlackDove

    Go read the scaleform ui thread. Lavans proved that hes got the issue while attempting to disprove it lol
  14. Lavans

    He only thinks there's a "power virus" because he's one of those paranoid types. He prefers to underclock his video card because apparently, if you run at default settings, the component will fry under normal usage :rolleyes:
  15. Octiceps

    Bottom of page 1.

  16. BlackDove

    Im not sure why youre talking about vsync at all. It was initially(people have been posting since just after launch that ps2 overheats their GPU) a thought that PS2 was overheating GPUs because the max fps was 250(pretty sure it was 999 at launch) and somehow vsync let the menus exceed the monitors refresh rate.

    That is false, and the real problem is the menus themselves.

    Further proving my point that vsync has no effect on the GPU load(power load not utilization). Thanks.

    The menus apparently(including your videos and screenshots that you wanted to prove the opposite) load the GPU to 100% of their power while not allowing it to do much work.

    While a lot of peoples GPUs wont overheat from this, it puts unnecessary load on the graphics cards power components, fan bearings, TIM, the PSU and putting more heat into the case while not allowing the GPU to do actual work.
  17. Lavans

    So the TLDR of that is - low GPU usage = more heat?
  18. BlackDove

    No... its more electricity and transistors toggling on and off pointlessly becauase of the 2D elements = more heat and low "usage".

    YOUR GPU was bouncing off 100% power while not being utilized much in your videos and screenshots.
  19. Lavans

    Actually, my GPU maintains full boost (1097 MHz), averages around 90% power target with 80% load, and sometimes goes as low as 40% power target :)

  20. BlackDove

    Yes, despite being in a menu the power and load are bouncing around everywhere.

    Maintaining boost clock doesnt indicate anything other than the fact that your GPU has enough power to increase clocks and that its well cooled.

    It should be well cooled since you have the fan set to 74% speed which is pretty fast.

    Despite the fact that you have it set to 74% your temperatures are around 70C which is hotter than my GPU usually gets. Thats not dangerously hot for a piece of silicon but the cooler the better.

    You should have really done the video like this. Put everything to default settings, and auto fan.

    Start at the desktop, launch PS2, run around or fly in game until your temperature stabilizes for a couple of minutes, THEN open a menu and let it sit. Take note of any load and temperature differences.

    What a lot of people, in addition to me, have found is that the 2D menus load the GPU more than the game does.

    Since its impossible to get rid of the HUD and other Scaleform elements and tell whats going on(removing the HUD is known to give much better performance, probably by letting the GPU use its power budget to do actual work) this should be fixed.

    I also have a GK104 GPU like you with a Cooler Master made Gigabyte Windforce cooler. My "solution" to keeping it cool in PS2 is to limit power target(and prevent boosting) and set an aggressive fan curve.

    My dust free PC is in a 72F room and in a Lian Li PCK7-B case with 3x 120mm fans and one in the Seasonic X650 PSU. I dont think thats poorly cooled. Do you?