I heard turning up Graphics gets better FPS... True?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Cookie5000, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Cookie5000

    So I heard the FPS will increase by turning up the graphics if your GPU is better than the CPU because it will put more resources into GPU and make the CPU easier or something like that. I find it hard to believe since you are making graphics higher which usually make it a slower... So is this true or false?
  2. BlackDove

    Its true.

    One of the many examples of poor optimization.
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  3. Cookie5000

    I play on very low (yea... Im a low-end..) So I changed to Low and Med and they are... About the same..
    • Very Low - 10-25
    • Low - 10-25
    • Med-10-20
    But this was just we running around warpgate and restarting client every time I changed settings. Should I try settings in action?
  4. Krayus_Korianis

    Would actually depend on your current rig's configuration... CPU, RAM, GPU, you know, the specifications of your computer. Laptops aren't meant for gaming (even those gaming laptops, those are for fleecing people).
  5. Irathi

    Semi true.

    As long as you are CPU bottlenecked raising the graphic settings will not make your FPS worse. You can continue to raise the graphic settings untill your GPU becomes the bottleneck.

    However usually it is not like you shift/move workload from the CPU to the GPU by changing graphic settings from low to high.. Some settings like shadow is better turned off or set to low if you are CPU necked because that is a setting processed by the CPU.
  6. Cookie5000

    By CPU bottleneck, the CPU is worst then the GPU or the other way around?
  7. Gammit

    I'm really glad you're here to offer your knowledgeable opinion on the game's code. I can't wait until they hire you.

    To OP: yes, I got better performance on several occasions by turning up the graphics settings.
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  8. Smagjus

    CPU bottleneck means that the CPU is the limiting your FPS or "slower" (at least at this specific task).

    Personally I didn't make this observation. Shadows, lighting, graphics quality, render quality - all decrease my FPS when increased. I am GPU limited - FPS scale with my GPU clocks (game says "[CPU]" but this is obviously wrong).
  9. BlackDove

    I guess you havent read my comprehensive guides or THOUSANDS of posts?

    Heres a few that discuss hardware and software optimization and the games bad code is specifically discussed at length in the scaleform ui thread.

    Enjoy reading!




  10. Octiceps

    What are you so butt hurt about?
  11. Drizzt

    I have heard this thrown around also, imo if you are CPU limited you can turn some settings up a bit that use the GPU more than the CPU to make the game look better without a hit to your fps, increased fps not sure about that.
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  12. Cookie5000

    Yeah I am not the smartest person on hardware, but what does it mean if your CPU is limited or limiting the FPS. How can you tell? I also go a great FPS boost by turning off the UI but its not playable without the scopes and the directional icons and waypoints.
  13. Lavans

    If your CPU is limiting your GPU/FPS, you can easily tell by lowering the graphics quality. If you gain a very small FPS boost by lowering graphic settings, then your CPU is holding your system back.

    The UI has many calls for assets, which bogs down the entire rendering process. That was the first thing to be optimized with O:MFG nearly a year ago. Unfortunately, it still has a decent FPS hit on slower systems.
  14. BlackDove

    Thought the ui was fine and didnt cause issues?
  15. blueangleofdeath

    I think this is somewhat true. It depends on many factors like your system where you're at and what you're doing.

    I can get about as many frames on ultra as I do with medium. I have motion blurr off and shadows high or medium and flora off. I think if you want the looks of ultra but performance of medium turn everything to medium but set models to high and textures to ultra. I might go back to using these settings you can't much difference unless you're scoping
  16. Drizzt

    From what I know, a cpu tells the gpu what to do, so if the cpu can't keep up with the amount of data the gpu can handle you have a cpu bottleneck. PS2 can be very cpu intensive though and I think a lot of people in this game are cpu limited.

    In game if you press ALT + F at the same time, in the lower left of your screen it will show your fps and weather you are cpu/gpu limited, if it shows CPU your cpu is the bottleneck.
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  17. Cookie5000

    Well thanks a lot guys. I wish they would optimize it just a little for low-end PCs. Not everyone can buy a alienware or super monster gaming computer. I may be asking for the impossible. However with more players being able to play the game it would probably fix low populated servers and bring larger battles to it. I play Warframe and I was surprised how optimized it was for my PC I could play low or medium depending on the game mode, if has a lot of AI, with 30-60fps with an average of 40-50fps. Again I may be asking for the impossible... But it doesn't hurt to try. Only if there was a OMFG 2.
  18. blueangleofdeath

    In most cases your CPU will be the bottleneck then anything else.

    If you're for a new computer I strongly recommend building your own. You will come out ahead in the end with a better price and better pc. If it's going to cost to much you might be better off waiting for the PS4 version. Another thing that may help with performance is when hossin comes out and the battle island stuff. Is it with a server you play on? I play on EU servers from the US sometimes and suffer a few frames here and there so that could also be a factor. Hard to say if another optimization is needed. I think half of the frames people are losing is just from stuff either being broken, bugged, or being worked on still. Could you post your pc specs please.
  19. Cookie5000

    1. I don't understand how more content is going to fix performance...
    2. Matterson (Im fully aware Matterson and Watterson is going to be merged)
    3. Basic Specs (I run at 20-30fps on low)
    • CPU = APU E-300 1.30 GHz
    • GPU = AMD Radeon HD 6310
    • RAM = 4GB
    • Operating System = 64bit
    • Windows Type = Windows 7
    • Computer = Toshiba (To****ba?)
  20. blueangleofdeath

    The higher qualities are more optimized. I have no idea how you can even play with any frames at 1.3. Here are what you should at least have to run the game. https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/index.php?threads/planetside-2-system-specs.46998/ I think you're trying to get something out of your computer that it just can't do. The only thing that might help is see if you can add more memory. The lowest phenom 2 goes twice as fast as your CPU does. I'm amazed you haven't burned out you laptop yet.
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