I Heard This Game...

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  1. CovertYank

    give me boner...

    Also, I've fallen in love with the game once again after taking a long overdue break from it. The massive killage by heavies doesn't bother anymore, the...

    Well honestly that was the only thing...annoying me...but anyways! I can't wait for what the devs have in store for this game! Anyone else with me?

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  2. Eternaloptimist

    Oh yeah...........people whine on the forums about things they have a hard time overcoming. Me, I just adapt. I stopped maining HA months ago although I play it occasionally for when an RL comes in handy. I run flak to avoid explosive spam, I shoot down aircraft with AV mana turret, I drop AI mines in fiendish places.............After two years there is still stuff for me to try out (stalker pistol and knife combo is huge fun, why did I ignore it for so long?).

    Looking forward to the ANTs and the base redesigns on Indar. Enjoying Koltyr with my new alts, loved the Blackhand and the new burst carbines (nice to know they are in my armoury although the novelty has passed a bit now).Striker is more fun to play with since the small buff. And I get a little warm feeling when I see the message that some cheater has been banned. I also love the way the new VP system has increased the number of battles and added new places to fight.
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  3. Moz

    All of this....
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