I have posted here screenshots and links to videos of all my bases built (which I captured).

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  1. TR5L4Y3R

    absolutely not
  2. tigerchips

    Enemy drives through gate shield and deploys = the end of the base.

    Also, Orbital Strike.
  3. TR5L4Y3R

    what is rather needed is a much less clunky way to build/rebuild in the first place
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  4. Tycoh

    Yeah, agreed. There were a copy-paste prefab mechanics in the works a few years back but the devs scrapped that idea apparently.
  5. -Zlodey-

    Yep, pre-defined base blueprints would be good idea.
  6. RiP0k

  7. AuricStarSand

    10/10 presentation
    Your graphics & fps speed seem superb.

    If only I had more time to upgrade a pc and enjoy building. Tho it seems my life just as Wrel's is moving me to venture outside. When I do have time, I usually just play with routers.

    I'm guessing the location was just for show? For empty grass field. Would be surprised to see the enemy travel that far. & if they did they may just skip for the bio fight.

    For the video, sweet base, if only the walls would snap with magnetics.
    Seeing as the base takes 8 min, plus some harvest time, so 10 min. For starters. Then another 10 min for more harvest & modules.

    So 20 minutes solo.

    The devs need to find a way to lower that time. Either as I said magnetic walls to snap the gaps & some item that fills the gaps with plasma light. & then either a module screen to install all the modules from a screen. Else allow people to carry 4 modules per run.

    Lastly vehi term, and 2 turrets isn't enough offense for the solo player. Or anyone outnumbered 12 to 48. That happens quite often for silos, more often than fair fights. They def need one more AV deterrent, even just a loot box that gives you 8 free AV mines to surround your walls with. Loot box with mortars? & one more ground lvl machine gun nest manable turret to fend off infantry. A upgraded version of engi mana turret for ground lvl silo defense?
  8. RiP0k

    The state of the Construction System at the moment is Piñata/garbage, as anyone knows better. The current state of this system does not allow the creation of outposts that can exist in the heat of battle, from which I see no point in building all of the listed bases at all. Let's see how the situation will change in half a year. Maybe I'll start building again, but for now, the standby mode without entering the game.
  9. CooleN

    • [COLOR=var(--depot-color-text-secondary)][COLOR=var(--depot-color-text-secondary)][COLOR=var(--depot-color-text-primary)]Разработчики хорошо проводят время суток, мне очень понравилось строительство до обновления, первое, что я сделал, когда зашел в игру, это взял муравья и построил. Мне нравилось строить базы таким образом, чтобы они были маленькими и в них нельзя было войти извне, и их можно было оборонять в одиночку, этому способствовали модули защиты сооружений, которые делали базу не уязвимой. Пожалуйста, верните старые модули, которые можно было разместить внутри конструкций, верните старый гараж, в нем были почти все модули, это очень помогло. Еще есть идея: 1) в бункер можно поставить панель управления, которая бы активировала модули, чтобы не пришлось бегать к каждому отдельному модулю и перезагружать его. Также с этого пульта можно было бы закрыть вход в бункер, дот и так далее экраном питания. Сама концепция строительства баз заключается в создании опорного пункта или заслона для противника. Но уничтожить базы после модернизации легко даже одним[/COLOR]

    • [COLOR=var(--depot-color-text-secondary)][COLOR=var(--depot-color-text-primary)]a tank arrives and destroys everything in 3 minutes. this is very annoying, so I stopped building. Please return the old databases, I really liked them))[/COLOR][/COLOR]
  10. RiP0k

    Why do you hate Construction System?!
    Why have YOU weakened this system so much?
    For what?!
  11. RiP0k

    Almost another half a year has passed. Guess what? That's right, NOTHING! Nothing has changed. DEV put the bolt on the builders.
  12. lukenukeum

    Honestly its well balanced in a low pop server like connery right now.

    but for large fights i see your concerns, turrets are destroyed too easily for one, they deserve an hp boost dependent on the amount of armor in the area. Instant join combat should be directly to a base under attack so they can help defend by pulling armor/manning turrets. Also a "magnetic snap" build feature would help tremendously, perhaps as a toggle feature to ease base construction.

    in summary my suggestions for construction improvement
    - turret hp boost dependent on the amount of armor in the area.
    -"join combat hotkey J" goes directly to bases under attack to help defend them.
    -"magnetic snap" construction feature (but not mandated) to help put bases together quicker. (in addition, loosen the restrictions on objects colliding, allows bases to be constructed with more freedom/variety, perhaps allowing structures on top of another? ie tree stands on top of bunkers etc, or just more variety of objects to build, to make more unique bases instead of the cookie cutter builds we have now)

    been a base builder since tribes 1 days lol, I loved how it was in that game, you could move panels any which way u wanted, have them collide etc, to make really unique structures. Base building should really be central to the game, fun to build, defend, infiltrate and destroy all while adding strategic dynamic.

    I'm sure a RUST player could offer more than a few tips on how to overhaul ps2 construction.