I HAVE IT! I have found our TOOL!!!!!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by McMan, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. McMan

    Two tools actualy, which look just like Inflitrator tools. They are used to disrupt enemy infantry or MAXes.

    1. MAX Disruptor (looks and acts like a Recon dart device) When you shoot a MAX with it, it will loose 25% speed and its small arms resistance will drop by 20% for 5 seconds. How do your teammates know a max is being "disrupted"? It will look like MANA turrent when hited by EMP grenade. You get experience if a max that you "disrupted" gets damaged by your team.

    2. Disruption field (looks and acts like a Recon dart device ) When you shoot it somewhere, all enemies within 5 meters loose 20% movement speed and ADS speed for 5 seconds. You get experience if your team mates shoot them while the affect lasts. Or maybe make it like motion spotter that you put down and affects all enemy within 5 meters.

    Of course balancing and level progression needs to be done for both.

    I am a genius, I know..;)
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  2. RedArmy

    why do LA need tools?
  3. McMan

    As a light assult you could use this tool for yourself (easier MAX hunting and group killing) or to help your team (very useful indoor and where light assults are usualy less affective)
  4. Iridar51

    It's better than a net gun. That's the only thing I can say.
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  5. Iridar51

    Because everyone gets one and LA feels incomplete without one?
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  6. RedArmy

    i gotta walk up to things and control points - so they feel left out cuz they dont have to use their legs AND be the best at C4 Delivery?
    Lt Dan would be displeased with LA.
  7. Iridar51

    To provide you with an idea of how ridiculous you sound:
    "So HAs feel left out cuz they don't have to reload and are the best in direct infantry combat, they ALSO want a rocket launcher against vehicles?"
    "So medics feel left out cuz they can AOE heal themselves and allies, they ALSO want a tool to heal and revive players without spending ability energy?"
    "So it's not enough for infiltrators to be nearly invisible and be able to hack things for themselves and allies, they ALSO want a tool to put nearby enemies on radar?"
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  8. Some1

    The jetpack is the tool. If people wish to trade in the jetpack for a hand held option then that's fine.
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  9. Iridar51

    No, jet pack is the ability. Goes into ability slot, like every other ability in the game.
    Our tool slot field, on the other hand, is empty.
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  10. Some1

    I imagine it will be like stalker cloak where you have to trade in something to get something else is all I was trying to get at.
  11. Iridar51

    Why should it be that way? No class gets restrictions on using their tools. I'd understand trading a primary for a jet pack with infinite fuel, but giving away jet pack to get access to a tool sounds stupid.
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  12. Some1

    No it doesn't. Its perfectly reasonable. I understand that you feel passionately about this but it just wouldn't work the way you want it to.
  13. Iridar51

    And what is the way I want it to?
    And says who? You? You don't have any authority in my eyes. If you make statements like that, you better back them up with some arguments.
  14. Some1

    My argument has been clearly posted.

    But I'm afraid this thread has gone to far off topic so I will go ahead and bow out now.

    My apologies to the OP.
  15. Redwave

    Thank you
  16. McMan

    lol for a moment there I fought Iridar was talking to himself
  17. Demigan

    It's not an argument, it's an opinion.

    You think that the Jetpack is enough to function as both an ability as well as a tool.

    I think, as well as Iridar I think and many, many other players, that the LA lacks tools.
    I also think that any try to keep the amount of versatility low is a bad sign. They are not asking for some kind of supa-dupa weapon or something to instantly make it surpass other classes, they are asking for expanding the capabilities of LA's.

    Adding a tool like something to disrupt enemy radar in the area or tools that enhance teamwork are good for the game. Currently in teamplay no one wants LA's because it just doesn't bring enough advantages compared to other classes. Jetpacks are great fun and all, but for groups you are better off with other classes because they can do much more tasks. Healing, tanking, dealing (more) damage, providing radar support, visual support and picking off vital classes (medics and engineers most likely), deploying turrets and ammo packs. The LA just doesn't have that, and his jetpack isn't useful enough in most teamplay situations in the game.
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  18. Akashar

    Oh my god I don't even understand why you have to say things like that. It's obvious that the LA needs a tool, your idea may not be perfect or balanced right now but they exist et least. +1 to you.
  19. Akashar

    Time ago I had thought about a radar jammer, working exaclty like the deployable from the infiltrator, that LA could deploy almost anywhere. Would be cool in a team to have a LA placing these around the battlefield to help teammates stay undetected.
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  20. Corezer

    I've thought about radar jamming with a deployable but there are a few issues that exist conceptually with it. It goes pretty much against infiltrators as they are the primary radar provider, and in a binary way, one just beats the other the end. Deployables all over rooftops is annoying. Because of the binary nature, it will either be big enough coverage to do the job completely, or small enough to be useless, there is very little in between for balance.

    That being said, I think a deployable that increases movement speed (aerosol stimulants?) (all states) by 15% for allies within say a 15-20m radius (at max rank) is something that isn't provided by another class, increases combat effectivenss of the team, and doesn't hurt the capabilities of other classes while creating space for more than just 1 LA in a base due to AOE not covering the whole base like with motion spotters.

    Make regen kits also give stimulant effect increasing movement by 15% for the duration. (that way LA doesn't have monopoly on speed mods like what medkits do in relation to medics)

    Remove .75 ADS off carbines (jaguar, bandit, and zenith buffs to compensate)

    Make adrenaline pump an LA passive providing 10% additional movement speed to all states.

    Smoke grenades to go off on shorter fuse, creates an orb which is smokey inside and makes enemies glow like if they were in a shield dome so allies don't need NV scopes to take advantage, plus there is now a difference between these and underbarrel smoke

    Flash grenades buffed to cause full blindness anywhere in their radius, but with a reduced timer as it goes out. meaning that your vision will be back almost immediately if you get caught in the outer edges unlike now where you suffer eternally with slightly higher brightness on your monitor, but you do get hit with full blindness not a completely useless effect.

    I think those changes would do a lot for the class.

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