I HATE Bad Gunners

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  1. EViLMinD

    Some people are too stupid to be decent gunners. Give them a chance with a fully certed weapon, on a fully certed vehicle, and an experienced pilot who knows where to go for the cherry kills, and they will still fail hard. Poop is poop. Can't serve it on a silver platter and expect it to be tasty.

    Most people dislike elitist attitudes. I get why. It's exclusive. Negative. But, the truth is players who've put serious time into this game know what a handicap it is to parade some dumb nub around in their vehicle. When a gunner lacks situational awareness, the vehicle will be vulnerable. This is a fact of ps2. It's a scary, dangerous and unforgiving place.

    I dabble with every vehicle. Ground vehicles are my preference, and the Harasser is my clear favorite. I love it because it's the most thrilling. Fast, nimble and can get into places tanks cannot. You can do crazy things with it. So much fun.

    One of the major drawbacks with the Harasser, though, is weak armor. After that big nerf last year, it doesn't take much to kill one. So, proper risk assessment and constant repairing has become absolutely vital to survive on the battlefield.

    The other drawback is the lack of capable gunners. Few players know wtf to do when they gun for a Harasser. They ignore their mini-map, get tunnel vision and/or don't know how to account for projectile speed/reload times. These shortcomings I can accept (within reason) because with more experience, the average players will improve. Often within a run or two.

    What I absolutely cannot tolerate, however, are non-engineers. If a player cannot help with repairs - they cannot ride with me. No bending on that (Ok... max in the rumble can work at times when I can get away with no rumble seat repairs. Not often).

    Why is it so important to me? Because in the 27days I've spent in a Harasser (bite me. I had bloody fun), I've learned what it takes to succeed with the thing. Hell, I earned most of my auraxium lumifiber solo.

    Finding a decent gunner is one problem, yet what prompted me to post this long a** message was the issues I keep having with MFs who attack my ride after I refuse them as gunners. I'm talking about the morons who will get back in after i kick them.... several times (take a hint, idiots). The HAs who drop c4 the moment they're booted. The Infiltrators who whip out their rifle and start blasting. The HAs who fire rockets... etc (Almost never see CMs spazz on me, though). Anyway... it really... vexes me.

    I solo my Harasser about 90% of the time because of this bs. Still, I always keep my doors unlocked because I genuinely want a gunner. I just won't take a bad gunner. My ride is not a flippin' tour guide service. It's a zealot stomping fascist crushing murder machine. Not for scrubbies.

    No, I don't want to fight with allies. I just believe fiercely in fairness. Not out to troll innocent people. I'm a jerk. Sure. But, I'm still honorable. I still respect other people's space as best I can.

    Nevertheless, if I'm slighted... bothered... attacked by some piece of crap who feels some unjustified sense of entitlement to become my gunner... I get mean. If some twit wont stop getting back in then I'll drive them out into an open field, away from the action, and pitch 'em. If they shoot or try to blow me up, I kill 'em. If they happen to kill me...then... well... I get real mean. Traitors and trolls must die. Order must be restored. Justice must be done. Satisfaction must be mine. My right.

    It would be lovely if the devs added an Engineer Only option to vehicle seating. Sadly, that won't happen anytime soon (ever). It would prevent a lot of unwanted drama though. Shame.

    Thanks for reading. This has been therapeutic. Please keep the flames down. Not interested. Agree or move on. I know I'm 100% right, so please keep your hippie ideas to yourself. Cheers
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  2. Endlave

    Well, you aren't wrong, but your way of speech still annoys me, though. Gunners don't like salty drivers, either, so I guess this goes both ways.
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  3. EViLMinD

    And anime images annoy me, so there ya go.

    I do like "salty drivers", however. Nice
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  4. MorganM

    I've been asking for class specific seat filtering for a while now!

    Yeah you're a jerk.. a jerk with a point but none the less a jerk =P I hate Higby gunners too but I don't see the need for a page long diatribe about it just to promote the idea of class specific seating.

    What's worse than a salty driver? Some self entitled jerk who C4s you because you kicked is stupid Higbyass out! OMG what is peoples problem?! Yeah sorry I don't want some useless, moron, LA or INF in my gunner seat.

    It's funny though sometimes I'll be in a big battle and see an open seat. I'm usually HA but I jump in anyway because I LOVE gunning. I know what the driver is thinking... "great, here we go, some Crutch Assault moron just jumped on my gun..." and they are always pleasantly supprised. If we last more than a few minutes, usually when we go get ammo, I switch to ENG and we carry on. So I hate to discriminate too harshly on class but really though 97 times out of a 100... if a non ENG jumps in... you're going to be dissapointed at best.
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  5. NinjaKirby

    I wish I could say "Proxy is your friend", as I believe communication and honesty would solve this problem right out.

    Random pubby jumps in: "I'm not very experienced, but can I ride in your harasser and try and gun for you?"

    Or random pubby jumps in: "I'm pretty skilled with the Vulcan, hit up a weapons terminal and I'll switch to Engie too"

    Either way, you as the driver instantly **** your pants. I dream of a Utopian Auraxis, I suppose.

    Edit: Last time I jumped in another Outfits Liberator, I started off in Proxy saying I'm not experienced, and he proxie'd back and there was a friendly understanding I might suck balls. And everything almost went better then expected. We had some fun.

    Edit Again: Also, OP... I have known those feels you speak of too :/
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  6. Blaze1068

    Hey a non-engineer gunner doesn't mean anything. Put it this way: you have a engineer who is terrible at being a gunner misses every shot lets some HAs fire rockets at you , doesn't know that a LA is jetpacking above them placing C4 on you. Or, a non-engineer who kills everything and is very experienced, getting you a bunch of gunner kill bonuses and your vehicle barely gets any damage.
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  7. Calisai

    Honestly, It wouldn't bother me if this one little thing was fixed after two f'n years.

    If I lock the vehicle to squad/platoon... and my gunner hops in before me... he takes the drivers seat and makes the vehicle spin like mad most likely killing me.

    If I leave it "unlocked" so he can gun... Then any random can hop in while we are both repairing or I am waiting for him to spawn and get in... thus I have to boot said random and the above happens.

    If I set it "locked" ... Only I can use the vehicle, no gunner.


    So yeah... I'm f'n salty when pubbies get pissed that I boot them.... not really at the pubbies themselves but at SOE/DBG that I have to put up with the $h!t in the first place. Sure, I let it slide... the first hundred times it happened... after the second hundred it gets a little old and after the third.... F em... I no longer have the patience.

    I'm usually willing to try out a gunner for a short run.... engie or no engy, i'll just drive differently... however, if he wants to stick around, he'll need to swap to engy during the first re-arm... Luckily i'm not usually in the market for a random gunner. I've got a good friends list and outfit full of qualified gunners who don't hesitate to jump into voice-comms with me... and in exchange, I provide them with a good amount of certs.
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  8. omfgweeee

    thats true. If driver is engie and can repair for me is a lot more important guner to can shoot than being an engie. Also i prefer gunner to stay on the gun while i repair to cover my ***.
  9. Ianneman

    I love it when I get inexperienced gunners, if I get them in the Vulcan on my Prowler I always let them finish off kills and tanks, I usually get very happy and eager PMs. It's pretty much the only way those guys ever get to do some damage. If you have a **** gunner, being an experienced driver, you're not the one burdened with a **** gunner, they're the ones blessed to have such an experienced driver.

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  10. ronjahn

    I'm actually pretty open to having a non-engineer gun for me. As someone who solo's Alot, I'm used to only having my own repairs to get me through. While obviously it's helpful to have the extra tool, I usually give the person a window of time to prove they are worth keeping around, regardless of class. If the gunner turns out to be a crack shot who is on top of their game, then they usually understand when I pull up to a spawn or Sundy that I want them to switch. If they don't, i'll tell them in proxy or /tell to switch. If they aren't smart enough to figure that out, then they probably weren't really all that good or aware to begin with and they get the boot.

    I've noticed the only people who attack me after I kick them are the ones who get kicked immediately after getting in, without anything being said by me. I usually try to use v8 or proxy to tell them why their kicked before doing the actual kicking. While it's totally ****** up that people think it okay to attack friendlies for this stupid reason, I used to be more like you and I have had way less people attempt this since changing my approach to the situation. A bit of understanding and communication can go a long way.

    All that said, I fully support the idea of class specific seating, I'm just not so sure how often I would use it
  11. EViLMinD

    Goes without saying that it depends on the situation. I might take gunner who isn't an engi. Temporarily. However, I'll drive them to a terminal so they can swap class. If they don't then they don't back in.

    Now If I see an ally plane go down, or a ground veh get destroyed, and there are people stranded then I'll rush over to pick them up. It's what good teammates do.
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  12. EViLMinD

    Why did you quote me for a statement I never made?
  13. Dj Gus

    Ehehe, i feel your pain, although i rarely gun for anyone...
    Keep thinking about a few days ago, i jumped on a maggie asking for a halbert gunner and i was having a real bad day on the aiming side... Got kicked out of the tank in about 1 and a half minutes.
    Get a friend to gun for you, if you keep "rolling the dice", add the good ones as friends.
    Ask for a gunner in the region chat, that way you (probably) won't get a crosseyed random br 0.5.
  14. Ballto21

    Can i rub you on my driveway? its covered in ice
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  15. Ballto21

    im not in forumside quotes. youre doing it wrong.
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  16. Taemien

    Squadlock, problem gets fixed.

    Fun fact.. 90% of problems people have in PS2 can be solved by pressing P and joining something. Its also why I run a static squad, my teammates are always what class I need them to be.

    Why would you make your gunner repair you? You book it out of the danger and find a place to repair, let the gunner sit and keep lookout.
    Then, if their's a maggie tap E and run. Or attempt to anyway.
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  18. Lucidius134

    I read OP and am just guessing you mean particularly about Harrasser gunners, which is pretty much true.

    For MBTs that would however be running 1/2 anyways, it doesn't detract much. I jumped in a vanguard w/ an enforcer and helped out DPS the enemy prowler when the vanguard would have either wise lost.

    If there's an oppertunity to switch class I will though.
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  19. Trebb

    I've been playing around with a walker harasser. If you've ever fired on a tank with one, you'd laugh as you realize it takes probably 1200 bullets to even get it on fire (with max ammo certs, I think I have like 1100 lol). So yes, of course every PUGGY that jumps in my seat ignores the hovering ESF above me, and will shoot at a blue glowy Vanguard. EVERY TIME.

    I feel your pain.

    Lighten up on the Engineer stance, it takes what, 6 seconds to top off a harassers health? I could see it for a battle gal, but seriously.
  20. Shadowofsteel

    Another couple of issues that can be brought up alongside this one are the following:

    1.) What happens when a player want's to use the top gun on a vehicle, but can't find someone who is willing to drive for them?
    2.) What about vehicle drivers who do not invest any effort into enhancing their non-driver operated or secondary guns and make using these guns less versitile in their use and possibly less enjoyable for gunners to use?

    Can I get your opinions on these issues?