I had fun last night and I think I know why

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  1. david06

    PS2 is a great MMOFPS being ruined by awful vehicle implementation. No amount of whining about combined arms is going to make actions like a mass of tanks spamming a spawn room door with splash damage a viable game concept. Vehicle combat isn't that great in PS2 and there are other games out there like World of Tanks and War Thunder have much better vehicle combat mechanics, balance, and customization than PS2.

    Aside from the problem of base design that encourages farming the main problem is that a player spawns a vehicle and gets killed, then can't spawn again for a significant period of time. Hopefully the elimination of the acquisition timers will improve things.
  2. ronjahn

    What? Explain how reduced timers will improve spawn camping?

    Don't be a derp and pull your vehicle in clear LOS of enemy tanks and you won't be dead in seconds and your vehicle may outlive your timer.

    Also yes spawn camping base design is bad. Good thing it's only a problem at a handful of bases. This post would make you think that you can't walk outside of a spawn in the entirety of Auraxis without catching a tank shell up your ***.
  3. Captain Kid

    A short follow up.

    After once again being shelled and randomly dying I decided to buy the AV lock on rocket for my TR character. It's good if you have open terrain but otherwise the lock on takes to long and the range is also to short. I find it odd tanks can shell from much further away while I can't hurt them in any way. So it makes little difference in countering enemy vehicles in fact due to the long lock on you are exposing yourself to being shelled even more.

    I think AV maxes and C4 is the bigger threat to vehicles (right?) but those have even shorter range. Not sure about maxes but C4 definitely does :)

    I also did some gunning. Holy crap I feel like an idiot playing infantry now. Even on a bad run I can get at least some kills and XP from the driver as well. Plus you can get out whenever you feel like it and still be alive continuing infantry play.
    I actually don't mind this vehicles are supposed to be better but don't let them be able to shell inside bases. Decrease the range or increase lock on range to be on par and give us more cover between bases.

    But I feel players who are also sick of being shelled by vehicles have long gone and are playing other games. What we are left with are people who like the status quo.
  4. Captain Kid

    Don't get me started about invisible snipers..I hate snipers in any game but you can at least look out for them in those other games by scanning ridges and usual sniper spots. Here they are behind cover, cloak, get out of cover, aim, decloak and shoot. There is no defence against that.

    Yesterday a group of 4 snipers used planes to get on a mountain range where they couldn't get normally. I was so pissed off about getting sniped I went Light assault to get the bugger who sniped me. Only took me 15 minutes to find him. And then stumbled on his 3 friends as well which was unfortunate for them.
    Obviously they were back in less then 5 minutes planes and all.
  5. Kerempooh

    I started out PS2 as a land vehicle player (that's what actually drew me to start plaing the game) but now I find pulling them less and less... They've really been nerfed almost to the edge of uselfullness.

    I blew 1000 certs on a skyguard but I almost never pull it anymore. My double burster max chews thrrough enemy aircraft while the "dreaded" skyguard barely tickles them now.

    Viper is a joke. I've got better ttk against infantry at all ranges except the longest one, with my trusty sidearm.
    My AV turret eats through tanks while my AP rounds... meh.

    Recently I've found myself actually jumping out of a tank and machinegunning a nearby infantryman rather than trying to do something with my tank Nerfguns(tm). Yes, do read this again. I do jump out of my viper/skyguar lightning, smg the LA, and then jump back in.

    And all taken together with the fact that I'm a large target that's as easy to hit as a barn door and I can't take any cover I please or get ressed by a medic or even change loadout as I can with my infantry classes.

    AMP station changes were really the last straw. People here complaining that "vehicles need to have control points of their own" while old AMP stations were exactly that. They had to be first taken and held by vehicles in the courtyards in order for the infantry to be able to do its own thing. Oh the glorious tank melees! The brave infantry AV ambushes lurking at every corner! Combined arms at its best. And what are they now? Stinking rat's mazes, way too big and complex for enjoyable infantry play and completely cut off to vehicles who can only hang around at its gates like some miserable beggars out in the rain, out of sight of this game's infantryside nobility.

    PS2 team is really taking a completely wrong approach to land vehicles. It's now at an almost ridiculous state.

    TL;DR Infantryside players can go higby themselves. There's plenty of infantry only shooters out there but they've managed to ruin the only true combined arms game with their endless whining and complete unwilingness to adapt or honor what this game is. Get an AV turret or pull an AP tank, ffs. Nanites.
  6. DatVanuMan

    I main infantry. Infantry is my thing. I mean, isn't it epic to see hundreds of your comrades running across an open field, only to clash into a heavily fortified base? Can vehicles offer that? Very rarely do they do so. Can aircraft offer this? NO!!!!!! NEVER! They do not! Instead, they ruin the good fights to enjoy their time:(
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  7. DatVanuMan

    YOU LIE. Everyone knows that drivers and pilots choose Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays as infantry farm days! Unless, you are the CHOSEN ONE. You will change the way things are! You will rescue the infantry war. You will be the downfall of pilots and drivers everywhere! The time has come, infantry will once again take their place as masters of battle!
  8. Kerempooh

    No, the problem is that infantryside thicko who is getting shelled in a spawn room still cannot get out of his instanced COD mindset and realize that this is not the only place to spawn to. If all those mouthbreathers I regularly see sulking in the spawnroom said "you know what, let's spawn at the next base and everybody pull yer basic viper lightning" you'd see that horrible imba tank farm zerg melt away in 30 seconds or less. But no.. Let's whine how tanks are OP and how we wan't "fair" fights in our little isolated tightly controlled cubicles. In short, they want COD with Planetside skin... but when that happens, when SOE dutifully complies to the "majority" they'll all sod off and leave for there will be nothing distintive about PS2 anymore. I've seen it happen again and again and again... It's not like SOE does not have it's own very painful experience in that regard.

    SOE is being held hostage by unwitting fifth columnists from its main competitors. Be distinctive or die, that is the golden rule in today's business and especially games market.
  9. Flashtirade

    IMO this game suffers from 3 big things:
    1. Lack of big objectives and base value outside of alerts. Yes, continent locking is now in the game, but it's not enough.
    2. Poor base design. Indar needs more than a fresh coat of paint or new drywall. Bases need to be scarcer, harder to assault, and more accessible to defenders.
    3. Poor vehicle implementation. There need to be more support options which vehicles need to rely on, and vehicles need to be harder tied to support. My inspiration comes from the Wargame series, where you wouldn't dare pull mass vehicles without a chain of supply trucks or choppers.
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  10. andy_m

    Oh yes there is.

    But that is besides the point. I'm sure you are not trying to say that snipers spoil the game too are you?
  11. Captain Kid

    Just had people complaining in chat about something called a PPA.
    No idea what it was but I found out at the next base while I was stupid enough to get out of the spawnroom.

    Being sneaky, keeping an eye on the radar, sounds. Then busy blowing up an enemy sunderer with av rockets while being guarded by a friendly infiltrator. Hey, I'm having fun doing my part. This is teamwork.

    Then being killed by a plane which I obviously didn't see.
    From now on if I'm outpopped in a base I don't leave the spawnroom anymore. I'm done being fodder.
  12. Captain Kid

    Up to a point, most definitely. Invisible snipers. COME ON!
  13. Codex561

    Well I guess I do farm infantry that try to approach me... That unfortunately includes friendlies since I am VS with a magrider.
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  14. DatVanuMan

    I have more team kills on my Magrider than the amount of times I was stuck on a small wedge in the ground. Statistically, this is impossible, but the Magrider never ceases to shine in the area of lightly touching someone and taking her/his lifeXD
  15. Erilis

    One of the most awesome battles I've seen was when we were assaulting the Quartz Ridge Camp from the Indar Excavation Site with over 48+ pops on each side. I was infantry (engineer) fighting along side other infantrymen, tanks, with esf's zooming overhead. It was so exciting. For me, this is when PS2 really shines.

    I think I died mostly from infantry and tanks--yes, sometimes that included snipers--but never really died from air vehicles. I think the reason for that is A.) there were so many other people playing infantry the chances of me being picked off was reduced, and B.) the air vehicles had the opposing faction's air vehicles to worry about.
    I think the smaller the battles are the higher chance you have of getting killed by something with a major advantage over you. If you're in a hex with a 1-12 pop, assaulting a base with other infantrymen, you have a higher chance of getting wrecked by an ESF or team of snipers on a hillside. But if you're in a giant battle with infantry, tanks, ESFs, etc, you'll find classes having to counter each other in order to survive. Yes, a tank can still "farm" infantry in a large battle but he will have to change his priorities as soon as another tank starts firing on him.

    You have to expect more advantaged classes to try and kill you if they have a ripe opportunity to do so. I used to Ghost cap as infiltrator a lot and had to expect getting killed by anything and everything since I was in such a vulnerable circumstance. I never felt cheated if a team of infantry, a tank, or an ESF killed me, ("ruining my enjoyment" ghost capping), because it only makes sense for them to want to do so. Why wouldn't they? I'm trying to steal their base!

    Fact is, there's a counter for everything. Getting mowed down by an ESF? Get a skygaurd or an AA lock-on rocket launcher or burster Max. Getting sniped? Get a harasser, tank, or sniper rifle. You can't complain about getting killed by a class that is more advantaged because you can always switch to counter that class. Don't want to change your class to counter? Call in support or join a larger battle where there are already players who can counter them. I think people forget, with four continents, numerous bases, squads, and outfits, you can pick your battles in PS2 to best suit your specific tastes.
  16. Captain Kid

    Do you like fighting there in general or just that one fight in particular?
    I can not stand fighting there because there is so little cover. For infantry AND vehicles alike.
    I guess I'm in the minority because there is always a massive fight going on there. Draining players from the rest of the fights. I don't understand why. Cover is good. Hossin has lots of cover for infantry and vehicles so I prefer to play there.
  17. _itg

    As someone who plays almost exclusively infantry/MAX, I like having tanks (and aircraft) in the game. They contribute to the epic scale of the fights. When the base is designed well, having to take cover from air/armor adds some strategic depth. It's really satisfying blowing up a tank as an infantryman (love tank mines, love hacking turrets). The problems all come from bad base design (as in most of Indar). A tank shouldn't be able to sit 500 meters away and farm infantry by blindly shelling the base, and it's not the tank's fault. Hossin is much better, and I stay there most of the time if I can.

    You'd expect a tank to have a high KDR (otherwise, why are you in a tank?), but it does seem a little unfair that tankers can earn so much XP for so little effort. Maybe if they reduced XP for killing distant infantry while in a tank (maybe 75m or more away, reduced to 50 points per kill), we'd all feel a little better. Tankers would be less incentivized to farm infantry, that way, but they'd still be rewarded for killing threatening infantry.
  18. Captain Kid

    I agree with this.
    Although specially on Indar (and Esamir but who plays there) there is also little cover for infantry between bases.

    If I were in charge I would reduce the range of the tank shells.
  19. Iridar51

    That's what I can do when there are no vehicles around:
    And people still ask me why I hate vehicles so much :rolleyes:
    That's 37 kills, btw.
    The redeploy I did in the middle was because we lost the base, and I had no reason to stay there, and no, I wasn't anywhere near the spawn room during that streak.
  20. Neo3602

    Considering that getting camped in a base spawn room is so annoying to encourage people to attack the campers from a different direction why not just make it so that you can spawn at any territory that is under your faction's control instead of limiting spawning to the warpagate and a few territories at a time?

    If that happens then if I'm getting spawned camped I can to the next base over and attack the enemy from a different angle.