I had fun last night and I think I know why

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Captain Kid, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Jetlag

    OP was having fun in a 50/50 pop fight.

    Enemy air and vehicles move in turning the fight into a 20/80 pop fight.

    OP comes to forums to whine about vehicles because he doesnt realise that the fight was over whether those extra players were in vehicles or playing infantry. You can not win when you get outpopped, OP needs to learn this.
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  2. Captain Kid

    I have to disagree about Planetside 1 having less cover then Planetside 2 for infantry between bases.
    If we disregard the new Hossin all the other maps have very little trees and rocks for infantry to hide behind.

    Planetside 1 had also barren regions but also lots of places with trees everywhere.

    Perhaps the fact we had mines and AMS which survived much longer is clouding my judgement but I had NO issues with vehicles in Planetside 1. Except air off course but I'm talking about land vehicles now :)

    In fact I think vehicles in Planetside 1 were underpowered.. Especially mines vs small vehicles.
  3. JibbaJabba

    The reason vehicles were not battle-breaking in PS1 is you couldn't really be a certed up tank driver AND something else.

    Everyone and their mother can drive tanks, fly aircraft, and do anything in PS2. It's not specialized like PS1 was.
  4. Captain Kid

    It's the other way around. Anyone could cert tank and drive one. In this game you have to save up for an insane amount of cert points for weapons, weapon upgrades, abilities, etc. etc.
  5. JibbaJabba

    In PS1 you had to cert tank to drive one. If you spent those certs on tank then you couldn't spend them on say heavy assault or liberator. After playing long enough you could eventually do a couple things but you wouldn't be able to do them all.

    In PS2 you can drive a tank, an ESF, a lib, and a harasser all within 10 minutes of each other. Certs are merely used to enhance the vehicles. Everyone is a driver though (picturing Oprah Winfrey...YOU get a tank, and YOU get a tank!)
  6. Ronin Oni

    Vehicle bombardment making every move from cover to cover life threatening is all part of the atmosphere IMO.

    This isn't an infantry shooter. It's combined ops WAR.

    Wouldn't feel at all the same without vehicles.
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  7. WorldOfForms

    What? MBT cert was 3 points, and you also got the lightning. 3 points is nothing. For instance, on my character I had certed Vanguard, REXO, engy, med, HA, CE, AV. You could still be a one-man infantry army AND have MBT certed. It was practically free. You just had to give up one other cert, like MAX or maybe Special Assault.

    If you were a super low level player, yes MBT would affect your ability to cert other things, but not once you had a decent battle rank (not even max rank).
  8. WorldOfForms

    Non-MBT vechicles like the buggies and harrasser might have been a bit underpowerd. MBT's? No way. There was a period of time where a friend and I used to switch off driving and gunning a vanguard all day long, and we would keep our tank alive for an hour at a time and rack up hundreds of kills. A single MBT was an INSANE power multiplier. It could easily slaughter entire squads of infantry in a matter of seconds. The PS1 Vanguard was a better infantry farmer than the PS2 Prowler by a mile.
  9. SynaptixBrainstorm

    i hate it if a galaxy pop up to ruin the fight with bulldogs
  10. Kwyjibo_CO

    Vehicles do ruin the infantry gameplay(for some people), but it also offers something else to do besides just infantry. They did a pretty good job with the Amerish revamp by making areas that are very vehicle unfriendly and restrictive, which is great because vehicles farming infantry gets old. I thought it was a good approach to the problem. Does Hossin not do this? I don't have a lot of time in that map yet.
  11. doombro

    The game is really fun when you're not getting constantly shelled by explosives or getting killed by one hit kill weapons that you can't do anything about.

    Base design is also a part of it. I tend to dislike bases that have heavily isolated spawn rooms. They're extremely easy to camp, very hard to leave, and on Hossin specifically, you can't do anything about camping liberators or gal gunships because the trees block lockons and even flak.

    IMO, Subterranean Nanite Analysis would be the best base in the game if it were horizontal rather than vertical. The main issue with the base is the vertical choke points between floors. If those were horizontal, they might be a bit more seamless, making people feel more compelled to push through. Other than that, the base is nearly perfection. It has a spawn room that is placed out of a camper's reach in a way that doesn't inconvenience the defender, a backdoor, and layers. It just needs more angles for attackers to exploit. Though, in general, vertical entrances are completely unsafe, regardless of base. Hopefully that's on the radar for future changes.
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  12. Huxer

    AI weapons on vehicles are farming tools plain and simple. The greatest threat to a tank is infantry? You do realize the driver is infantry right? Every infantry can get into a tank, a tank is just a huge armor, speed and damage boost to an infantry player. The relative discrepancy concerning the percentage times a tank gets blown up by rockets or C4 or tank mines etc when compared to the number of infantry that die before that happens is sickening. No one picks a tank and hopes they will break even in kdr, they are there to farm. Hey, as a member, with a resource boost, I can always be superman in a vehicle if I want...I don't want, it's unfair.
  13. JibbaJabba

    Planetside is not the game for you. Move along.
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  14. hostilechild

    Too many windows and doors for vehicles to shell into. Fix that and infantry should stop complaining. You get to shell us in between buildings and bases.
    I also like the idea of more shield gens for domes, doors etc that you can destroy for more objectives.

    Spawning base to base is way to easy, thus no one moves between except for a few sunderers and tanks. If more had to move base to base then more for tanks to do (or if they add resource haulers). Infantry just deploy hops. Need to have some way of addressing this without people having to be in squads or its not fun for them. (thus the deploy hop feature).

    sadly non of this will ever happen.
  15. TraatAdmiral

    IMO both vehicles and infantry need to be vastly less efficient at killing each other. Infantry AV and vehicle AI weapons should both be nerfed. Sorry, LAs, but one guy OHKing a tank is just dumb. That shouldn't be happening. But, tankers, mowing down dozens of infantry shouldn't be something that's happening, either. *Every* combat vehicle's primary role should be taking out other combat vehicles. Popping the odd infantryman is fine, but anyone who roles a specifically anti-infantry loadout needs to... to... I don't know how to finish that sentence. Needs to not do that, I guess. But infantry shouldn't be able to talk about going out and hunting armor all on their lonesome, either. I think my ideal solution would be that all tanks become about as useful against infantry as AP tanks today are, but that it becomes at least really, really hard for a group of fewer than two or three infantry to kill even a lone tank. Alternatively, Planetside 2 has gotten itself into a really weird situation with vehicles, where they don't really have all that much health, so they can be killed very quickly, but that health can be repaired extremely fast, so if they *don't* die, they'll be fully healed within a minute or so. I think the vehicle game would be in a better place if tanks had 4-5 times as much health but took 10-15 times as long to repair, and maybe could only be repaired at specific places, like vehicle pads. I have no idea whether these suggestions are actually even remotely reasonable, but I've typed all this out already so what the hell.
  16. Axehilt

    Definitely agree with this (while also pointing out that certain "all-in" strats are also viable, like massing so many aircraft that the enemy can field plenty of AA but you have so much air that they can't kill you all before you kill their AA.)

    But yeah, the OP could just as well been telling a story of how he was enjoying a knives-only fight at a base and some jerk "ruined" it by using a gun.

    For me, the best battles in games don't happen when one side is intentionally playing badly (like infantry-only players in PS2) but when both sides bring everything they have to bear against their opponent.
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  17. Rift23

    What was stopping your side from pulling armor?
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  18. Champagon

    Please don't turn hossin into another walled continent aka Esamir. Vehicles are a part of this game, however i do agree that there should be a transition between vehicle combat and infantry combat. If you want infantry combat WITHOUT vehicles EVER, then you are playing the wrong game
  19. Surmise

    lol what's there ARENA shooter to play that is popular nowadays? you are new around FPS games arent you
  20. Surmise

    sorry tanks, maxes and air can't capture points, and what's the point in playing if you cant capture points? ah i know, to effortlessly farm for virtual padded kdr and certs, sad but tru
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