I had fun last night and I think I know why

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  1. Iridar51

    To YOU, or to YOUR TANK? Becuase I couldn't care less what happens to your IMMUNE TO BULLETS, FAST MOVING tank with OHK CANNON, that you can freely pull every 10-20 minutes or so. It simply doesn't have any value.

    At any point in time you can leave the tank and save your life or face the enemy infantry yourself. If you can't - either you're too bad, or outnumbered, and in both cases you deserve to die.
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  2. Renuse

    Honestly man, we just need to get out of the mindset that vics 'ruin' the game. Cause when I read your post I had realized something as well.

    I had fun the other night too!

    Recently my Outfit (Sol Ex; [SOLx]) has been recruiting more, and out pop is up a bit up internally, as such we were able to field multiple squads. For us this is an extreme rarity, because we 1. Dont have 48 members, 2. Runs small tight and tactical squads and avoid zergs.

    But we got sucked into this fight on Esamir, by Jagers Fist and the biolab on the west side. We were fighting T42, FTCW, and a few other assorted outfits. We had a platton up with a Squad of ITI and two of SOLx Tooth to nail, we were pushed out of the biolab, step by bloody step we were pushed down the hill from the biolab. After a long while we lost the base south of the biolab, jagers fist was insane, and then stopping them at the tower was a blast.

    THE ENTIRE FIGHT was a chess game, we pulled air, did coordinated strikes with our armors moving in flanks, used drops on prominent terrain features to get a base of fire, battle buss lines to push the front back, light assault gal drops to cheese their armor, every vehicle, and every trick we could think of the fight. Our squads were running together, minding comp and communicating, and we were having a glorious time.The battle front was in constant flux, and no one unit type was safe.

    The enemy pulled air, the got anti air up quickly, they pulled armor, we dropped a anti vic max party on their flank and did a coordinated airstrike, they flanked our maxes and pulled more air, dropping a squad or two on our maxes and friends, we pulled a sundie train flank, and so on..

    Im a stickler for maintaining a KDR + of whatever im working on atm while on live. This particular day i was pushing PS2's KDR of 3.35.. By the end of the fight i had a 2.6. I was happy, I was pumped, and I was glad to have fought as hard and well as I did with my brothers in arms in Sol Ex. The battle was intense, smartly played, and a great experience all around.

    Anyways what i am trying to say is, it is a big chess game. The developers had the intent of making a combine arms game. As such there are only small moments when we are going to have a consistent I.v.I (infantry vs infantry) fights. The biggest strength a group can have is recognizing the target type and taking it apart with what the game has to offer as tools. Move, and counter move. Its a much bigger game, and a much bigger battle space than a large pool of blood catering to infantry. There is room for strategy, clutch moves, and skill. Any kind of ace pilot or tanker can have an amazing time playing another skilled ace or tanker, as much as a skilled I.v.I player can have his own time. We just have to recognize that its not always going to be always.
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  3. Acceleratio

    Battlefield/COD TDM crap is this way ->
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  4. JibbaJabba

    I'm gonna let you in on a couple little secrets:

    1. You can spawn a skyguard from any base on the planet. 2-3 Skyguards in a team will clear the air for 2-3 hexes in any direction in a matter of minutes.
    2. Tanks are scared of infantry. They love to hang back and shell infantry that is fighting other infantry. If however that infantry decides they want to attack tanks then the heavies, engies, Maxes, and C4 fairies will melt them or send them running in minutes.
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  5. Crashsplash

    I've said for ages (as have others) that bases should be for infantry fights and between-bases are for vehicles.

    Except the devs don't seem to agree with me going by base design and that bases are jammed so close to each other that there is no space for between-base fighting.

    So, what we have is what the devs want us to have.
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  6. KendoPS1

    I'm saying at least spawnrooms and capture points should be safe from any vehicle mounted weapons and there should be more than one route between the two. In a perfect world, a base is also on top of a hill, not surrounded by several. I mean, it is completely moronic to build a stronghold that lets itself be fired down on from every direction but Planetside 2 is full of them.

    If your team is completely camped in the spawnroom by 20 vehicles, while there's only 5 infantry holding the point, that's not balanced. It should be 20 infantry holding the point while only 5 vehicles have access to a spot that allows them to suppress one of several routes to that capture point.
  7. JibbaJabba


    The situation you describe unfolds only AFTER you have lost. The tanks are spawncamping because you allowed them to spawncamp. It's over at that point. Next time deal with the tanks while they are further out.

    I'm primarily an infantry guy and I don't remember the last time I camped a spawn with a vehicle. I really don't have the problem you are describing though. If that situation develops, *I Leave*. I'll move somewhere else, flank the tanks, setup a bottleneck to catch their next move, whatever...
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  8. Pootisman

    Bases need to be desined better. Some simple rules would be:
    • For vehicles, the only way to get inside a enemy base should be through a gate. This means infantry needs to destroy the shield generator first. Currently, vehicles (especially magriders) can shell the spawn room from outside at many bases. Not fun.
    • Every single base needs at least 1 teleporter so that defenders can at least get out of spawn room.
    • Vehicle spawn pads need more cover. I often hear people say "spawn your own tanks against enemy tank zergs", but spawning tanks is just suicide most of the time because most vehicle pads are very exposed and you are shot by 5 tanks as soon as you spawn.
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  9. NeonNoodle

    I for one hate the bases that have been walled off. If you're trying to fight off the enemy, vehicles or not, the walls are a huge obstacle. They generally have zero defensive platforms/ports and force everyone to the same openings, which you end up being steamrolled by spam anyway.

    They should probably just implement vehicle only capture points at bases. That way a MBTs job doesn't begin with transportation and end in spam bombing a spawn room. Have vehicles battle it out to control vehicle specific capture points instead. Combined arms to control a base...
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  10. Boildown

    I rarely gun for a heavy tank, but when I do, my K/D skyrockets and I inevitably get far more than 1 kill before the destruction of the tank. Given this, I don't see how tankers can complain about infantryside and infantry being such a threat to them. Its like people complaining about shark attacks, when sharks kill 61 or whatever people per year, but people meanwhile have killed 610,000 sharks.

    Fact is, tanks really do ruin good infantry fights, and it should be no surprise when they get focus fired down (but the driver and gunner have still measurably raised their K/D).
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  11. sucoon

    that's the typical CoD infantieside player whine,

    you are some of this kind of players who doesn't switch the class to take AA or AV to do something against the problem. Someone who fights senceless for hours at one place, someone who don't fight allerts, someone who defend sensceless outpost with no conections to own teritory, someone, i don't need in the game....
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  12. Darkwulf

    Air often ruins good ground fights and I learned that a long long time ago. I also learned to not let it ruin good fights.

    Everyone I play with buys the nemesis launcher. As soon as we go somewhere we take out the air first with coordinated shots. Once the air is gone you can have some really good fights. Tanks are really not much of an issue and easy enough to deal with (switch to lancers). I also really enjoy shooting down the air with the nemesis launchers. So I guess its a win win when you figure out how to deal with it.

    Warning, the nemesis launcher is not very effective by yourself. It will deter air slightly but you really need 3 or 4 of them to make a difference. Or put dual anti air on a sunderer and park it inside the base and let randoms use the guns. That helps a lot also.
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  13. Axehilt

    Making Sunderers harder to kill would be a terrible move.

    You can make them more plentiful, but they have to be killable.

    It's not sunderers in isolation either -- if hard spawns were universally further away from the capture points then defenders would be just as reliant on sunderers and suddenly the vulnerability of sunderers affects both sides equally and it's a lot less problematic.
  14. Rager

    It really is bad game design with the bases, and this is coming from a guy who does not play much. I feel tank should support until we get to the bases, after that it should be ground troops. Each play a role, and each needed.

    *Shrugs* Small things like that matter, and with how the net code seems to be, and other things. It is why I can't really take this game serious, and chuckle when chat people are all serious about the game.
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  15. Dethfield

    One of the largest problems i see in PS2 right now is that most, if not all outfits/platoons/groups of players do not truly run combined arms in a game that has large combined arms element to it. Combined arms involves having infantry, tanks and air all involved in the same battle, doing their jobs and helping the other 2. Most outfits i see either switch completely from one to the other ("Everyone pull tanks!" or "everyone pull libs!"), or the odd time they do have seperate divisions, those divisions are operating independantly and often in completely different bases.

    It sounds to me like OP was enjoying the infantry fight until the enemy decided to pull the combined arms card, and his side failed to respond accordingly. Good use of combined arms is notoriously difficult to counter without your own.
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  16. Tito

  17. CptSundancer

    Last night I too had an amazing time.

    I logged in about 1 am est. and participated in the Indar alert. I hooked up with an AOD platoon (I run a lot of lone wolf except during alerts) and we were fighting over that base north of Allatum but south of Indar Comm Array. When I arrived, the TR were pushing out for what was apparently the third time, to try and take that northern base. The fight was glorious. We arrived at the northern base, set up around the base and watched the count down timer tic to about 1 minute. Then a massive VS reinforcement wave arrived--several harassers, sunde's set up outside the base proper-- in general a good counter attack. The TR got pushed back up the hill.

    This went on for the rest of the alert and I loved every minute of it.

    Armor and Air? An integral part of the fight. Both sides used it, both sides blew it up.
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  18. Rager

    I like how people are acting like it is skill or some other thing. VS has the most pop, and some of the best players, So it is not really a matter of skilled, it is just not fun to deal with.

    With that being said, this game "Core" is all wrong in the first place. The fact that 4th faction still around, the fact that base design, and just plain balance has been stood upside down. it is hard to take any thing serious with this game.
  19. Tallfeather

    Confirmed. Those tanks wouldn't be there if you weren't already backed into a corner. If all you have are Spawn Room Superstars, then yes, enjoy your loss and being farmed.

    Get a couple Marlboro Men with rockets and win next time. ;)
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  20. WorldOfForms

    Vehicles in PS1 were actually stronger than they are in PS2, in many ways. Take the Vanguard, for instance. No rear armor weakness. It took 40 Lancer shots to destroy it (yes, 40). It had a separate driver and gunner, which means that it was always on the move, never stopping to shoot. There was no C4 to worry about. The gunner could switch from the main cannon to a secondary machine gun to fend off aircraft. Mines could not instagib. Liberators were bombers, not gunships, and easily avoided.

    Bases were also much farther apart in PS1, and there was WAY less cover for infantry outdoors, so between bases infantry was pure fodder for tanks.

    However, PS1 had underground bases. Every single base fight became an infantry-only fight once the base courtyard was taken.

    This is the big failing of PS2. More bases should have infantry only areas, but then bases should be farther apart to give vehicles more room to fight. However, PS2 should keep its abundant cover outdoors so at least infantry can fight outside, unlike in PS1 where you were stupid to be on foot outdoors most of the time.
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