I Got My First Vehicle Kill In a Gal...

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  1. Arkenbrien

    ... and I wasn't in a gunner seat.

    After ramming that hovering mossy and watching that poor BR 100 (YES! CHECK MY KILL BOARD! Third from the top) careen into a mountain I was giggling like a cretin for 5 minutes afterwards. :D

    Struck with new inspiration, I have decided to research if and what I should start kitting out my Gal.

    So, what would you recommend for a Ramming Gal? What techniques should I employ when trying to ram things?

    What about battle gals? Are walkers better than basilisks or what about bulldogs? Throw stuff at me. ;)
  2. Tommyp2006

    I've actually had pretty good luck with my ramming gal by running stealth, because the enemy cannot use the map to see you coming. Stealth, fire suppression, and high g is my ramming loadout.

    Also, you'll learn that you can "goomba stomp" lightnings and smaller vehicles with just one hit.
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  3. Spadar

    As for ramming, bear in mind that you're not only limited to going after other aircraft. Lightnings, Harassers, and Flashes are all prime targets if you have decent control over the craft. Lightnings sometimes take a little care in how you how them, since to get the kill you need to get some good contact. Harassers and flashes are both relatively fragile, just harder to hit due to their maneuverability.

    Basically just keep an eye out for vehicles (excluding Sunderers and MBTs) that are in a fairly open spot, and look for a lane that will let you make a pass without colliding into any rocks/trees/etc afterwards. Then just come in really low on that lane, and as you're passing over them pitch down slightly and hold descend to essentially scrape your belly over them. It's best to time it so that you touch down on top of them, not before them, since their debris can still instantly kill you. It's also "possible" to kill MBTs with the Galaxy if you're opportunistic, and find ones that are close to burning. Just be aware that you'll generally take about as much damage as you're dealing to them, if everything goes perfectly.

    It's a great way for dealing with Skyguards for your team if the environment allows. Loadout isn't particularly important for it, but you can improve your surviveability and time in combat by certing Nanite Auto Repair and Fire Suppression, which are both particularly potent for galaxies. A lot of people swear by the hover frame, but I've always preferred the Precision Drop frame for the yaw rate, especially if you have gunners, since you can orbit a battlefield and easily keep them on target the entire time. The hover frame would probably be the choice if you were trying to ram other aircraft though.

    Weapons... I've always taken walkers over the basilisks on the top and rear, and I'd recommend having at least one bulldog on the wing. A Bulldog-Drake loadout can be useful for dealing with pursuing aircraft, since you can angle yourself so that the top, rear, and one wing gunner can all attack a pursuing target. Liberators are the bane of any galaxy, and really there's not much excuse for a Liberator being killed by one aside from being oblivious. Bulldogs used to deal a decent amount against them, but I don't remember if they were nerfed against the Liberator in the liberator update though, I haven't been playing much recently.
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  4. Akaan

    I'm going to sneakily peddle my videos here. Take them as a guide :)

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  5. Arkenbrien

    Oh boy, I'm gonna have lots of fun with these. :)