I give up.

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  1. Yaesu

    Been complaining about Infiltrators for a while now to realize nothing will ever be done about the issue. Been on an alt the past few days, an engineer, and I can say without doubt that 90% of my deaths were from infiltrators, mostly the stalkers. So, having plenty of certs to spend, I fully certed out a stalker. Took some learning/practice but I got the basics down. Even a few tricks here and there. The difference being is that I go out after other infiltrators. Mostly stalkers but the snipers are fun too. It was a challenge at first but as I practiced it has become quite fun. Finding a battle, parking it, waiting for a distortion to pass by, then staying a few yards behind them, waiting for them to uncloak to shoot someone, just to give them a big fat NOPE, NOT TODAY! Of course, you try to get them before they get their target but it doesn't always work out that way. This has returned some of the fun back to me.
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  2. OneShadowWarrior

    Your right.
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  3. BlackFox

    I always wondered why they didn't rename the game Cloakerside some time ago - it's the only infantry class that's viable to use anyways. They even work perfectly as AT troops if you equip the Hunter crossbow with explosive bolts. Just sneak to the back of a vehicle, open fire, cloak and repeat
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  4. AuricStarSand

    I main stalker. What server are you? US west has very few pro stalkers. You'll see more of the other classes.

    Stalker requires timing, knowing where your enemies eyesight is at, & sneaking to cover, lots of crouching often, & knowing where its safe to stop. Also knowing when you've been spotted, by intuitution, so you may run away b4 they hit you with a bullet or two.

    Honestly if it was so easy to get kills with a pistol or knife, more would. It's a tough class to killstreak with, yet its easy to score 1 kill with.

    First thing you need. " Adrenaline pump " implant. Ye run speed. Forget added bullet resist, just get run speed first. Have 2 mines? Hows your knifing? & ye a pistol you admire. 1 smoke grenade when your asp is unlocked. Implants go for " deep operative " & " catwalk " for better invis & jumps.

    If you get a crossbow pistol version, then get the explosive arrows & your stalker is now able to duel enemy lightning tanks if you hit them rear side. May use explosive bolt ammo, for infantry too, it just takes 3 hits instead of the normal bolts 2 hit. Tho I keep explosive just for the option to duel vehicles, don't mind if it takes 1 more hit to kill infantry. As for the other reply'er mentioning stalkers AV crossbow ammo, well nobody on my server plays crossbow lol, esp not explosive arrow, & the bow isn't able to duel a MBT. Plus that arrow slow ye makes you need 3 hits to kill infantry. So it's fair. If a lightning or harasser dies to your crossbow, well it usually was a fair duel. Or you hit a vehicle that was already dmg'ed. Or they just drove away safely with most their hp.

    Remember to cloak after your first knife kill immediately. Practice cloaking & decloaking while evading enemy bullets or juking enemies following you. Use a button near your left hand to switch from Pistol to Knife back to Pistol again. I use button " V " for knife switch & button " B " to return to pistol mode. Then my cloak skill is " F ". So "F " V " B " buttons for cloak, knife, & pistol. Use settings to bind buttons.

    Spam " V " & " B " when you run around, even with zero enemies around. Just to get use to how fast your able to switch from knife to pistol, or pistol to knife, while running.

    As for killing infils killing you? While playing other classes, stalkers are still not very played much. More likely to die from a sniper, la, ha, or medic tbh. Tho if you have to find one, without switching to a infil to counter. Well use a HA to absorb the first knife or pistol hit the stalker hits you with. Keep an eye out for blurry effects. Use LA's ambusher jet to jump over them when they decloak & then shotgun them. Use engi mines. I mean I'd duel other infil stalkers with a smg infil tbh heh. Tho I barely see one as a threat, most pros are some other class. For US west, most enemy pros are probably LA or a MBT, if they bother me to reply. Not usually infils, rarely does a sniper even bother me either.

    Infils die like paper, & while they may score a first sucker punch kill with success. They usually score a 2nd kill slower than some of the other classes, if pistol. The other counter to infils besides the visual blur, is listening to their movement, which is easier for regions with less than 24 pop.

    Catwalk is able to jump over peoples head. Or else used to shoot pistol top of buildings or boxes. As for knifing, well I knife better than I pistol. So knifing suggestion, learn to zig zag while running toward your enemy. You'll be suprirsed how often you dodge half their bullets & still get off 2 knife hits before their able to kill you. So ye learn to semi dodge bullets with your running methods. Or zig zag instead of straight line at times, when running toward a enemy already shooting you, while your 10 feet away with a knife.

    Lastly, the most pro advice for a stalker infil, for vets later. Is to evolve their ability to know where the eyesight of 1 enemy in a room is looking at, which direction. To evolve from reading 1 enemy per rooms viewpoint position, while they are walking around. To be able to read a few enemies or more, at once, in a room, of where all their eyesights are looking.

    P.s. Till you throw a smoke grenade around that room, then you don't need to track their eyesight anymore.
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  5. Your Secret Admirer

    If you have the performance availability, running nVidia DSR 1080 to 4k greatly improves model details and consequently makes even deep cloak more visible.
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  6. Fishbread

    I don't have an issue with stalkers so much as with the fact that there's only one real counter, the darklight attachment, and that it tends to bug out and not highlight cloaked units.
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  7. Demigan

    Don't say it's a real counter, as it's not.

    It's short-ranged, reveals in only a tiny portion of your screen, reveals your presence from much farther, makes you easier to find/track/kill and it's so bugged that when you get too close it stops revealing cloaked units. Oh and it counters only a single class while taking a slot that can be equipped with things that improve you against all classes, so even if it had worked it would still be a bad choice to bring with you.

    The worst infiltrators can say is "well it shines through walls!". Yeah so the Infiltrator has to be on the other side of the wall close enough and visible to someone else when the light passes them long enough for someone not actively looking for you to spot you.

    The flashlight is a detriment and should never ever be presented as a viable counter to Infiltrators. It's basically as good as ZOE.
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  8. Sumowning

    When you play Engineer, get the ASP. Spend it on the secondary shotgun. Put a darklight on it. Happy hunting. Also if you're spending your time on a turret, Infils are your counter.

    I'm glad that instead of complaining about a nonexistent issue, you're finally coming around to seeing it from the other side. People make themselves easy targets for Infils. If everybody would play infil for a bit, they'd understand what makes them an easy target and fix themselves.
  9. Yaesu

    "Nonexistent issue"??? Baaaahahahahaha. You went there??? LoL. This has been AN ISSUE for years. Lately, however, seems everyone is playing a infiltrator. Majority, Stalkers. Yesterday TiAlloy, guarding point. There were 9 of us in the room, only 2 players were not infiltrators. NOBODY got even near the point. With the way we were positioned, most didn't even get to a doorway.

    One only has to watch the chat for a few minutes to see how FED UP everyone is getting of infiltrators. But, as I mentioned before, nothing has been or probably ever will be, done about it.
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  10. BlackFox

    He's basically only playing as infiltrator, arguing with him is equal to talking with a wall
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  11. JibbaJabba


    Darklight on the shortest range gun in the game will take care of those pesky invisible people with the longest range gun!

    I love these suggestions. Keep them coming. I feel I'm L2P already!
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  12. Fishbread

    The discussion is about stalker infils, which can't use primary weapons. The issue for me lies in the fact that the darklight is weak and inconsistent. I'm never sure if there's actually no stalker or if the darklight is just bugging out, making it nearly useless. Also, ASP is either a long road or a paid one, not exactly a convenient solution for everyone.
  13. BlackFox

    Addition: They don't even need primary weapons - Revolvers and the NS Pilot outgun a lot of the primary guns anyways
  14. Sumowning

    We all understand you're frustrated and need to point somewhere, but blaming your deaths on infiltrators is a meme at this point. As first off, I can already tell by your killboard that dying because of infils is the least of your concerns, and not even close to 90%. So stop over-dramatizing your 'issue'.

    People like to pretend it's a 'wide spread issue' and whine in yell chat/forums/Reddit, all of the time. Do NOT become that toxic guy.

    It's not 'everyone', and you know this. it's a handful of loud people that either want to farm low-BRs without a care in the world or people who do not understand how counters work. The latter being fine, however I can guarantee you the 'everyone' you talk about, that fed up guy. Nobody likes him. The moment he whines in chat about infiltrators being OP in all caps, everyone in range of yell chat cringes and most likely already put him on ignore.

    Don't be that guy, and most importantly don't be this guy:
    At that point your toxicity has reached a point where you start taking it out on the forums/Reddit, with only frustrations on your mind rather than having a proper discussion.

    Regardless, I understand your frustrations and PS2 is hard because you get put into a game with players with all kinds of skill levels at the same time. However if you get tilted, it'll only serve to further aggravate you and worsen your gameplay. Learn to take the L and respawn, and that is not meant as a dig at you.

    There's always going to be questionable deaths, or annoying ones. You can be shooting someone in a base, and then get randomly one-shot by a lightning on the hill. Annoying, I know. Respawn, get yourself a Light assault, some C4 and blow em up.

    Same thing with Infils, got sniped? Counter-snipe them. (my personal favorite) Or equip stalker, and stab them. If you're having problems with stalkers? Get a Auto-turret on your engineer, and a shotgun with Darklight. No sensible stalker will tempt that fate.
  15. Sumowning

    That might be a system issue more than anything, related to your settings. I've seen others bring this problem up, something the majority of players won't experience. Try fiddeling with your settings, especially graphics quality can impact that.
  16. MonnyMoony

    IMO - loads of people now running around as infil is a symptom of other issues in the game. It's the only way many players can last more than a few seconds between all the iWin shield heavies, banshee mossies, hesh spam etc.

    (yeh yeh - git gud........I know I know)
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  17. Fishbread

    Do you not have this issue? What are your graphic settings? Mine are all maxed, though I've tried adjusting some for this reason to no effect. Also, how do you know a majority of players don't experience this? When I made a post about this a year ago, some people pointed out it had been a bug for a while. I remember this being an issue since the darklight came out, and I had different hardware and settings back then.
  18. JibbaJabba

    ...sure, but for completion let's just point out that the darklight with a few meters of range is also the only counter to infiltrators running a sniper rifle.


    It's an OP and broken class (stalker or not). Has been for a decade.
  19. Yaesu

    Apparently you don't read. A meme? LoL. A fact, has been for years. Now though, much worse than it used to be. But people, don't take my word only. The forums speak loudly on the subject. Cert out a stalker and park it at a battle and just watch. Park near one of the opening to 'C' at Nason's in Hossin a watch the droves of infiltrators make their way down. You get to where you give up and start fighting fire with fire.
  20. Fishbread

    The class may be OP, but regular infil cloak does have its own counters and limitations, not least of which is countersniping. Having to plan how you use your limited cloak takes some skill. Finding a spot of land where no one will think to shine their flashlight doesn't, because that's basically everywhere.

    In fact, I'm not even sure I'd consider the darklight a counter to sniper infiltrators at all, since their cloak is only an issue when they're much too far away. If you're close enough to reveal them, you probably have a weapon advantage.