I found an in game hack..alternate dimension?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by xpsyclosarinx, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. xpsyclosarinx

    I'll try to get the video up tonight about this.

    Basically I had this happen twice in the same session, I was flying a Reaver close to an allied Liberator running CAS, he banked right and I went below him as I was moving to engage another ESF.

    All of a sudden his lib vanished and I couldn't see any other players.. I looked at my map and it still said NC Warpgate but I was still flying around. I thought I had lost my internet connection but I was still chatting on TS3...

    All this time I was invulnerable, I could fly into the ground without any problems and I even flew past the TR warpgate, past the out of bounds area and eventually off the level. I then spent 5-10 mins flying underneath Indar before I got bored and flew back.

    I decided I'd see if I could get out and still run around so I flew to a nearby contested base to maybe exploit cap some points without being able to be seen and while invulnerable but as soon as I exited my Reaver it skitzed out, did a few flips and vanished (icon was still on the right saying it was alive) but I was dumped back into reality and there was lots of shooting going on, managed to get a beacon down and eventually died.

    I tried to replicate this and made a pretty fail video of it after I remembered you could record in this. But it basically just shows the map saying I'm at the NC warpgate but I'm flying into the TR warpgate and got myself stuck inside a defense tower after ramming it at full speed...

    Odd... anyone else had this or similar?
  2. tugernut

    yes, i reported it as well
    but i didnt go flying around when it was messed up
    when it happens you also cannot repair the vehicle or get back in it if you get out.
  3. Blacsktab1337

    seems interesting
  4. Chauma

    I had a similar issue once yesterday.

    How it went down:

    I logged in, joined my outfits platoon and took a mosquito to their location on indar. I can't recall if i saw people on my way down there (They were close to the NC warpgate just west of it). Anyhow, i got to their location at the Arroya - something - base and noticed that it was completely empty, i saw people on my minimap, a whole platoon and they were obviously fighting a bunch of NC as i heard their ingame VOIP & TS. so i landed my mosquito right next to the base, thinking "I bet everything will pop up if i jump out" and sure enough it did, i found myself in the middle of the whole NC army and my mosquito fell through the ground upon exiting it.

    So basically i was warped out in another dimension while flying that mosq for some weird reason, only happened that one time though during yesterday but hey i managed to sneak behind a box and got plenty of kills shooting NC in the back! ;)
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  5. xpsyclosarinx

    Yep that's exactly the same issue I had been getting. Glad to see it's not just me.
  6. Raka Maru

    This has happened many (10?) times with me. Hope the fix this soon. Unless the want to let infiltraitors cert into phase shifting abilities.
  7. SharpLight

    This happened to me too, I got on a Liberator with a friend and we couldn't find anyone in the world, but the map was showing our outfit below us. When we exited the Liberator we returned to the real world.
  8. Aerensiniac

    De-sync bug. Currently its major reason to why you are losing vehicles constantly. Refer to thread:
  9. NavSpec

    Happened to me with a Tank yesterday. My gunner and I both were in lala-land where it showed us at the Indar TR Warpgate even when in J808. Couldn't see cap points or anything. Exited the tank to check where I know a point is and the tank disappeared and we were in enemy territory.
  10. Gary

    It seems to be a desync issue. Your tank will go to its previous location before the error appeared. It seems the server does not pick up your tank moving and keeps it were it is. Yet the client does not disconnect you and you can drive freely. The game thinks your still at the previous location and does not render enemies or shields etc. You can still run them over if they happen to be in front of you when driving even though you cannot see them.

    upon exiting the vehicle the server picks up your new location and then renders any enemy/shields in the area. Your vehicle swiftly dissapears from the location you just put it as the server is like... "err that should not be there" and you will notice the Steering wheel icon to show where your vehicle is matches the location your map incorrectly showed the position you are at.