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  1. AnnPerkins

    Here, no need to thank me:

    AV Mana Turret: Max range of 300m. Damage to infantry greatly reduced.
    -infantry should need to get close for fighting. Giving engis an explosive sniper rifle that hits targets outside of render range was a bad idea and is killing vehicle play. If you allow them to continue as they are this game will devolve into nothing but engis sitting in AV Mana turrets hopping in and out to snipe at each other as they hop in and out of their turrets to exploit the vehicle/infantry render range.

    Squad Deploy: Removed
    -There is no reason for this. Pressing Insert while in a warpgate spawns you near your squad lead already.

    Spawn Beacons: Can only be placed in locations in which they can be attacked
    -If you want to do the cheesy droppod onto sundy and c4/tank mine it before you even render you need to take SOME small amount of risk and at least place a spawn beacon.

    Special Abilities: 5 second cooldown after leaving an aircraft
    -Makes cheesy LA drops from ESFs a bit more difficult.

    Harassers: AV weapons removed. Refund SC/certs.
    -You took a great idea and made it a tank with triple the speed of other tanks and the ability to repair while moving. Giving this thing AV capabilities was beyond stupid.

    Nanoweave removed. Certs Refunded:
    -nanoweave is a straight upgrade. New players have enough of a challenge without fighting players that have 25% more HP than them. The suit slots need to be reworked so they all feel useful but in the meantime removing nanoweave is a step forward.

    I could go into empire specific problems but these are less controversial and simpler to fix.
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  2. Phazaar

    Call that fixed?!
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  3. Aegie

    Turret idea is good.

    Squad deploy- I'm a little confused and I think it is fine, perhaps a little longer timer.

    Spawn beacons- not a big deal but can be annoying in certain places.

    ...Then we get to the part where you want to nerf LAs so they cannot use the jetpack they have on their backs to bail out of aircraft and I have to say that is a terrible idea IMO- LA is already the only class without a tool, last I checked is one of the least played and lowest scoring classes. I also think presenting this as a "special abilities cooldown" is deliberately misleading because the LA is the only ability you are really trying to impact.

    Harassers- they just need to be weaker and/or not allow the Engineer to repair on the fly or severely reduce the repair rate while moving.

    I do not necessarily think they should remove NW, since it is a crutch that a lot of people who want longer TTKs really appreciate. That being said, I do think they need to bring the other competing options up to its level and/or create a drawback like incremental decreases in movement speed for each additional level of health.

    Best to avoid the ES conversation- turns toxic quickly.
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  4. Tekuila

    Like everything but my halberd on my harasser.
  5. Jellypig

    I don't see a single thing fixed here.
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  6. HadesR

    Fixed is only relative to what you consider broken ... For example I would put revive mechanics above everything on that list but aV turrets.
  7. deggy

    I don't think he's putting a cooldown on the jetpack. I think the "ability cooldown" is a misnomer, and when he means to say is that you shouldn't be able to deploy explosives for a few seconds after dropping out of a pod.

    I'm all for simply not giving people explosives when they pod-drop.
  8. Aegie

    Ah, well, if so, I suppose that is a little different- only, it is still a LA specific nerf we're talking about and just FYI it is really easy to JJ for more than 5 seconds after you bail.

    If you're going to go that route then we should also be talking about Engineers having to wait a set amount of time after exiting a vehicle or switching to a rumble seat in order to repair.
  9. Hoki

  10. AnnPerkins

    I like it but I'm not sure how they can do that and that's why I suggested a short "weapons lock" for abilities.

    Nanoweave: I've seen people suggesting changing it to small arms damage reduction but that really wouldn't solve anything. The majority of damage you take is small arms fire and almost all of the damage you have a chance of fighting back against is small arms so it would still be the only suit slot choice.

    Revive Mechanics: Definitely something that should be looked at. I would like to see something where your max hp is reduced each time you are revived until you can no longer be revived. Visit an equipment terminal or respawn and you get your full hp bar again.

    LOL. Not a single fix in this OP.
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  12. DeadLamb

    those ideas are more along the lines of "I like to do this... so change that" and any sort of fix.. Fix suggests something is broken where as the more correct term would be "tweak" or "balance"

    AV Mana Turret: Max range of 300m
    The idea of a 300k range is way, way too short.. Just give it a HUGE glowing shield like the other turret has, so even if you can't see the rocket render at least you can see "Oh THAT guy is over there"..
    I would also be happy if they took out the air control 100% and replaced it with something that dumb fired faster. Like say the Halberd does as far as flight pattern..

    this would punish gear or people that were stationary but would allow moving gear/people way more protection.

    Squad Deploy: Removed
    You reward teams who stick together, not punish them by making it harder to group up..
    A fix for it's issues would to be have it respect the "no deploy" zone of an enemy sundy. Also could fix a lot of the issue by making the squad leader have to be alive to act as a spawn location..

    Spawn Beacons: Can only be placed in locations in which they can be attacked
    IMO the placement in a spawn room or tunnel is a game bug.. If not, that should be fixed as if it is a bug. I also think enemy squad beacons should be blocked by enemy sundy deploy zones or by way of some ENG tool you can drop that acts as a deploy jammer.

    Special Abilities: 5 second cool down after leaving an aircraft
    I don't even play LA but that idea is just LAME.. their special ability is they can fly, you don't just limit it being it makes for cheesy in game actions... ALL the special abilities can be used in cheesy ways.. too bad, welcome to video games with special abilities. lol

    Harassers: AV weapons removed
    This game has no history of that sort of response so people really need to stop acting like it's an option.

    IMO maybe Harasser need a little bit more damage from small arms fire but to be fair, I just don't like AI Harassers..
    Ah but AV Harassers? QQ more.. A good tank crew, good ESF, good Lib crews and even a good sundy crew with the STOCK sundy weapons can own a Harasser now.. I mean own hard.. So I really don't get the problem the rest of you are having..

    Stop pulling nothing but lightnings and driving off alone. Mostly, just STOP driving off alone. Just that solves most Harasser issues. "but Black Dynamite, I sell drugs to the community......... and I like to drive off alone while missing all my shots in my tank that has no AV top gunner. Then I blame what killed me..."

    Nanoweave removed
    again, no history of the game just removing something. Also tooooooooo funny that something that people literally mocked early on with "LOL it only blocks one more bullet! Waste of Certs, just run flack" etc etc is now the big bad OP cert line. The only issue it has in game is for snipers.. I don't really care that some bush wookie can't kill someone in one shot..
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  13. MajiinBuu

    This is a much better.
    I'll pretend this was my comment ;)
  14. Kyouki

  15. VanuSovereignty

    Certainly not fixed but its a step in the right direction.
  16. deggy

    300m is the absolute longest range the thing should have, otherwise he simply hops off the turret and becomes invincible the second someone sees it.