I finally got a successful crossbow/knife killstreak...

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Sil4ntChaozz, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Sil4ntChaozz

    That was two hours ago and I'm still giddy. It's so difficult to be stalker, you have to know when to let a guy walk away so being kill hungry doesn't work.

    I'm not above camping a vehicle terminal ('providing assistance in the stoppage of excessive vehicle deployment therefore providing allies a way to push up and thereforethwith distracting enemy combatants in their futile search for said assistant') *convoluted chock full BS totally not justifying 'camping'*

    I had about six kills with the knife before agonizingly crab walking to the TR base after seeing infantry slowly trickling in. Then I provided assistance in vehicle control. With my crossbow. I haven't gotten down the actual bow/knife maneuver so I have to pick a weapon.

    The key to knifing I've learned is to 'preswing.' Pre swing is when you start your swing right before your in range, so when you turn to walking speed you kinda have more range (and less likely to miss)...? I think. I'm used to bad knife mechanics this is no different if not more limited. I'm on console so knifing isn't as polished as it is on PC. The best thing is, unless you're a MAX or have overshield your going down in two hits. Three if active overshield. So i may have found another niche. XD

    PS Tried Kobalt harasser. Love Kobalt harasser.

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