I feel like Planetside needs more of this

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Phrygen, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Phrygen

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  2. PieBringer

    Yes, we definitely need a tool that allows us to disguise as foliage. (or in the case of this image, a rock.)
  3. Emotitron

    Nothing my thermal wouldn't remedy.
  4. Phrygen

    exactly! long term disguise but not invisibility. Thermal/HV sees right through it.

    also, Its harder to see him when its a smaller image lol.
  5. Hoki

    Camo only works when you aren't moving. And it works wonderfully when hiding inside of bushes, be somewhat the same color as the terrain in a bush and don't move, don't even turn, and people will run right by you.

    I do this when crossing vast distances too. Travel only while cloaked and when your cloak is about to run out, crouch and remain perfectly still as your cloak recharges and 99% of the time even with enemies all over the place you won't be noticed.
  6. MykeMichail

    Maybe a chamelon cloak for infiltrator as a new infiltrator cloak type.

    Intead of making you invisible, it makes you adopt the texture you're standing on.
  7. Mustarde

    I stared at that picture for so long... lol
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  8. Phrygen

    took me 20 seconds the first time lol... pic was a bit smaller though
  9. Rogueghost

    That took me a while, thought his gun was a piece of rebar, which threw me off.
  10. Get2dachoppa

    I can just see that guy now...
    ******* NANOWEAVE!!!
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  11. Scan

    We are much like the T-rex. If it doesn't move, we won't see it. Atleast... The brain doesn't seem to register it as a separate object. Until it moves.

    There's an area in our brain that filters out relevant information coming from our senses, to prevent it from overloading from getting too much information that's irrelevant. For instance : you aren't aware you are breathing right now... Well until you read this. Another example are clocks. Tick tock, tick tock, after awhile you won't notice it anymore.

    Same concept that the entire cloak /camo is based on. It's good until it does something that is out of place. Like move. Rocks don't move. A moving rock is potentially prey or danger. Hence relevant information.
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  12. OldMaster80

    The problem is we should already be able to do this. Every soldier should do: we got camo for armors and weapons.
    The problem is we have a stupid hud making life bloody easy for all the kids of the game: we have red dorito right about our heads for instance, and tracers that make everyone know where do the bullets come from. HUD is so stupid that lets everyone know how many players are inside a vehicle even if it's 1000 mts away. We got icons above vehicles and turrets no one every asked for.
    This kind of information should be completely hidden to players, or just available through a specific implant providing more info (cyberoptics ftw!).

    And most important we can't hide in the darkness because we have lights on vehicles, flashlights, NV and Thermal optics but they're not needed because some a******s during beta decided that night has to be as bright as day but with moon in the sky.
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  13. Scudmungus

    Camo can help, but nothing is going to compensate for poor positioning.

    People staring at the posted photo *will* find the sniper if:

    - they know to look

    - they look long enough

    It's essentially the principals employed in legerdemain, as performed by magicians, with the same sound psychological foundation.

    The trick, for me and I would assume many others, seems to rely on not being somewhere where someone has time to focus or would bother to focus and if you've got a couple of kills, to move.


    Edit: I found this. It might be useful to someone.


    I found this particularly relevant:

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  14. AnuErebus

    To get this the landscape detail would have to go way up. There'd have to be a lot more little objects everywhere to help break of silhouettes, give people things to question as to whether or not that's a rock/tree/bush or a person. Terrain would have to be rougher. There would have to be more rocks and trees. We couldn't have everything looking more or less the same so that a slight difference doesn't catch our eye. Computer requirements would go through the roof and into space. I'd love to see this but computers still have a long ways to go before any game can pretend to even be close to mimicing the details of real life that make such things possible.
  15. MrMurdok

  16. Scan

    Very helpful information, and amazingly similar to what works in this game as well.

    I've never been a reallife sniper, but reading the topic you posted had me realize that my most succesful sniping sessions, were done from positions in the game, that tick most boxes for being a good sniper position.

    Unlikely spot, away from dominant objects, difficult to reach, or somewhere I know the enemy wouldn't want to be.

    I once sat out in the Esamir snowy plains, without any cover whatsoever. Just smack dab in the middle of the field. I was wearing white camo and used a supressor for my bolt action rifle.

    It was scary to be there, because there were many enemies who had to no nothing but take a closer look in my direction, and I'd be killed. But multiple enemies ran past, vehicles drove past, and as they halted behind cover at the front, I could easily snipe one after the other.

    The sheer insanity of choosing a spot that's located right there, in the middle of the field, in plain sight, made it so unlikely, not one enemy even bothered to look there, asuming the shots came from somewhere more likely, such as a tree, or a rock, or a bridge.

    And this is why I love playing Infiltrator......

    all warfare is based on deception
  17. Nikushimi

    He was vary easy to spot, his camo clashes with the foreground and he did not make any attempt at masking his silhouette.
  18. Phrygen

    its harder when the picture is smaller
  19. Rawkzter

    I wish this game had prone.
  20. Scan

    Yes I wish this game had prone too..... proned targets are much easier to shoot in the head.