[Suggestion] I fear for the future of air balance (Striker / MAXes - TR supremacy)

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  1. Babaganoush

    What do you want us to use our Strikers on? Ground where a single person can walk in front of you then force us to START THE WHOLE LOCKON AGAIN?

    Turrets? Oh wait
  2. Revel

    I would NEVER use the Striker to counter air over my dual burster MAX. The Striker is way to easy to render worthless by skilled pilots by terrain and flares.

    Dual burster with lockdown, we'll have to see. You may have a legitimate point on that.
  3. okrimirko


    I unlocked it for 30 min on my TR once. What I saw was what I feel with my reaver. The lock signal still rings and blinks until my AB is done, which means some missiles are still on your track. And I sometimes get caught by the last one because my AB tanks weren't full, though I'm really far away from the HA who fired them.

    You have to fly straight down towards the ground, which you can't do forever if you don't want to kiss the grass. And even then only 2 or some will hit the ground, the other ones will get you while you were either not close enough to the ground, or flying back up in the sky.

    But I'll do some more try outs.
  4. MaxDamage

    You lost all credibility when you said the first and only "defence" of the striker was use of flares.
    So here's a small list of things you missed out:
    - missiles are leading, that means if you lower your elevation, they fly hard into the ground overzealously.
    - they require a time consuming lock-on
    - the lock-on process resets every time a tree, hill, pylon, person, vehicle, building or other aircraft is in the way
    - unlike the other two empire launchers, the striker can not be used on turrets or maxes, rendering their users more vulnerable in more situations
    - due to the line of sight lock-on process, the striker user is exposed to enemy fire for the longest during use
    - a striker user is not encased in an armoured flying shell that can rain down hell, decimating entire squads with ease, with the ability to disappear from sight within seconds.

    You should not be idling over base fights in an esf during a heavy fight, you can hit and run with ease, but instead you want your air to be some kind of god mode. Get the fo.
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  5. okrimirko

    I never said you should use it differently. Of course you use it th way it works best. And you're right, you get results. I'm only aguing the way it's designed, so it could become effective in an other way that doesn't threaten the gameplay or balance of the game. ;)
  6. okrimirko

    All ESRL have vulnerability downsides. I'm not going to argue about what all ESRL users can complain about. I'm not saying it is OP. I'm not saying it is the best or the worst (though it's obviously not the worst). I'm just saying it is balanced in a way that shouldn't be so. If you want me to change my first message to "the first and most important argument ..", I can, but that won't change my point.

    About your conclusion, I'm not saying that the G2A is too strong, never said that, I was actually complaining a lot about this before, when air used to own everything so much, because I play infantry as well.

    ALL I'M SAYING, is that I don't think this is right that one faction will have much more potential than the others against what still dominates the battles (air). I'm talking about : best ESF, soon to be best AA MAXes, and best HA AA weapon that so many players already bought. And I think no one can deny it.

    Like someone said earlier, we'll have to forget about our aircrafts when we meet TR troops.
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  7. NC_agent00kevin

    This is the same question I have. So many TR defending the Striker, saying it sucks, but you cant go anywhere without having at least one lock on to you. If its only one, you are lucky. Usually there are two or three of them - at very least. They're not as easy to evade as they'd have you believe either. I know people like winning, but to so passionately defend a rocket launcher (or any weapon) thats OP is poor sportsmanship. Just come out and admit that you want a clear advantage in anti vehicle capabilities. ;)

    On the original topic, if SOE is going to keep adding things that can kill vehicles, then they need to add an equal amount of things that increase the survivability of vehicles. Thats what balance is. We now have three new weapons and ways to destroy vehicles - The Striker, which is almost ridiculous but not quite there, the Lancer which is a very powerful weapon because it has the element of surprise on its side (and Ive seen plenty of Lancer squads decimate anything in its path) and the Phoenix, which can be piloted remotely and hit things behind cover. (though Ive yet to see its used truly effectively)
  8. S0LAR15

    I mean lockdown, aside, the Striker is a bit too good. Not like 50% too good, something like less than 10%.
  9. isLA

    same reason why theres so many NC using the Pheonix and VS using the Lancer. because its the EMPIRE SPECIFIC LAUNCHER.
    we were given a lock on launcher so we use it, if the whole entire NC, or VS faction bought annihilators, it would have the same effect as TR having the striker. the only reason there so many of using it cause thats what ESRL were given.

    the NC defend the **** out of the hack max, so what does that mean. NC just want a clear infantry advantage, poor sportsmanship right:rolleyes:
  10. EliteEskimo

    I currently dislike infantry Vs vehicles and air balance in general. The Striker is only 1/4 of the overall problem.

    Going up against the NC with tanks have a hard time helping infantry take places where therr are lots of different places for infantry to hide. If you've ever dealt with Phoenix spam in a tank you already know that you have to stay out of their 300 m range and wait for infantry to go in to find them and kill them before you can even help.

    Going up the VS with tanks in any open space with little cover will basically create a no tank zone for 500m+ (more if they can aim well). Every try to hit a little purple/black dot in the distance with a Prowler when it's peakabooing behind a hill and shooting you? It's nearly impossible.

    Going up against any Vehicle turret with tanks from any place that lets them shoot you from 800m away, shooting non rendering rockets which go through base shield walls is also extremely hard to counter. Sometimes the vehicle turrets which don't usually render at extreme range, and when they do good luck finding a tiny single black pixel 800m away. Oh and when you find it, good luck hitting it twice with your Prowler, or once with any other tank.

    I hate to break it to you but all ESRL's are all low cap easy to use weapons which are straight upgrades from the standard dumbfire rockets. Here's something you probably haven't considered to make you feel better. The Striker is currently the only ESRL that can be defensively be countered by Flares, IR smoke, or hiding the main part of your tank behind a rock. It is also the only ESRL that can't lock onto turrets and can't dumbfire.

    Lastly, there is no TR supremacy. With the latest Vanu buff the TR are the only faction with any true disadvantage. The NC have the hardest hitting weapons yet had their flinch reduced significantly and their recoil is laughable for any person used to playing FPS's. Their tank's ability is a straight upgrade and allows them to win any 1v1 tank battle, and allows them to be the only tank with a chance to react to rocketpods.

    With the VS buff they truly become easy mode with no true faction disadvantage. The black camo overhaul they got also makes them much harder to see in dark environments. Lastly with the Magrider straft buff the Magrider has once again become the ultimate range tank which is a nightmare to shoot at 200m+. The Magrider's special ability is a straight buff because it allows a skilled tank user to close the gap to their target, or make a quick escape to retreat to allied territory, repair, and then do it all over again.

    Meanwhile the TR have the only MBT with a special ability that actively nullifies it's slight speed post, and comes with the huge disadvantage of being a sitting duck. (Soon coming to the TR in Max form, get ready for those easy C4 Max kills LA's!) The TR weapons get the job done, but their special trait of having the fastest firing weapons is minor and in some cases not at all the case compared to some vanu weapons. So there is no TR supremacy, only overall rocketspam brought to you by low skill cap weapons.
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  11. NC_agent00kevin

    People dont use the **** out of weapons that suck. It doesnt matter if its empire specific or not - they simply do not use weapons that are no good. You didnt see all the NC Maxes running Mattocks now did you? No, you saw them using Hacksaws because they were powerful in certain situations. I see players using the Phoenix few and far between. I certainly dont see them completely locking down the air and dominating ground vehicles with them.

    This is not true at all. We had and still have Annihilators and they didnt/dont have the same effect - at all. Not even close. Claiming the only reason we use it is cuz we were given it is pretty lame. See the first response I made - people dont use weapons that suck. People dont use weapons that are a direct sidegrade for 10$ either. Or 7$, or 1000 certs, whatever it costs. You know your **** is OP and thats why you are here, passionately defending it. Even going as far as to compare it to the Annihilator, which is laughable at best.

    Sure. Anyone who thought the hackmax was absolutely fine obviously liked the advantage - just like striker defenders know its a little OP and defend it anyway - many outright claiming it sucks. Unfortunately for you, the two weapons are vastly different. Hackmaxes controlled very small areas, while Strikers control vast areas. Hackmaxes killed Infantry. which cost no resources. Strikers kill all types of vehicles, which cost resources. Comparing the two, again, is laughable.

    Nice try though.

    Actually, it wasnt.
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  12. Teegeeack

    This isn't an argument. There's nothing stopping you rolling flakmaxes and skyguards if you want to. If you don't, tough. But the VS and NC don't have the luxury of the Striker.
  13. LT_Latency

    Sure you do,

    Everyone gets a lock on rocket launcher. It's just TR has a ton of them because we have 2 versions of it and no other real choice.

    If you faction spams they normal lock on launcher you will get the same effect.
  14. Teegeeack

    The Hades is useless, misses half the time. The Nemesis is good, but still not up to par with the Striker. Fair enough you say, it shouldn't be since the Striker is an ESL. But that ESL is totally ruining air combat for the other two factions.
  15. Herby20

    Umm, it isn't exactly a joyous jog through a meadow for the TR to engage over enemy ground forces either. Currently, as in right now, you have to be very lucky to get away with your life when engaging other aircraft over enemy ground forces, much less getting a kill and escaping. Do the TR have better G2A weapons? Possibly, but it is not like they are in a completely different class compared to the other two factions. Get your skyguards, your AA maxes, and your Annis/G2A launchers and you will still make it incredibly hard for enemy air to make an impact.

    And please remember, while the Striker has the potential to do more damage to air than most other alternatives, it also has the potential to do less. Only on Esamir do you really stand a chance of being able to land all 5 rockets with any bit of consistency. Amerish and Indar have too much going for the pilots in the form of terrain (canyons, mountains, trees, etc).
  16. LT_Latency

    The striker does a little more damage if all 5 rockets hit.

    If you have 20 people fire the normal lock vs 20 people firing the striker. You are going to get the same effect. It's just because we have no other choice we tend to have alot of them

    We can't loop or missiles to hit targets we can't see or infantry so other factions have lots of people who pick a different type of weapon so they have less lock ons.

    The lock on weapons are still far far weaker then the AA max. If you want to shred Air the AA max is still the best
  17. Teegeeack

    The proof of TR air superiority is in how often you see about 10 Mosquitos flying overhead. Meanwhile you'll be lucky if you see more than two or three Reavers or Scythes. Are the TR just better at air combat?
  18. S0LAR15

    AA max can be countered though, with good flying and also by seeing where it is coming from.
  19. LT_Latency

    So can the striker, Fly towards the ground and all the rockets will go into the ground. The missile go towards where you are going to be. So you just start headed down an the missiles fly into the ground.

    Again it the same thing as having a bunch of normal rocket launchers being shot at you. If they are that important to your faction by them
  20. MaxDamage

    If only this was true. :[