I encourage everyone to report ADADAD abuse

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  1. adamts01

    That's not entirely true. I play from the Philippines on Connery with a stable ping around 200. When my connection runs through Singapore before going to LA then I get around 400ms. Anyway, that does seem to be a sweet spot where everything looks normal on my screen but teammates tell me I'm skipping around a little. I run a VPN when this happens to get my ping back to 200. But I've talked to guys with great connections in the States who use a VPN to purposefully send their signal to Asia, then back to the States to dial in their ping to 400 or so. So a certain amount of git gud does apply, but there is room for the game to improve.

    Anyway, that and conveniently losing your internet connection is what I refer to when I mention lag wizardry. It's exploited on a wide scale in this game. They seriously need to set a ping limit that invalidates damage when someone is above 300 or 350. That would let just about anyone in the world find a server, but stop this connection manipulation.
  2. Rydenan

    I would only consider it "ostriching" if there were some concrete evidence to ignore.
    Of which there is not.
  3. Rydenan

    I believe if someone were discretely lagswitching, they would not ADAD warp as has been stipulated in this thread. Rather, they would be stationary while their connection was severed, and then simply warp into place after it is re-established, with their targets then taking damage at that point in time.
    Would likely be a distinctly different experience from facing someone who ADAD/Crouches.
  4. adamts01

    Yes and no. When you disconnect, you can run around the map shooting anyone who existed in your area while your own character is stationary (or floating around). They'll continue moving on their current path, often floating around or running in place, and you can shoot them but you won't get hit markers. Once you reconnect, your stationary self will likely be dead (unless you started and stopped in a spawn room), but all that damage you applied will catch up to the server and you'll get the kills.

    If, however, you only degrade your speed to half a second or so, your position isn't smoothly represented on the server. Like I mentioned, When my service was routed through another country I've had teammates comment that I'm warping around and got rage tells that I was warping so their shots weren't registering. All the while everything looked fine from my perspective. Once I got a VPN I was able to avoid all of that.
  5. Rydenan

    Neither of these things are caused by ADAD mashing, however.
  6. Fishpoke

    Teaching people how to manipulate their connection will do nothing good for the game. Please delete this thread / remove teaching people how to cheat.
  7. adamts01

    Not talking about problems doesn't make them go away. Avoiding the truth seems to be indoctrinated in to too many people these days.

    Also, what isn't good for the game is blaming other countries for the state of these servers, which plenty who live right next to the server are often much worse offenders. Hopefully people take a positive message away from this, that reasonable high ping isn't so bad, and that it's people manipulating their connection giving those players a bad name.
  8. Ragnarock

    ADAD is literally the only counterplay against a half decent infiltrator, so NO. heck no.
  9. VookieTheCookie

  10. AtckAtck

    The lagswitching is getting a little out of hand lately, this gets more an more common everyday.
    I have been killed by instagibbin skyguards, the instant archer 100% kill and so on.
    I have seen constuction being glitched with rep modules inside.

    This is really getting out of control...
    This ist the first game in over a friggin DECADE that still has this kind of problem.
    Where is the auto-kick? It is not like it is hard to auto-kick players that spike their ping over 500 for over half a second.

    Apart from how easy it could be to just prevent the lagswitching entirely, how ******* dumb must the server be to even accept such a chunk of accumulated "damage-data" as legit data? This should just be dismissed.

    It is ridiculous how easy it is to exploit stuff in this game with it, i wouldn't even need any software to do it because the time it takes for a connection to drop is so friggin long that i can easily crawl under the table, pull the lan cable, go into the kitchen get a coffee, then come back and plug back in the cable and continue playing... REALLY? No sane Programmer would leave it like THAT.
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  11. adamts01

    Yep. Same guys, night after night, week after week. It's just absurd.
  12. Xebov

    So what you are saying is that everyone has to accept an exploit because there is lack of other options?

    The ADAD exploiting is old, its possible for as long as the game is out. And since then its used and justified by ppl wo pull it off to get an advantage. The problem behind it is that it puts the enemy into a real disadvantage while the player using it has none. Its also a real drawaway from the game because gunplay matters alot less while this is possible. It would be way better in a longrun to get rid of it and solve balance problems that might become visible.
  13. Klypto

    They would have already fixed it 4 years ago when they first fixed ADAD.

    It use to be a lot worse.
  14. DarkStarAnubis

    ADAD could be easily fixed by increasing moving CoF and introducing inertia.

    You can ADAD all the way, but your returning fire won't hit the broadside of a barn while you move left and right. And when you stop, there will be a little delay due to inertia before the CoF will reset to standing.

    On top, I would really like to see a better CoF while crouching, but that's another issue.
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  15. Ragnarock

    I mean, how is this even an exploit? This is like saying recoil management is an exploit because it gives you an advantage.

    People using hipfire guns like smgs and pistols will obviously strafe a lot to get an advantage against the guy that is using a sniper/lmg which requires Aim down sights to be accurate.

    But I'll give my suggestion anyways. If the devs think that strafing (aka ADAD) is a problem, they can simply introduce ''bullet snares'', which exists in cs:go and works just fine. How it works ? Very simple. each time you get hit, you get slowed by a certain amount, which makes it easier to lead the next shots when you catch someone in your line of fire.
  16. Xebov

    Dont misstake normal left-right turns with ADAD in a macro like style. Normal movement left/right is ok and is part of the game. What i mean, and i thought the thread is about this, is ADAD in a macro style that exploits the low tickrate of the game by having nearly no movement on the user side, but generate small warp like movement due to movement prediction.

    Would be worth trying at least.
  17. Ragnarock

    My suggestion works great in CS:GO, though I must add that the bullet snare should be dependant on the weapon's RPM and damage , otherwise you'll end up with SMGs that snare you while strafing, which will leave slow firing weapons too weak. So the idea is, the stronger your weapon hits, the more it snares when it hits.
  18. Xebov

    It worth exploring. I would suggest looking at momentum. Eternal Crusade uses it. It basically means that your character needs a moment to speed up/slow down when moving. So super fast left-right wouldnt be possible.
  19. Ragnarock

    I'm not sure if we really need to go that far. I have absolutely no problems destroying people with hipfire weapons, as much as they strafe. Only case where that creates a problem is when I have the godsaw in my hands, which is horrific at CQB.
  20. Jac70

    I have noticed a lot of opposing players who can jump a meter to the left and back again - I'm going for headshots so this makes them pretty much impossible to track. Plus the fact that they can kill me in seemingly 2 shots. Brp brp dead... brp brp dead! Whereas I have to put an entire clip into them before they die.

    I would say I lose 75% of 1 on 1s where we both engage each other head on at the same time. Not just lose either but get wrecked, like there shield bar is barely even scratched. It could be just lag, maybe I really am that bad but this seems ******* odd to me - and tiresome.