I don't want to micromanage implants, could we have a weak default no-charge required implant?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Snorelamp, May 31, 2014.

  1. Snorelamp

    Title sums it up. Doesn't have to be powerful, just a small bonus to something generic and useful for any class that's equip and forget.

    I understand microtransactions and cert sinks and so on are necessary evils in the F2P system I just cannot be arsed dealing with this implant system. Right now I just have all classes with no implants equipped.
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  2. Trukk

    That's basically what we have now, pick one, set batteries to auto and forget about it.
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  3. -MJ12-

    Unless you are a non member and your SPM is under 200...
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  4. Trukk

    You still don't have to manage it, just keep playing until you get another battey and it kicks in again. My SPM is 135 and I get more than enough batteries to keep the basic implants running.
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  5. SevenTwo

    Right now, you do have an implant, which works without power - it's called "nothing" and does not contribute any advantages at all compared to the other implants that do require power.

    Implants are a resource based commodity (based on the amount of batteries you generate), that you can only use when you have the power for them. That's the basic premise of the item slot. Having a "default" implant, that always works without power, would negate that whole point.

    As for micromanaging the implants, you can opt to auto-power your implants when you run out of power. That removes any need to micro manage implants - you just don't get any benefits when you are out of batteries. If you want to save your batteries, you simply un-equip your implant for a while.
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  6. TheFamilyGhost

    Ack, another request to have the game play while we watch. No.
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  7. PlatoonLeaderG

    You can put batteries to auto?You mean it will recharge everytime i get a battery without going to the menu?Man i might use them now, lol i didnt even bothered with them at all i will try to see what implants and things i have at the moment.
  8. Goretzu

    Sorry, but in no way, shape or form does micromanaging implants = skill. :confused:

    Micromanaging implants isn't gameplay it is housekeeping.
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  9. TheFamilyGhost

    First: Equating skill level to any activity is extremely self limiting.

    Second: Wrong
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  10. Krayus_Korianis

    Wait, how do you have a SPM of 200 or less? I log in and I get over 10k every session.
  11. Iridar51

    We were promised that empty implant slot will provide a small, but universal benefit. I guess they decided to conveniently forget about that.
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  12. Revanmug

    You Score Per Minute (SPM) is under a 100.
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  13. Trukk

    50 years old and this this is the first FPS 'twitch' game I've played. Now put me in a Jug at 30,000' escorting B-17s and it would be a different story.
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  14. Krayus_Korianis

    I still get a crapton of chargers. That doesn't mean anything.
  15. PWGuy93

    My reading into this thread is pretty simple, the UI(s) for the Implants could use some work.
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  16. Fenrisk

    We use to have some of these implants for free before SOE took them from us to resell them back to us. Seeing enemy health and Range finder were both already in the game. Hell seeing enemy health was in the game for a year before they removed it. Really not happy about that.
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  17. Robes

    It only means that you tried insulting/makingfunof(?) somebody while actually doing it to yourself?
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  18. z1967

    True-ish (and slightly debatable I guess).

    Not quite. It feels more like an unnecessary management, something that seems like it should be faster. Even so, not having an implant equipped should provide some benefit. The certs you pocket from not running an implant are not a benefit.
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  19. Richard Nixon

    Could you "not be bothered" with choosing and equipping a suit slot too? Is putting on nanoweave / flak armor housekeeping as well? How about ability slots? Definitely **** weapon attachments, there's a whole bunch of those! Too much trouble, right?
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  20. Goretzu

    1) Honestly, if you believe make-work housekeeping is skillful you need to redefine your parameters, as it appears they may well be self-limiting your attainment.

    2) I hear Cupboard Tidying Simulator 2014 is out next week!
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