I cant decide what to buy because of nerf everything mindset

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tamonize, May 13, 2013.

  1. WalrusJones

    Find something that isn't spammed that you like, and get that.
  2. Pivke

    i would say use mattock or default scattercannons.
    from my own personal experience: i use 1 default scattercannon (the free one) and 1 hacksaw (i was wise and bought a hacksaw two days before all max shotguns were nerfed...). i am shooting them both at the same time the scattercannon is gaining kills at about double the rate of a hacksaw.
  3. Elrobochanco

    If you want to kill ground vehicles there is nothing better unless you're in a liberator.
  4. llPendragon

    Agreed. I didn't have a kit with the Falcon until GU08, but now I use it almost every time. Even in the BioLab. I had bought a left Mattock last night to compliment the right Falcon, but it's a gamble. I'll probably end up just buying another Falcon.
  5. vic the butcher

    Personally I'd say don't even pay attention to the "nerf everything mentality". I've found it's blown WAY out of proportion on these forums with weapons being declared useless. I think in general theres a problem with a lot of the whiners not understanding their weapons strengths and weaknesses and playing to them. They hear it's being nerfed feel a slight change and just completely flip out over their now uselss weapon. I own and use a lot of weapons of different types and they've all gone through their "nerfs" and I've never really noticed a difference afterward. Except of course the phoenix ohk getting nerfed which needed to happen anyways. So yeah don't concern yourself with it and get what you think you'll enjoy. I have the ravens and they're a really fun weapon to use. I'm working toward the fractures right now and cant wait to take those things out on the field :)