I cant decide what to buy because of nerf everything mindset

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tamonize, May 13, 2013.

  1. theholeyone

    Harasser upgrades, that thing is a laugh to use. Or Gal stuff, for the same reasons.
  2. Brusilov [TR]

    I regret almost every purchase...


    I have so much fun in this game, it doesn't make sense!
  3. Zar

    things that get nerfed are nerfed cause they were broken do i think people who bought them should get a refund not really cause well you got an overpowered god canon to toy with i use shotguns atm they are silly broken will i cry for a refund when they get nerfed hell no i made something like 1500 certs with that gun alone
  4. QuakerOatsMan

    Actually, that's the best way to put it. Cert into whatever makes the game fun for you, not what makes you do more damage or whatever.
  5. y3ivan


    after GU08, i dont even bother to use NC MAX, except in theres 90% CQC aka Biolabs.

    falcon are better alternatives
  6. anaverageguy

    I'd invest in the respective ESF to fit for anti-air, the sundy, maybe the lib. Oh, maybe the harrasser. Rarely get to use those though.
  7. Barana

    Do this, do it now. Get 2 C4 and L5 Jetpack on your LA as well, and then cackle maniacally as you send it careening over a hill into a crowded enemy Sundy. Bastard move? Yeah, but damn is it fun. For an even bigger boom, get your entire squad to strap their C4 onto it. Don't know if it works, but you can also try loading the rumble seat with tank mines.

    Seriously, you can turn this thing into a literal bomb on wheels (that also can travel over 100 kph).
  8. Tamonize

    Now I got it to 9000. =/ I really want to go max because Ive auxariumed default weapons. Should I go mattock or hacksaw? I can feel the difference at range esp at 20m in VR (both can one hit at point blank and 2 hits at 10m. But at 20m, the hacksaw needs like 5-10 hits with the ridiculous COF vs just 3 with mattock) but there is also a big difference in firerate.
  9. theholeyone

    Works is a relative and largely irrelevant term anyway... pretty sure you can stack em in there, results are a bit unpredictable though :D
  10. Jogido

    i wouldn't worry about nerfs. Most of the stuff that was nerfed wasn't too big a deal...just that forum users are crazy
  11. Phrygen

    my personally suggestion would be to cert out your vanguard.
  12. Tekuila

    I wouldn't say useless, but the ammo count and reload time was a bit much.
  13. SgtBreastroker

    That feel when you consider saving 1000 certs to be a big achievement.
  14. Sen7ryGun84

    Well done for sticking with the default weapons OP. Took me like 350 hours to work out that the standards are pretty much the best lol.

    Invest your certs into things that improve your favorite class abilities or the way you like to play. There are also a few good avenues of cert investment that will likely never be nerfed and will also help you gain a lot more certs in the long run like repair and medic tools, ammo and proxy repair for your sunderer. Stuff like the respawn timere for your favorite vehicles is always a worthy spend too.

    When it comes to weapons it really depends on which faction you play as to where you should spend up. As a TR all i would really recommend is a bolt sniper (R50), an smg, a shotgun and the basic G2A lock on launcher. I would take these weapons just because they expand my combat capabilities and fill niches that you can't fill by default.
  15. soeguud

    Buff out a vehicle perhaps? If i had 8k certs i'd finish upgrading my harasser, and never touch it again.
  16. TimBurkeulosis

    Honestly, i dont care about if something is going to be nerfed or not, I use whatever I find to be my favorite weapon, even if other weapons are overall better. My first Ha weapon was the chaingun, and even back when it was alot worse, i still used it all the time. Yes there were and are better, more well rounded weapons for HA, but I just like the chaingun too much to give it up. Use whatever weapon you like the most.
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  17. jdono67894

    OP, things get nerfed when they are useless and things don't get nerfed when they are over powered.

    There is no logic behind the nerfing from a gameplay perspective, things get nerfed so that new additions get more sales and thats about it.

    With that in mind spend your certs on whatever you want and just know that sooner or later it will get nerfed no matter what, and this game is not going to last more then a year anyway so it doesn't matter in the long run.

    I recommend getting full flak for the MAX with the ravens, nothing is more fun then using those right now - the sound alone is amazing.
  18. biterwylie

    Welcome to Planetside 2, where they give you a VR area to test weapons, then nurf the good ones, making the VR area pointless other than for checking out camo. Oh wait.... They took away the 50SC camo so that is hardly useful anymore.
  19. EvilPhd

    I hear you. I'm reluctant to spend on new things myself.
    Wait a couple of months after new toys are introduced.
    Just keep in mind I think there's a 10K cert cap.
    So spend them on class points and respawn timers.
    Those are pretty safe from the nerfbat.
  20. LGhost1904

    Should have never saved up that many, only makes spending them harder (maybe for some at least)... I save up for one thing at a time and if I run into a situation where I feel something that costs certs could have helped me, then I will not hold back from spending any amount of certs I've saved up, it will just have to wait... Right now I'm working on my second extended clip for my other Burster, then I will work on the auto regen for my max, then the charge timer for my max... I find that all of those things would help me enjoy the game more.

    So buy whatever you want and don't regret it, maybe spend a little time to make sure that you will use whatever you buy. You can't do anything about nerfs, we all have to deal with them so don't let that hold you back. You'll find that a lot of stuff you buy, you will regret down the road either because of nerfs or your gameplay might have changed, again nothing you can do about it.

    I love my NC Max dual Grinders with extended clips, same as hacksaws but not fully automatic (plus 2 in the clips)... Fully auto encourages more spam and less accuracy which would equal a lot less wasted bullets.
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