I cant decide what to buy because of nerf everything mindset

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tamonize, May 13, 2013.

  1. Keelin

    Never buy the first version of a new weapon (see SMGs and Pump action shotguns).
    And as others have said: Stay away from FOTM things.

    Buy whatever you find fun in the VR.
    Something that works well with your particular playstyle.
    I find that this is more important than the raw stats of things.
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  2. llPendragon

    Hacksaws aren't useless, but they aren't balanced against the other options either.
    It used to be Hacksaws > (Grinder = Scat = Mattock), but now it's (Scat = Mattock) > Grinder > Hacksaws.
    IMHO, it sounds like everyone is calling them worthless because they're literally 'worth less' than the stock gun.
  3. BalogDerStout

    Dual hacksaws are still very viable, just not LOLIWIN cannons like they were.

    PA shotties are also likely to get nerfed, even though they should. The dev team did a balance pass over most weapons not too long ago, so I doubt we'll be seeing them change much anytime soon.

    Truth is, buy what's useful now and utalize it while it is viable. It may eventually get nerfed, but for the time you buy it, it is useful. It can take a goodly while before something gets changed.

    AT mines are a fine example, I bought them early and got to use them for a good long time before they were nerfed to just slightly above useless.

    Considering the next patch is aimed to give MAX units new abilities, I've been investing in mine, armor upgrades, cooldown timer, ext. mags, and various guns. You can also invest in the basic upgrades for most vehicles and armors.

    Nanoweave and/Flak armor are pretty much never NOT going to be useful in some capacity.

    You gotta spend certs to make certs. Having a lot of certs isn't doing you much good when they could be C4 you're using to pop sundies. That's why I don't usually have more than 1k certs, for those occasions I really need a gun or upgrade RIGHT NOW, like I needed blockade armor for my sundy on the fly the other night. But certs aren't doing you much good just being a number.
  4. Tarrick

    FTFY. Nerfs are necessary to maintain balance. If you can't possibly live without the fear of whatever you do being nerfed, then you need to stick to single-player games and never connect to the internet in case the developer might patch it. Then you can find whatever is ridiculous over-powered and exploit it for the rest of time.
  5. Skippytjc

    They can nerf what they please, but they need to be prepared to refund people money if they dont like the changes. After all, a nerf is just them listening to paying customers complaints. They dont do anything about it until they think the money they will lose by NOT changing it is more than the money they will lose by doing it. In the end you will have unhappy customers that spent their money on a product they don't like, and they should get their money back.
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  6. IamSalvation

    Hacksaw still is OP as hell and makes you kill hundrets of Infantry.
    You don´t have to fear the nerf of the Pump, it allready happend. IT only shoots as fast as a bolt action sniper, does not allways kill with one shot (only about 50% i would say) and if you miss your first shot you are dead.
    Better get the Full Auto Shotgun. Its much much better now.
    For Heavys PA is ok, you can compensate a missed shot with your shield... but over all i would still say they are worse than full auto and certainlie more unforgiving...
  7. Pikachu

    Always wait 1 game update before you buy something that was just released. ;)
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  8. Versuchender

    Put about 3 to 4k into the Vanguard (More if you want to.), grab yourself a good secondary gunner and get the tank rolling. Secondary gunner = free exp for everything he kills, with AP and some training you are capable of insta-gibbing (hovering/straight approaching) ESFs (Fly-bys are very difficult to land.). God, I laugh diabolically every time I shoot an ESF with my tank.

    Yeah, that's it. Go, grab a tank. An alternative would be any other vehicle. Combat sunderers or galaxies are quite fun aswell.
  9. siiix

    nothing is OP, but people are crying and sadly SOE is to wuss to put its food down

    so i would not buy anything new , i would wait a month, if the whiners have not gotten they way in a month chances are they get tired of spaming the forum with nerf wining, and move on to the next item to whine about

    i would use certs only to upgrade , weapons are waste to buy with certs .. i could EASY spend an other 20000 certs on important upgrades and i already have spent 16000 ... i have not buyed a single weapon with certs
  10. MykeMichail

    Overpowered eh?

    You do realise that a Piston - a weapon which EVERY faction has an equivalent to - has a faster rate of fire, better hipfire accuracy, and a higher maximum damage range?
  11. Rhaeyn

    But now you can't kill a room full of enemies anymore without having to reload.. that's an imposition!
  12. Mefi

    Bad advice.
    Buy UP weapons. SOE tend to forget about them for like forever :D.
  13. QuakerOatsMan

    I didn't tell anyone to spend it on mine certs.
  14. NoctD

    They're part of cert trees. C4 are explosives btw, and not mines. But yeah like anything in this game is sacred and safe from the nerf hammer? ;)
  15. Kanil

    Buy an auto-shotty. They're just as good as the pumps, but they don't one-hit kill, so people don't whine about them as much. Thus they're less likely to be nerfed.

    If you drive any vehicles, then performance upgrades are a safe bet. Cant really nerf faster tanks or better turning abilities. Those are always expensive. Same with ammo cap and reload times for your guns as well as optics (i know optics for a nerf but for ground vehicles, nothing changed, or will be changed). You could dump a TON of certs into vehicles with confidence. Even at their lowest point, MBTs and lightnings were still fun to drive.
  17. Ganelon

    Aww, I thought you meant SC and was going to recommend hats.
  18. TheArchetype

    How about rocket pods?
  19. Ashnal

    I still get occasional kills from tank mines. Almost every time I lay them down. You just have to know where to put them.

    As for the OP, just buy whichever weapon fits your playstyle with its design intention. The numbers may change occasionally, but the intended role of the weapon never will. For instance, the Reaper DMR will always be a long range rifle, while the GD-7F will always be a short range CQC carbine. If you make your purchasing decisions based on the role you need a weapon to fill then nerfs don't sting nearly as much. Even after the nerfs, shotguns are still kings of CQC.
  20. QuakerOatsMan

    The fact is that mines (AND C4—you should know what I mean if I'm referring to a post) are only a very small part of the all certs. He can spend his certs on whatever he wants because statistically, only a small portion of all content gets nerfed with each patch. Anyone will have to spend certs anyway, unless the guy wants to waste away at the 10k cert cap.
    And C4 and mines have not been nerfed to oblivion. An engineer can actually perform even better with AT mines now because all it takes is a couple of bullets or a sticky grenade to set the mines off and most sunderers are now more likely to run blockade armor instead of mineguard (and that's what they have primarily been used for anyway). C4 can perform just as well as before because the majority of players still have ADD. How have those cert trees been detrimentally affected by these "nerfs?"
    Devs change content to better suit the gameplay as they envision it or according to player demands for overall better gameplay experience. (And take note that devs actually buff content as well. Surprising isn't it?)

    Nerfs are meant to bring content in line with others, not to completely shut something down as unviable. If you really believe otherwise, feel free to keep 10k certs rotting away on your character or something. Honestly, people need to stop acting like any form of a nerf is a death sentence to the content, especially when the devs are so flexible.