I cant decide what to buy because of nerf everything mindset

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tamonize, May 13, 2013.

  1. Tamonize

    I saved around 8k certs now at level 40+ (I just used the default weapons with a few upgrades here and there). I wanted to go MAX and get dual hacksaws but it got nerfed so much. I dont want to spend 2k on weapons + 1k on mag extension if I cant get my ROI. So Im thinking of dual ravens but I think it will also be nerfed next GU. :(

    I also wanted to get a PA shotgun but with the outcry of whiners, it might get nerfed. :( I mean I am in this constant state of afraid of getting anything. You work so hard to get 1000 certs for a wepaon with certain stats and expectations then it gets changed.

    Im just sharing my sentiments. AND if you have 8k certs what would you get? =)
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  2. QuakerOatsMan

    Spend it on cert trees.
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  3. Lafladitu

    I don't have that much certs saved but i am near 3k atm, and I will save them for abit longer and collect them until i see it wortwhile to spend them, I have a lot I want to use them on atm but I don't want to waste them on stuff that has not been balanced fully

    there is a lot I would buy with 8k certs for but I think I would Like to wait with big spendings and do small ones and wait for a few month more when we have more content and all classes and vehicle passes we have atm is finished, cause if they get something new I see is better then current abilities or weapons I rather save certs for them once they are balanced
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  4. Revel

    Well I have dual Bursters with extended mags, dual Mercy with extended mags, so I'd probably drop 3k of it on dual Fractures with extended mag. I'd drop another 400 on Flak armor 5 for the MAX. My infiltrator already has a Rams 50m, level 5 nanoweave, Hailstorm and 2 levels of Claymore so I'm good there. I'd probably spend about 1k to cert out the flash wraith module. The other 3500 I'd probably dump into those last level of Prowler mods and a Sunderer.
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  5. Shurrikken

    I got dual hacksaw on my NC alt AFTER the nerf. I still find them totally overpowered (with extended mag that is) if played properly. I doubt you would regret buying them.
  6. Revel

    Oh just to let you know, I believe cert cap is 10,000. It honestly wouldn't hurt you to buy a pump action + extended mag for 1100 if you're doing a lot of CQC.
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  7. freeze

    I currently have 8K certs...

    I'm waiting for the MAX powers and new weapons.

    I'm gonna max out ZOE, get the NS frag launchers and then go for the fastest wepaon lock in history in the next best biolab
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  8. Revel

    I'll bring back memories of Planetside 1 Thumper spam with plasma grenades. 4000 grief coming right up!
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  9. Phrygen

    i know that feel bro
  10. Tamonize

    Ohh thanks for the heads up man. Im actually at 8.5k so I really have to spend now or stop playing for a wbile before the next balancing.
  11. No Walking

    Something fun, above ALL else.

    For instance....the first weps I bought were the grenade launcher for the engineer, and the fury grenade launcher for the flash. I've had so much fun with those 2 weapons alone it's been ridiculous! Much better than buying a weapon simply for it's usefulness.
  12. NoctD

    AI, AV mines got nerfed. Tank mines got nerfed. C4 got nerfed. Who said spending it on cert trees is any better than weapons and immune from nerfs?

    Tank mines are a total joke now. I saw a huge minefield that was laid yesterday, friendly of course, but there's no way anyone except a mad/blind driver would run into them!
  13. Tamonize

    even HA got nerfed (flak + shield). I was thinking of splurging on adrenaline shield but it might be nerfed. This game is giving me anxiety disorder =(
  14. No Walking

    You say that as if most players in this game wouldn't drive right over them even if they saw them....
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  15. NoctD

    Yeah that's how dumbed down the tank mines are! They are such a "BIG" joke!
  16. llPendragon

    I feel the same way about the Fury.

    I'd definitely recommend hedging your bets. Don't spend more than half, and spend less if you can.

    My thoughts on my NC MAX:
    - I regret buying the Grinder and Hacksaw. Since the nerf, the Scatter is better than either.
    - The Falcon isn't half bad at medium range, and does well against vehicles and infantry. Mattock may be a little better at AI.
    - I've never regretted my Bursters.
    - Having fully certed Flak armor for a MAX is really nice. No more running from ESF or nades.

    Spending certs:
    - I've always recommended certing out two classes before buying new infantry guns. That way you always have those classes to fall back on when the going gets tough.
    - Cert ROI: Sundy > Engineer tool > Medic tool > Engineer ammo > Lighting with HEAT or HE > the rest
  17. Skippytjc

    It doesn't matter what you buy. In the end, half of the free starter weapons are still just as nice, and you're right: there is no guarantee whatever you buy isn't going to get nurfed. And they DONT give you your money back if they do.

    Imagine buying a car and a month after you buy it the dealer shows up at your house and changes the performance of it without asking you. The car sucks afterwards and the dealer tells you to screw when you ask for your money back or for them to make it back the way it was. Thats SOE.
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  18. Ash87

    Well, if you think Hacksaws are useless, there is little that can be done here.

    PAS are in a good place right now though, their finally slow enough in reload, that the OHK is justified, so I doubt that'll be nerfed.
  19. Elrobochanco

    Literally everything that has been nerfed is still useful. You can still very much abuse AI/AV mines, PA shotguns are still ridiculous, NC maxes will still paint the walls with infantry. As long as you pick something that you find "fun" and not just getting it because you think it's exploitable you should be in the clear.

    edit to add annihilator was always lame so there wasn't much change there ;)
  20. Sebyos

    Don't buy what's obviously OP and/or the flavor of the month...
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