I cannot log onto my character

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Xenophontes, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. bNy_

    I can't even get to the character selection. Get stuck at 98% when trying to start the game.
  2. Chelienor

    Same problem! Stuck at "loging in" and my char is also stops moveing so it looks like the login freez out or something! AND stop blameing to chek the server status! Web browsers say that the servers are up and in the starters settings does it to! SO the servers are up! Just aint get it why does it need to suck up ewry time what 1nc is workeing!
  3. sigur

    Happened last GU, too. Login servers flooded, just give 'em some time, check back later
  4. latere

    stuck at logging in. exited, validated game files, restarted, stuck at logging in.
  5. SadButTrue

    The servers are up. The authentication server is simply blocking new requests while they fix bugs. Having thousands of players connected is not going to make that easy.
  6. St0mpy

    thats not it, read this and tried, didnt work for me, hope i didnt just lose a queue space
  7. Zazen

    In case this helps. I can log into my sub level 10 VS & TR alts with no certs spent or anything. But, I cannot log into my BR 78 NC with 40k cert spent, including on the Hacksaw MAX. I mention that because possibly there's a cause and effect relationship with regard to data changes on characters and them not loading?

    Just seems strange my main won't load , but my low level twinks do.
  8. PapaHoleNUrHead

    Add me to the list. Guess that's one way to nerf the NC on Waterson :) Ironically, my son's TR character on Waterson is able to get in with no issue.
  9. NoctD

    Mattherson I can get on, but not Waterson/Helios characters.
  10. Beastie Boy

    Worked for me, cya there!
  11. Regis7575

    My VS BR 55 is having the same issue. I know that the game is up because my other outfit members are currently playing in the alert event on Esamir. Guess I will check back after school hopefully I can log in tonight!

    Death to all shatmaxes!
  12. EventualClarity

    Same here, I validated files but continue to crash upon character signin. GAME ERROR G12
  13. drunkcheezwheel

    i can get past the loading screen but when i hit play on my vs character on connery is just says loading and then stops after like 5 minutes it usually takes a few seconds to load not a few minutes GU06 broke the game like every update does.
  14. Galotsas

    Same here, stuck at Logging In....
  15. Josh Developer

    We're looking into the slow loading and login from character select.
  16. PapaHoleNUrHead

  17. St0mpy

    ok all good, logging in now
  18. BloodArmoredApostle

    Ive been playing this game for about 3-4 months now with now issues being able o load the game. Now, before I get to character select after this patch I get a G25 error saying it can't access my graphics card whats going on? I have never had this issue before I already updated all my drivers and stuff just to make sure and checked for malware no problems. My other games work fine off of a Geforce 540m. Smooth gaming until this patch came along.
  19. Guntherrz

    I get stuck at 40% loading tab out and back in and it's at 98% then it just sits there stuck on 98%
  20. defconbadger

    stuck at 98 percent preloading.