I can not play this game no more

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GhostAvatar, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. GhostAvatar

    SOE you have made the game worse than it was before. Frame rate is lower than before, now with added jitter and random 1 second freeze frames (nice when you're in a fire fight).

    Funny thing is, CPU is a constant 90%+ regardless, but the GPU load drops to 0% when it freeze frames or jitters. Another issue is when the GPU load is at 30-40% the game says I am GPU limited :confused:

    Have fun, I am out till you can sort out this piece of ****.

    Note; before anyone says it, I have deleted Useroptions.ini and used the new default, plus several tweaks to try and improve it. No joy.
  2. HannaDest

    Your headline is a double denial.
  3. Slyguy65

    And people call me cry baby...

    At least i am just pointing obvious flaws and criticisms but im not like OP...

    I don't do a


    The fact i keep pushing for change and fixes...means i care about the broken game...

    In fact that is why all the people are complaining.
  4. DustyMonolith

    Doesn't make him any less right, though I'm optimistic they'll take care of these issues. Does make you wonder though.
  5. Ayqon

    There were some lag, and my computer is not so old.