I Call BS on PU2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by StayFrostyGents, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. LordMondando

    Ok, let me put this this way. Why is 15% not 30% not enough, given that I think its still the highest projectile speed of any main tank gun in the game and the other assorted bonuses which remain untouched.
  2. IamDH

    I see your point. I havent played with the prowler that much after the patch so i cant answer for sure.

    The only thing that im trying to say is that is one of those unasked/unnecessary changes. According to the original thread the nerf was due to prowler acting as AA (which i agree with) but the nerf affected tank v tank as well
  3. LordCreepy

    30% or 60% it doesn't matter against esf as you couldn't kill any besides the hovering ones and those flying in straight lines before&after.
    Lib and Galaxy are so freaking fat I doesn't matter if you shoot with 60 or 30 % velocity either.
    What stays is a nerf in long range ground sniping - the only real thing you could do with the deploy anyway without suiciding.
    The nerf was indeed unneeded.
    Tough I have to admit the bigger arc has is positives .. sometimes
  4. RHYS4190

    I Do find my self frowning at what SOE does some times lot of the rebalancing in this patch was very excessive I really don't like how they nerfed the halberd and Vulcan and saron again. Hopefully they won't stay like that but I do think they do nerf stuff to get you to buy more equipment, but now im spread over two factions these thing don't really hurt me any more because if they attack on faction I can always switch.

    But I really do hope they will cease attacking vehicles thank good they did not really attack the tanks main guns they just attacked the secondary's god only know why, id go on twiter and ask them but I don't think they will be on there after the way people treated them last time one of them was on it. but it really was weird when they did that because they where talking about improving the relationship been ween the gunner and the driver some how I really don't get the logic when you nerf the guns there totally ineffective and no one whats to touch them any more.