I Call BS on PU2

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  1. Alarox

    I understand what you mean (I had 900 hours into Guild Wars 2).

    I understand everything you're saying, but I want to make these two points first:

    1.) The Prowler will always have superior AI compared to the Vanguard or Magrider simply because it has two barrels.
    2.) The Prowler does have strong AV potential; the only reason the Vanguard beats it is like you said, because of the shield.

    I would actually accept the shield being reworked but the Vanguard itself would need buffing to compensate, not in the AI area, but in the AV area. Without the shield the Vanguard itself is completely outclassed by the Prowler.
  2. AirSuperiority

    I agree as well that the vanguard without the shield would not stand a chance against a prowler, however with the shield right now it's just too strong. They should rework the abilities so that they give each mbt an equal ttk. This way, if any two mbt come to a 1v1, it comes down to raw skill and intelligence(where to position oneself or when the use the ability). Neither mbt has to worry that the other has an unfair advantage.
  3. GhostAvatar

    Yet there is still a clear superior choice in that slot, especially for the lackluster lightning.
  4. Dark Pulse

    If the devs agree, expect it to be nerfed then. The whole reason they moved it to that new slot in the first place was because tons of people ran it, so now they're trying to see if it stacks up against what they think is more equal competition.
  5. IamDH

    Here you go

    The projectile speed increase on Anchored mode is being reduced from 15/30/45/60% per rank, to 7.5/15/22.5/30%
  6. LordMondando

    So halved the projectile speed, and thats all?
  7. Koldorn

  8. Koldorn

    Halved the projectile speed bonus!
    So that in fact the projectile is still the fastest MBT round; and it still retains +137% more dps then the Vanguard. (Due to the drastically reduce reload times)
  9. Mastermind

    ZOE ability gets nerfed and people still aren't happy. You can find peace in the fact that most ZOE users only certed one level of it because that's all you needed. So barely anyone got that much certs back from that
  10. Kaon1311

    Move in and out of cover and the DPS advantage of the Prowler is non existent. Well tbh, you dont realy have to get behind cover for long range fights anymore. Just aim at Prowler, change to third person, move back and forth hitting 100% of your shots and laugh as the Prowler misses most of his and dies because its a sitting duck.

    Oh and yes it has higher DPS than the Vanguard, but since you mention our special, ill just say - immortal for 8 seconds, as NOTHING will now drop that sheild while active. If you die to Prowlers long range now in a Vanguard, you prob forgot to pop your sheild ;)

    Magriders, good luck hitting them at range now, again while we sit there looking at shells hit us while ours miss. 50% luck 50% skill hitting Mags at range now.

    No sane tanker wants the sheild nerfed without a buff to the Vanguard. Buff the Vanny and then the sheild can be 'balanced'.

    Anyway, just pull infantry to deal with everything, no point wasting 450 resources ;)
  11. Koldorn

    While I appreciate the humor; the math has been done by dedicated tankers to show that the Mag's current strafe speed is insufficient to dodge a lockdown-shell unless the range between the two exceeds ~300m (pre change, assuming rounds are 70% of their speed... 210m now) , with the Mag reacting the exact second the shell is fired at center of mass. With latency; that is impossible. Also if I were to "just aim at a prowler" the round would hit the dirt some 125m before getting to it. :p *shakes fist at bullet drop*

    All sarcasm aside; I'm not saying its not a winnable fight. There are far to many factors to each engagement to make blanket statements. My points were simply that the wrong thing on the prowler was changed. It is my belief that the tank should have kept its velocity to allow use at ranges where lockdown is relatively not an assisted suicide button. However; the raw dps disparity between the tanks caused by the virtually non-existent reload times is a massive imbalance.
  12. Kaon1311

    I think most Prowler drivers would be more than happy if the velocity was kept the same as before, so long range sniping is possible and a decrease in the reload speed. No point having faster reload if yiu cant hit anything ;)

    Or even keep as is now (30% increase) and decrease reload speed but give a slight buff to our secondary gunners velocity and reload.

    Maybe my problem is i long range snipe to stay away from the true tank killers - infantry. (seldom fight mags/vannies under 300m if i can help it)

    ps aim up a little higher so your shell doesnt suck dirt :p
  13. IamDH

    Yeah but its still an unnecessary nerf. No one was really complaining about prowler lockdown. Even if the problem was prowler vs air, why was the whole ability nerfed? I thought this was balanced because it takes 2 heat rounds to take out an ESF
  14. Koldorn

    I've heard that idea bounced around once or twice on the test forums; that would be a rather interesting quirk for secondaries if they were also granted the velocity bonus. Toss out the reload speed all together, return the velocity to what was it... 80%? And then apply that to the secondary.

    Lockdown then becomes your, "I want the option to transition to really long ranges." button, which helps keep you away from C4-fairies.

    Also, due to the lower elevated gun position; I can't aim that high. Mag round drop is pretty horrendous. :(
    Really, try bringing in a Mag into Quartz Ridge from the north. You can't aim at anything. Only option is to tail-wag your way up the hills to the east of the base and shell in.
  15. John_Aitc

    Even as a TR, I am okay that the Z.O.E. Max Units are still wrecking machines. It is activated only when the situation warrants its use which seems very fair to its opponents.
  16. Kaon1311

    Yeah im with you that they nerfed the wrong element of the lockdown, but we cant be hitting ESFs with ease or farm infantry now can we ;)

    Rework Prowler lockdown, Buff Vanny and then 'balance' sheild, buff Mag. Im sure most tankers would agree. This is in my letter to Santa.
  17. LordMondando

    The number of times I've seen Prowlers sitting the middle of indar, acting as as AA guns is legion.

    That was the problem, the projectiles were so fast, it acted as a deployable - double 88 flak gun.
  18. IamDH

    Then nerf it against ESFs. Isnt there like a resist value that can be changed or something? I do have to agree that the projectiles were insanely fast tho. I use HEAT and lockdown lvl 3 and it traveled superspeed (before patch).

    I still feel that being stuck in one place is a rather heavy disadvantage which makes up for the high projectile speed.
  19. LordMondando

    The problem and what made it viable was the projectile speed.

    Which is still, by the way, pretty balling. You just have to aim slightly more up now. And there is no damage difference.
  20. IamDH

    Comes at the cost of sitting still which (for a tank) is a pretty bad thing. The prowlers advantages are speed & double barrel so it basically took one out. Its a high risk vs high reward kind of thing, which is why i still think its fair.