I Call BS on PU2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by StayFrostyGents, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. Phazaar

    When you've stats to prove that, just let me know...
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  2. LordMondando

    How much was lockdown nerfed exactly?
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  3. Goden

    "I want my money back on these things because cannot own with anymore"
  4. LordMondando

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  5. kayben

    K. Read the thread. Or don't.
  6. ManyHats

    a global cert refund is about due.

    I think SoE could reap some serious kudos from doing one.
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  7. Ganelon

    It doesn't, actually. You keep mentioning the velocity advantage the Prowler advantage has over the Vanguard and Magrider, but conveniently forget that the Prowler has to lockdown for it, and that the Magrider can fire on the move more easily.

    If Lockdown needed the nerf, then the Vanguard shield definitely needs a nerf.
  8. The Wolf

    Funny how you guys want a refund on the harasser but you had to figure at some point it was going to get a nerf I mean I even saw this coming.
  9. RHINO_Mk.II

    Fixed that for you.
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  10. kayben

    So edgy. I wonder if other games feature an ability that makes you invulnerable for 8 seconds without any downside.
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  11. CaptHaddock

    And this is why I wish SOE wouldn't provide refunds on anything, because instead of people being thankful that they get certs back on something (Nanoweave, ZOE, etc.), they ***** about their entitlement issues on why they aren't getting refunds on everything. And if you got back on the Prowler, someone would whine about weapon unlocks, until everyone concludes that SOE is a mean company for not providing global cert refunds everytime a weapon is tweaked in the meaning of balance.

    Oh, and for certs. Which are free. In a game. Which is free.
  12. Phazaar

    It was sarcasm, as an FYI :)
  13. Phazaar

    Go play DotA and come have a chat, yeah?
  14. kayben

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  15. LordMondando

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  16. kayben

  17. Phazaar

    Ahhhh, so Reddit's superiority is demonstrated again, by being able to remove the second part of a post to some ~30 comments down. This is why I don't go on Reddit; it's actually the worlds worst user interface for discussion.

    Happy to accept that you have stats to back that up. So now we know Magriders rely on their secondary gunners (noting that Prowlers don't, and still vastly outperform Vanguards), we have to ask ourselves why Vanguards don't use secondary gunners, despite that it's clear they're underperforming as a 1/2 entity.

    The fact that VS jump up to 2/2 and manage to level the playing field with the Prowler suggests that NC would also be doing the same thing... Somewhere along the way someone on VS noticed how much more survivable this made their tanks, and rolled with it. This didn't happen with NC though. Is it because NC hate teamwork, or is it because our secondaries are crap, or our drivers are forced to spend so long certing into Shield, armor, chassis and reload speed to feel they're survivable and useless in a team, they're not even thinking about certing into secondaries, making their secondaries less than ideal places to be? Is it that if you've spent all those certs on your tank, you don't want to jump in someone elses tank, you want to stay in yours? I could go on...

    TL;DR... The 1/2 vs 2/2 argument would make your point a whole lot better if the Vanguard wasn't massively underperforming across the board. If the reason the Magrider isn't is because it's using secondary gunners, we have to assume there's a reason that NC tanks on all servers aren't; this is a far more interesting discussion than 'OMFG SHIELD SO OP, LETS YOU 1/2 AND ONLY DIE 30% FASTER AND KILL DRASTICALLY LESS TOOOOOO!!!!'...
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  18. Phazaar

  19. Torok

    You guys are all amateurs,

    700 SC Vanguard C85 modified
    700 SC EM1
    700 SC second Falcon

  20. KodiakX

    I would really like them to recognize the sheer amount of changes they've done over the last year and respec everyone's certs into any classes, vehicles and attachments while leaving any weapons purchased with SC or Certs alone (because that'd be the compromise most likely to make this happen).

    Just needs to happen.