I Call BS on PU2

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  1. StayFrostyGents

    Giving zoe users the chance to re-cert into other things.???

    What about prowler users? Nerfing the ability literally in half with no such option. **** soe.

    What about composite armor on the harasser?

    You literally need to stop ******* with people with these nerfs and changes. It one thing to change things vastly.

    Its another to pick and choose who gets free certs after these changes.
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  2. Paperlamp

    It is a bit unfair.

    I want my SC back from my striker purchase so bad. Biggest thing I've wasted on so far easily.
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  3. Dark Pulse

    They adjusted "how good it is," not "how it works." Refunds tend to only happen when they change "how it works."

    Or to put it another way, if all they're adjusting is damage ranges, armor effectiveness, and so on, it's probably not going to get a refund.
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  4. Hanti

    Striker and harasser SC back, yea would be sweet :p Oh and the certs for the prowler anchor, because i don't see a point in it with this 50% nerf.
  5. StayFrostyGents

    They adjusted the velocity, that is a change on how it works.
  6. Alarox

    Because having ONLY 325m/s velocity suddenly makes lockdown not worth it.
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  7. Hanti

    The whole deploying time was bad enough as it is, with a whole 50% less effectiveness now i rather use smoke and stay on the move. Just because some people sniped ESF with it .. come on everyone with a bit of game experience can do that if some greedy pilot is hovering around.
  8. Zombo

    if you guys bought the overall best gun at the time being (for example the vulcan) and do not see it coming, it's basically your fault

    i am fine with the patch, and i am mainly a Vanu player

    ZOE got seriously changed, now i guess i will use the sprint again, but the good thing is (since i love playing support) no "perma ZOE standing around" MAXes anymore asking me "why turn ZOE off? is good!"when i tell them to turn ZOE off while getting killed by shotguns <.<

    TR crying over the Prowler and Vulcan and Harrasser (which was the best performing tank and secondary to that date) is really, really enjoyable :D
  9. kayben

    That's only 50 m/s more than the Vanguard's AP while being totally immobile and having to hit with two projectiles instead of one.

    What's the downside of the Vanguard's ability again?
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  10. Liquid23

    I call BS on this being a PSA
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  11. Akuzimo

    I'm all right with the ZoE change to be honest. Fully cert that and take less damage? Aye sir.
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  12. Gurra

    Well with the nerf of anchor mode the nerf for Vanguard shield cant be far behind right?
  13. Alarox

    You also get almost double the damage output as the Magrider and Vanguard while having easier shots, and missing a shot doesn't affect you nearly as much as any other tank. Miss with a Vanguard? 3.5-4s reload timer. Miss a shot with a Prowler? You have another one coming right up, but you also reload two more shells in two seconds.

    I find it amazing how people act like it is hard to use a Prowler at a distance.

    Moreover, I find it hilariously ironic how people act like it is hard to use a Prowler at a distance, and then say Lockdown sucks... even though it makes long range combat vastly easier than any other tank, which according to you guys, is difficult. But if its difficult, why would you not use the one thing that makes it far easier? Makes no sense.
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  14. Gary

    Striker.... Changed lockon mechanic. now they have changed lock on times and the mechanic behind the rocket pathing. Still no cert refund after Mechanic changes and number changes.

    50m/s more then the vanguard AP. Damage split into to shots meaning recoil ahs to be compensated. target leading has to be done twice. More projectile drop on the prowler also completely immobile.

    Meanwhile Vanguard has 50m/s slower projectile, less drop, 1 Shot = full damage only leading once and no recoil adjustment, fully mobile and can pop shield to greatly increase durability.

    Miss a shot with the prowler you only inflict 50% of the damage and the enemy know you are there. Miss a shot with the vanguard the enemy don't know you are there so the reload speed is negligible. on top of this tanks can roll into cover between prowler anchor reloads nagating the speed bonus.

    In a game strickly about movement and stationary targets being dead targets the prowler must be completely stationary for atleast 6 seconds + Fire time to even compete with damage.

    On top of this if you fire at all during the lock down process you lose all bonuses to the reload speed.

    You can die before you can even mobilize.

    This patch has seen 2 things happen...

    Vulcans become useless and Anchor has become useless.

    Vulcans are so bad its now preferable to use a Basilisk!
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  15. Dark Pulse

    Nice try! That's an adjustment in "how far out it can shoot in a second" which causes an indirect change in shot arcs. This is not "Now shoots like a shotgun" or "Now shoots a charged shot that does more damage and travels faster the longer it's charged."

    That's not changing "how it works" because it's still identical to how it was pre-OMFG2 except that now you have to factor in the new velocity. Once you do, you'll find that you're hitting your targets about how you should except for ridiculously long-ranged ones, which will become more difficult to hit, which is what the devs intended the Harasser to be - a deadly close-range buggy, not a ridiculously mobile sniper.

    Admittedly, this is about the only exception to the rule that I can think of, and why they didn't do it in this case is kind of baffling. By and large, though, they seem to keep cert refunds for radical changes, so perhaps they felt it wasn't radical enough.
  16. Gav7x

  17. kayben

    That's because Vanguards tend to run 1/2 (while Magriders need 2/2 to be even remotely competitve, btw.). Why is that? Because the Vanguard is "good enough" to be used even when you're alone. And that's because of the shield.

    The other reason why vanguards are outperformed in general is that the shield doesn't matter much in zerg vs. zerg, which is what most of the 1/2 heroes do all the time.

    Try to win against a 2/2 Shield Vanguard with any other vehicle. It's impossible if you're not a vastly better player.

    I guess it doesn't matter since SOE's plan clearly is to bring more mindless zerging into the game while removing teamplay and strategy.
  18. Gav7x

    Dont generalize, those stats cover everyone on every server
  19. Phazaar

    In which case I'd like all of the certs back for my Phoenix, all MAX weapons, Rocket Pods, Zephyr, and Vanguard HE...

    There's probably some more, but that'd be a nice starting point...
  20. kayben

    Yes, and the thread even covers the 1/2 vs. 2/2 part. You should read it.