I bet if you compare the average K/D ratio between all factions

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  1. PyroPaul

    TR weapons are friggin beast.
    they are by far the easiest things to get kills with.

    I mean cmon, Your faction special HA weapon is a mini gun.
    An F'n Mini Gun!!!

    NC gets an impotent Jackhammer shotgun with a crappy 3 burst option and VS gets a Laser Light show Lasher
  2. DarkNeuron

    I personally don't have on all 3 empires. Neither is that the point.
  3. Itermerel

    umm, he streamed himself as a liberator gunner for a long *** time. he also has an absurd amount of hours played
  4. Quake

    Most the time when I see BCP it's in a lightning, in a liberator or a Max.. He used to ground pound now not so much anymore.
  5. fish998

    Armour? Every faction has the same health and armour for all infantry. Also the high damage of NC weapons is offset by a lower rate of fire. If anything when every bullet does a lot of damage, you're punished more for every shot that misses.
  6. Slyguy65

  7. Slyguy65

    Bro, I am flattered you stalk me, honestly how would you know i make posts every couple days about the same thing...

    But uh, ya please stop stalking me.
  8. The King

    You really don't pay attention, do you?
    That's the same person, playing as all 3 factions with nearly the same KDR...
  9. The King

    You ***** on the forums ALL the time. We all know who you are.


    You would have the same KDR if you were any other faction...
  10. Imperium Assault

    VS weapons have same RoF and are more accurate, which means their bullets are more likely to hit and they hit more often. People might not talk about it much because the VS are all in Magriders. NC airheads are just looking up "RoF TR" and whining blindly

    Do better NC. Get VS nerfed
  11. B0bzor

    I like the VS/TR balance. VS get accuracy, but TR have more rounds. Some may not agree, but it's fine for me.

    I flat out hate NC guns though. They are much harder to use, and the recoil at range is a *****. Even with compensator and foregrip, I found TR weapons are laughably easier to control while stock.

    I was a BR35 NC with a 3 kdr. Switched to TR and was pulling 5 kdr as a BR1. Went on a 20+ streak before my first death.

    Also just bought a sight for my carbine. Easy mode.
  12. McFatal

    He still has thousands more kills as infantry than in vehicles. He spends most of his time on foot, he does cycle through vehicles sometimes but I mean, it's PlanetSide 2, they get destroyed.

    He doesn't use the lib much anymore either, says it's boring for the viewers apparently.

    Regardless, if you watch what he does on the ground, regardless of how long he may have played in vehicles, the stuff he manages to do as infantry is really great. Clearly the weapon imbalances do not prevent a TR from getting kill streaks.
  13. Dixa

    sounds lke you should watch some instructional youtube videos on fps games. recoil control, micro bursting, peaking, etc.

    see my kdr in my sigs? i never fly, fyi. ask anyone on jaeger. i never gun in libs fyi, ask anyone in jaeger. it's mostly infantry work.

    i'm not that good at these games, but it seems i run into people who don't understand the basics more often than not.