I beseech thee Emerald NC and TR

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  1. Vertabrae

    Im not disagreeing with you. Problem is we simply dont have near enough players who have any desire to improve. Most of our players want to play a giant TDM. We have a couple outfits that want to win, but not near enough to compete with the VS. Unless we can magically change casual players who want a biolab farm with the NC into tactically minded players with a desire to dominate all, nothing is going to change.

    I know that sounds like a TR and NC problem, one of those "sucks to be them but we're all right" kinda deals. But as more and more NC and TR avoid fighting VS, the VS will suffer too. The best VS players will do ok, but the the VS have a large number of casuals as well, people who just picked the side that wins the most. Those people will find it harder with nc and tr actively avoiding them, less kills and certs. Sooner or later they will either leave the vs, or leave the game. Less players is a bad thing for all of us, regardless of faction, or server.

    This is one of those times where people shouldn't be thinking of themselves as VS, TR, or NC. This is an Emerald, and i believe, a planetside 2 issue. We all want this game to succeed, and healthy servers are a HUGE part of it.
  2. GrandpaFlipfox

    Emerald NC just don't care about alerts or at least enough of us don't that they screw over those that do. But if you'd like to run into Jackhammers more often I can arrange that for you.
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  3. LegioX

    I'm a lone wolf player. I roll with squads and have fun, but see no point in being in a clan. However, when I log on my #1 goal is to kill as many ez mode vanu players as possible. I hardly ever get farmed and laugh at all the vanu that run into my godsaw letting me pile up kill streaks. In my eyes your not owning anyone. I'm owning you however.
  4. Paragon Exile

    You can't point out a problem, say how to fix it and then say "but it's impossibru".

    It's only impossible because people are thinking like you. I'm not saying that to be disrespectful either.
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  5. NXR1

    I play vanu all the time on emerald and the only strategy i ever see is get on this hill so while you farm infantry with PPA you will be safer or spamm sticky grenades at the spawn shield so you hit someone and he runs back in and kills everyone inside
  6. BiggggBRIM

    Ya know, sometimes I don't want to get all mic'd up and and go John Rambo every night. Sometimes I just like to log in, not join a platoon, and get lost in the mix of a raging battle. Its relaxing for me. Its relaxing for the NC.
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  7. Vertabrae

    I see what i believe is the problem, and i see the solution. Never said it was impossible. Kinda curious as to how my thinking is making it impossible. I could see that if i was one of those screaming about op gear or whatever, but im not. Problem as i see it is mainly player mindsets.
  8. Tycoh

    But we are working together by simply ignoring the VS. Ever since i've stopped fighting the VS i've been actually having fun. I go to an NC v TR fight, give compliments after the fight whether i win or lose, repeat in a different location. It's great because it feels like an actual fair fight when fighting with/against the NC/TR factions. It's better than dealing with the VS with their easy (NOT OP but very easy) to use weaponry and asinine remarks they spat out from behind their zergs.

    The game is fun without the VS. Which is why i'm hoping that the battle islands will be 2 front skirmishes of mostly NC and TR. I mean if the VS find fighting no one a problem, just deal with it because alot of NC and TR don't really care.
  9. NoctD

    I'm sorry Emerald TR - but the VS are right. My main is still a TR (on Connery) and my faction loyalties have always leaned on TR.

    But I can't find many great moments playing on Emerald TR... its not about being outnumbered, its about simple teamwork. Damm you don't bother to pick up your own dead, there's no medics when you need them, there's no combined pushes, and everyone's just out for their own selves. I heard a bunch of TR screaming over voice chat that if you get in their way of 'farming' they'd shoot you (and they did, I just watched the whole spectacle).

    I've played VS on Waterson a long time, and when the servers merged, I saw nothing that changed really (except the size of fights, and the VS could muster a really big force now). The VS are the same - there's teamwork, they pick up after their own dead, they push forward as a team, there's a level of teamwork that actually exceeds any of the factions on Connery (I play all 3 on Connery too). The TR and VS on Connery generally have their act together as well, and the VS on Emerald tops them.

    I feel the Connery NC - many of whom will tell you of they're plenty capable of fail... are still superior as a faction to what I've seen Emerald TR do. I don't play Emerald NC so I can't really comment about how they are except from seeing them at the other side of the gun.

    Even the best of Emerald TR aren't anything much - watched a whole bunch of BWC guys get slaughtered last night at Andvari... well I killed a few myself too. I also saw a totally coordinated VS side - was never in a formal squad or what not, but I sure didn't feel alone for a second. If you want to MAX crash, next time make sure you have your support lined up too. The Recursion NC guys on Connery put up a MUCH better fight!

    And stop complaining about pop - if all the Emerald TR worked together, they could still put up such a fight in a concentrated area that they'd actually get somewhere. Instead there's usually a bunch of headless chickens running around here and there and everywhere, you never pool your resources and work together!
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  10. Paragon Exile

    Orrr.... you can do something to actually fix the "problem" (which isn't even a problem, there are non-stop fights for the VS) and actually do something. Or you can come here and then moan and complain when nothing happens because you refused to do anything.
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  11. Vertabrae

    This is exactly what I am talking about. NoctD sees a bunch of TR who would rather farm or focus on solo play rather than come together as a faction and fight to win. We simply don't have enough people who want to win. We need to either change peoples minds, or get an influx of people who do want to win.
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  12. raidneq

    The person who posted this thread is literally the most smug person ive ever seen in my life, Every word this guy writes makes me want soe to force a faction shuffle on emerald.
  13. Paragon Exile

    Why does it sound smug? And I have a character on all three teams so I'd still be VS :3
  14. Seryi


    No, it's not at all an issue with balance.

    Stay classy, Papa Vanu!
  15. The Rogue Wolf

    I haven't been playing much recently, partly just because of this problem and partly because I'm waiting for the QoL patch. But when I do play, I make it a point to log in on the most underpopped faction and look for fights against the faction with the highest pop.

    This is my killfeed from my TR soldier.


    I've accidentally teamkilled more TR than I've killed NC. And I'm very careful about TKs.

    I might be at a 1.11 KDR, but I feel like I've earned it. :cool:
  16. Paragon Exile

    I enjoy out of context stats that don't mean anything regardless as well.
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  17. ShadowViper

    You can't buff stupid, TR will continue to fail and blame everything until they realize they don't lose because of OPOPOPOPO "X" flavour of the month items.
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  18. Liberty

    They really could if they enforced a hard cap on HEX population rather than global or continent pop.

    I've posted in a few threads about redeployside that (imo) the best solution is to allow people to spawn into a fight up until it hits 24 people. Once you hit that 24 mark, ALL forms of spawns (beacons, sunderers, galaxies, valks, spawnrooms) are forced to make a check of the current hex population. If you are on a side with greater than 55-60% population, all spawns will shut down and cease to work until the opposition breaks that threshold. You would be able to take movable spawns (gal, valk, sunderer) outside the hex, get people to spawn in and ferry them back to the fight. (Which would have the added benefit of providing very meaningful vehicle combat)

    This will stop massive redeploys to quickly crush any attacking force as well as prevent large zergs from pulling up 20 tanks and 10 ESF's and 5 libs and 2 gals to shell a spawn room while setting up one sunderer to pour out an infinite amount of troops. If you have a population advantage and die without medic support, it will actually carry some consequences.

    At this point in the game, I think it is fair to say we gave the playerbase a chance to form their own meta when it comes to attack and defense, sadly that meta is "bring more people" in probably about 95 out of 100 events.
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  19. bl33ping

    we should just camp the spawn room when vs arrives, not let them get many kills, redeploy right before capture, and let them have the base.
  20. gnometheft

    TR and NC from Mattherson avoided VS like the plague, justifiably because of overpopulation. The effect has since the merger spread and basically all TR/NC do is fight TR/NC now.
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