I am VERY bad at this game and I'm getting worse.

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  1. Leftconsin

    I really just want to ask: What on earth am I doing so horribly wrong that I can't kill anyone anymore?

    Is it even possible to get any better at this game or will I be this terrible forever?

    How can I possibly improve and why am I not improving, but actually getting worse at this game?
  2. HadesR

    I'm not sure if it's tied to declining game performance but recently I have found my own performance declining .. Might not help that cloak is broken making it seem like 90% of the player base has ESP's
  3. Xasapis

    I'm assuming that you've started to grasp things beyond the basics of the game and that you start understanding what needs to be done to complete objectives for your factions. I'll also assume that you are playing mostly alone among many (meaning in a non coordinated group), trying to push said objectives.


    Don't rush for the point, just because it changed colours.
    Don't run up the building without sweeping for intruders.
    Don't even run unless you know it's perfectly safe.

    Take your time to survey the surroundings. Let the others rush forward. Their dead bodies will merely be indications of enemy presence for you. You'll be the one that notices the light assaults trying to flank your team, or the infiltrators trying to stealth their way into your group. You'll be the one that will see the guy crouched in the corner the others missed by dashing forward. Take your time advancing and clearing the area ahead of you, don't trust the people around you to do it.

    And lastly, keep in mind that some bases are not meant to be saved. A 65% to 35% population advantage is a 2vs1 against you. Act accordingly. Don't let them farm you. If you can't even trade one kill for one death, it's time to pick a different fight in a different base. And always keep in mind that if you are rushed to a situation, the odds will be against you.

    Some of the frustration will be alleviated by more coordinated play. With people you can rely on to cover you on a basic level. So if you haven't found the outfit that suits your play style, perhaps this is the time to look for it.

    I hope you'll have more fun the next time you find yourself in the battlefield.
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  4. NinjaKirby

    Great post, but OP just died to an infiltrator sniping 150m away from the Hills. He's about to re-spawn though, so share that information again. Before the Infiltrator gets him a second time during his survey.

    Just kidding.
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  5. KnightCole

    Cloak is a sick joke. Its almost better that an infil doesnt turn his cloak on and just runs normal. Atleast then he doesnt give off this foghorn sound that tells people hes in the area and plus, if hes uncloaked, atleast he can shoot back before being mugged. Only at great distances and if I lose them in my gun flash does a moving cloaked infil get away. sometimes I lose them in the chaos of a gun fight, but yeah, cloak is a joke.
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  6. z1967

    Hit detection for head hitboxes has been off recently. The Oracle has shown a rapid decrease in HSR in the recent patches and hotfixes, and I doubt the player base got really bad in just a few weeks. It also might be related to the return of LA crazy legs (hilarious), the no head bug, and stuttering animations (not the right word, looks like enemies are teleporting all over) when in larger battles. Might be related to your decrease in performance.
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  7. uhlan

    Your performance has much more to do with latency than nearly anything else.

    PS2's server latency issues are absolutely horrible.

    Try not to compare your performance with any of the "good" players in the game.

    Watch a video, any video put out by the folks that tend to do really well.

    Sure, they are good at the game and know where they are and what they're doing, but you will also notice something else...

    ...they rarely suffer from ANY performance issues. You see no hitching, no lag, just very quick click response times.

    So many times I have called certain folks out on their pompous and accusatory statements telling people they're just bad at the game; blaming their performance issues on an apparent inability to "get guud".

    When I make it clear that not everyone has the luxury of a decent system and a great connection, these same folks protect themselves by declaring that it is then that individuals problem in that they cannot keep up with "gaming standard" gear.

    This is NOT a competition level game and the population that plays it, by and large, does not have the ability to maintain high levels of computer equipment or connection.

    Forget what you see in PS2 ads and what-not. Forget the MLG crap. A game with this scope is not suitable to these things.

    This is a free-to-play internet game which REQUIRES new blood and drop-in's to maintain its epic feel through a large population of willing players.

    Unfortunately, what has happened is that it has become a feeder system for other players with better assets. Leaving many, if not most, frustrated and ignorant of the real issues behind their sub-par performance.

    This is not to say that there aren't any real "horribads" out there, but I can safely say the vast majority simply aren't that bad either.

    When you play any internet game you need to be aware that any game played across the internet is an inherently unfair playing field. Combined with the game-play issues and server latency in PS2 and you get the present state of affairs.

    The devs are sincere in that they want to try and eliminate the issues by addressing the greatest common denominators which detract from the greatest amount of players ability to have a decent game.

    This is a nearly impossible task in truth because of the innumerable issues involved with the huge number of different computer systems out there.

    SOE's focus is clearly on the PS4 version and certain other games in the family.

    Two years on I applaude the devs and what they are trying to accomplish, but I think the bloom is off the rose on this one.

    Still, I have hope.
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  8. Yuukikun

    I play bad, better blame it on latency instead of trying to improve :rolleyes:

    BTW: even people with the best internet connection and who live several kilometres from the servers they play at have latency problems.

    And about pc performance, if you are better than average with a not so amazing pc, you will still do better than average. The only point when pc performence (unless you average 20 or lower fps) would hinder you significantly is for competitive play.
  9. PKSpark

    It has to do with skill inflation, you were getting better at PS2, but your foes too,
    come a time when some of them get even more better than you, and you'll have to bail.

    This is the main reason new players today doesn't stay as long than when it was released,
    they now get rekt by certed, implanted with high skill acquired vets, something they would not have
    endured in the first year.

    Some companies tried to circumvent that: Blizzard offer a lvl70 purchase for their wow,
    Valve use probability like critical damage to smooth the gap.

    What could be done for PS2 to control the game difficulty? If i were a Dev, i wouldn't use crits or BR purchase,
    but something different, like ranked mission or ranked continent grooming
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  10. vsae

    Watch a stream of a notable PS2 player and learn from what he does.
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  11. K2k4

    It's time to take a break.

    Trust me, I've been in your position many times before. You're probably actually quite tired of the game, but you feel compelled to play it. You think there's nothing better to do. You may be right that there's nothing better to do, but you keep playing while having little to no interest in the thing you doing, you're bound to start sucking.

    Try warframe. Try titanfall. Try an RPG or some other non-FPS game with F2P allowed. Play a little Skyrim. Whatever allows you to break your planetside 2 funk. Come back after this refresh, join up with a squad, and have fun.

    Take a few days off and come back, and you'll probably have the most fun you've had playing in a while.
  12. uhlan

    Yuukikun, you're response is a typical one and anecdotal.

    The game is not about improvement for many people. There is more to it than that.

    Here's my own anecdote.

    Once I upgraded my system and connection, my K/D ratio and game experienced improved overnight.

    Most people can't do this.
  13. Tycoh

    "You need to invest every minute of your life playing this game so you may earn the respect of game geeks. Don't listen to your family. Stay on the computer. Stay playing planetside till you hit 60+ hours days of gameplay. Please the forumsiders with your commitment to a F2P game."
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  14. tigerchips

    Too many nerfs and counters. Just look at that explosion nerf, it's getting silly now.
  15. Aaren


    All I learnt from watching streams and videos of other 'notable' players - is that when they shoot an enemy - they die. I've never seen Wrel hit someone 8 times - only for that person to shoot him seemingly once - and kill him instantly.
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  16. Plunutsud pls

    The game servers and clientside optimisation is getting worse, that's the problem.

    Don't blame yourself.
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  17. Yuukikun

    may i see evidence of your claims?
  18. current1y

    Only way to get better is to figure out what it is you are doing that gets you killed the most and finding a way to fix it. If you can't do that type of self evaluation then the next source is finding people that do know what they are talking about and ask them. Without having a video of you playing it will be hard for anyone to give you any real input though.

    Some one said above to watch streamers and to be honest that isn't a bad move. Find ones that are more skilled then you stat wise and see what they do just by watching. You may pick up a few things or learn different ways to approach the situations that you always seem to get killed.

    At the end of the day though the better your aim is the higher the chances of surviving. Your accuracy is kinda low high enough to indicate some sort of fps skill. I struggle with improving accuracy as well (every one does I think) and the only thing I really found that helps is play time and doing drills in the VR. This might be a good stream for you to watch that goes over those types of drills early in the video. http://www.twitch.tv/planetside2/b/547627489
  19. Tommyp2006

    Here's my best guesses, either your computer has pretty bad performance/it's performance is getting worse, or you are getting overconfident and impatient.
  20. KnightCole

    Heres the thing wrong with that statement, forumsiders can never be pleased lol. Its more like you have to play until your satisfied with your own performance and score.....skip trying to please forumside....that is a never ending, always losing, up hill battle....
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