I am SO ******* TIRED of Harassers and I'll only give you one reason.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zizoubaba, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Zizoubaba

    There are a TON of reasons why (to me) they illustrate a failed developer project, but I won't get into those.

    Instead, I'm picking just one reason which I feel, if it were the only reason, would be wayyyy good enough to justify revamping them.

    They are plain ridiculous.

    They make a joke of the game.

    Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine a Harrasser, what is he doing?

    Running around like a lunatic, bashing into sundies trying to run over infantry, suiciding "cause it's fun" and generally completly ******** stuff. Sprinting around the battlefield, up slopes to get that big jump.

    Now I'm not saying PS2 is a realistic war simulation, and I wouldn't want it to be either, however Harrassers today are pure arcade at the expense of coherence, immersion, and plain and simple basic realism.

    Of course unrealistic behaviour happens in all vehicles, we're not real soldiers, this isn't a real war, and it's not even a realistic simulation. But there's a difference between the behaviour of players in any vehicle, and in Harrassers.

    Make them more coherent, less "arcade style reckless fun" and more "we're in a war here fighting for this or that (base, lives, alert, whatever).
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  2. Vanguard540

    I think they're ok. But the Vulcan is a joke, and synergizes with roadkill range.
  3. adamts01

    I'm hoping all the CoD players go to PSA for mindless infantryside, then PS2 could become a little more serious. Or maybe vice versa. Maybe PS2 stays ridiculous and PSA becomes tactical infantryside. I really don't care which, as long ad we get one ridiculous game and one semi-serious game. Actually, come to think of it, adults have money and PS2 is free and will always be full of cheaters. Maybe PSA will be our savior?....
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  4. ObiVanuKenobi

    Someone's been Harassed too hard.
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  5. Zizoubaba

    I've been killed a lot more by all the other forms of death and destruction in the game, with the main one being infantry. I don't know the numbers cause it's not something I look at or care about, however I do remember that one of my alts had 70k deaths on it.

    So yeah I don't think it's about "being Harassed"... (which by the way, is (in my view) a childish thing to say, which by the way (in my view) is typically the kind of public Harassers cater to).

    I'll repeat what I wrote in my original post, I hate how Harassers are so ridiculous, a role player might say "out of character" but I'd say down right ********. They don't fit in with the rest of the game and the rest of the vehicles in particular.
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  6. Inogine

    So.... No mention of the gal spams falling from the sky? Repair sundy trains? C4/rocklet fairies? Ant antics?
  7. Asic

    Imo harrasers are good in terms of dynamics - agile and all, but their power output is way OP, they should "harras", not kill - equivalent of archer amongst anti-armour guns. When they can overpower MBT then that's just not right, they are too much of a lightning tank on energy drink you can never hit
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  8. Redoubt

    I find that I kill a lot of harrassers. I love it when they charge sundaes and try to run over infantry. Anti vehicle mines are a harrassers best friend. I've introduced them to each other. Its been a good match.

    Its better yet when they just sit stationary, i can imagine the certs now...
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  9. Stopper

    The problem with the harassers is that they anywhere and too quiclky, while being very powerful.

    With that, and the fact that bases are too closer, you can’t deploy a Sunderer to prepare a retreat because, when you do, there is always an harasser running arond that destroy it in five seconds.

    Tactically, it can be in their role, but there is also this :

    Most of all, when you are having a good infantry fight IN a base, there is always an Harasser that has jumped over the wall in the courtyard and that is ruining all the fight.
  10. Sky_collapsed BL

    yeah their annoying. i've been in a sundy with a harasser harassing and the sundys health goes from full to nearly half in one hit, like wtf?

    I've been in a tank and it takes quarter if not a bit more of the tanks health off in one hit, again wtf?
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  11. Vanguard540

    If you want serious and tactical combined arms you guys should have played Arma 3. If you want huge battles play Planetside 2. You can't force your views down the throat of people who have been supporting the game for 6 years. I also think that the game could be more fun if we changed a few things but that's how devs want their game to be. Anything that allows cooperation will help new players stay in the game. Harasser is doing just that. I recently brought 5 people to the game (including my gf who never has played the FPS genre before), the harasser is one of their favourite stuff to play with. It allows people beginning or completely noob and have no aim to have fun and be useful. Allowing a wider player base. What's wrong is the balance and the skillcap. Noobs in an harasser will not be as effective as 5+ year outfit pros who have played it for years and will roadkill anything around 50 meters and grind 50+ killstreak before dying. I agree that the impact is big, too much maybe.

    I don't think the responsible here is the harasser but the sunderer. There is no spawn protection, harasser can go anywhere the sunderer goes. Mines work but they're a one use trick. And people get suspicious after blowing up. Implant is there too now. If people spawned inside this would be a completely different story.

    Vulcan is the best AV every faction compared, mounted on harasser you have a spawnkilling and spawn destroyer that can harvest players and change battles like no other. Low pop server's plague is the lack of protection on these sunderers, only a few good spots allow you to maintain sunderers, and have an effective spawn. People know them. Sunderer's weaponry is too weak to protect itself (especially with that dead angle the harasser can take advantage of so easily), but it musn't be a new kind of MBT neither.

    Stealth one is good but mostly as a secondary spawn option, construction bases are time consuming and require you to spend too many certs. I think the problem comes from spawn really, you can kill 1000 ants with one lighter if they're in a bag. But you will have difficulty doing that if you have to find any of them. Or if the bag is protected by something. That's this "something" the sunderer is missing. Change that and the harasser won't be able to abuse these weaknesses so easily.
  12. Kristan

    The only problem with Harassers that I have is tiny amount of exp on the kill/damage. Sometimes I think it's not even worth the effort to try to hit such fast moving object for such a laughable reward, while there might be much juicier targets to go after.
  13. Inogine

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  14. MonnyMoony

    IMO - the only change that would be needed to balance them is to make roadkills on infantry and especially Maxes cause some change in momentum and also cause some damage (minor for infantry - but major for a Max).

    The fact that Harassers and Flashes can mow through groups of infantry and even Maxes with absolutely no effect on either their speed, direction or health is ludicrous.
  15. Zizoubaba

    I'm not asking for a nerf, but a revamp, I want them to be less silly and ridiculous, and even if this isn't a realistic war simulation, it's not a kiddy playground either.
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  16. PlanetBound

    They seem to always dodge my Phoenix rockets.
  17. Ven Moonwall

    For the record, I want to state that I use my harasser exactly the way he describes and on that same note I drive every vehicle the exact same way I fly my harasser....... Through a crowd of people, both friendly and enemy, inside a walled base on Esamir with all guns blazing. Because I don't discriminate between colors :D all colors get to die equally!
  18. Zagareth

    The best counter against Harrassers are:
    Lockon launcher HAs - get 2 of the placed on a Hill and you get a Harrasser free zone around them.
    Alternatively you can use Archer Engies, which are also good if the Harrasser comes close.

    However, Harrassers can be easily coutered
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  19. ObiVanuKenobi

    Pink camo.
  20. Trephanation

    I havent had a single harasser problem since I found out that the Hunter w/ explosive bolts takes one down in 6 shots, as a sidearm. Now I just laugh as they try to roadkill me and I sidestep at the last second, chuck an AV nade while theyre trying to turn around (usually they get stuck on the edge of a hill) and then just unload the Hunter. It usually results in a tell, and I’m not sure how this isn’t well known at all.
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