[Suggestion] I AM SICK OF ALERTS!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SikVvVidiT, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. PwNrJoKeR

    What exactly are you talking about? I have 16,600 kills and only 1800 of those kills are from the Magrider. Fail attempt at some sort of attack on me. You apparently can't argue like a civilized adult and resort to attacks on players -- which is extremely off topic.
  2. eldarfalcongravtank

    i hate pretty much any alert on amerish. first, vanu on waterson almost never want to participate, thus we end up being heavily outnumbered there. second, i hate the continent. third,... did i mention i hate amerish that green pile of puke?