[Suggestion] I AM SICK OF ALERTS!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SikVvVidiT, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. SikVvVidiT

    They happen way to frequently in this game, and more times then not they always spoil a good fight that is going on. I wont even get into the 4th faction crap that they bring with them. Nor will I talk about the fact that certain empires on certain servers have decided to just not fully take part in most alerts anymore..

    I am not asking that they be removed, they are needed. All I am asking SOE, is that you lower the frequency of these freaking things.

    Bring them down to like 3 a day or something.
  2. Shanther

  3. Nariquo

    the two day when the system was broke was like in heaven
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  4. Thostbog

    Completely opposite here. Love the competition that they (often) bring.
  5. KenDelta

    And people were crying alerts are too few...
  6. SikVvVidiT

    No ****, most of my server felt the same way.
  7. Sneakier

    Alerts are ********, make alerts give a XP boost on X continent for battles there, fixed
  8. SikVvVidiT

    Who are these people? Let me guess they are all in your head? SOE needs to do a poll, im sure most people would love for them to tone these things down.
  9. Orpheus66

    I like that idea.

    I am also not a fan of alerts. There was an alert this morning and the Vanu had 50% population on the map...

    The only thing i hate more then a Vanu pilot is an Vanu with a BR under 20. ******* losers pandering to the stronger side.
  10. SikVvVidiT

    When this Continent locking crap hits in November and each empire is given a Continent to call home. You people are going to wish you listened to me. When that 4th faction causes you to lose your continent because an alert called them there, don't say I didn't warn you way back in August.
  11. PwNrJoKeR

    Alerts are too few on connery. I can't believe you'd complain about the 20% bonus xp and the fat chunk of xp you get at the end of it. You're obviously a casual player.
  12. KenDelta

    Look if you don't want to do alerts , don't do them. SOE isn't forcing alerts up your anus.
    You and I , we're playing planetside 2 , not alertside. Alerts are an option to gather people who want an objective , or a bigfight with a bonus.
  13. NanoWhore

    I'm BR 19 lol. Anyway I hate that Vanu is (supposedly) more powerful. It's all about style bro....I would of chose Vanu even if I knew for fact it was the weakest faction. So don't hate bro.
  14. ent|ty

    Only have alerts on the weekends or something. Scarcity make them more fun.

    Also, alerts unnecessarily concentrate Zergs.

    Also, alerts make battles repetitive, predictable and boring.

    Alerts and lattice remove all gameplay from lesser used outposts.

    If you're a Zerg and leave a battle you can't win to go attack an empty base on another continent, YOU ARE GHOSTCAPPING TOO
  15. SikVvVidiT

    Like I said, well you won't probably have to worry about this Connery VS, but when the 4th faction causes people to lose home continents they maybe people will wake the hell up.

    And Yoshi I really don't have respect for Vehicle ******. You don't even rate you, you can't even shoot a damn gun which is why you probably choose to hide in vehicles. So I will just LOL at your casual player talk.
  16. Copperhead

    The problem is that too many times on Woodman, the NC are seemingly having a good fight with the VS and the next thing an alert pops up and the VS clear off to fight in it. It really start to get annoying, why leave an awesome fight to go rofl stomp a continent where you have on average, a 30-40% pop advantage.
  17. Spude

    Well i think i would like alerts too IF there werent only 1 organized outfit in your server on the opposing faction.

    Woodman EU feels like NC or TR have never won an alert because there is one giant outfit on VS.

    They win every god damn alert and im not even trying to do anything for the alerts since 1 player is not going to change anything vs an organized zerg.
  18. KenDelta

    That's a good point but NC on woodman are mostly fighting the TR , and TR on woodman are always looking for a fight. Only ones doing Alerts on woodman are VS and a small portion of NC/TR(if it's not an Indar alerts that is).
  19. CNR4806

    Alerts are band-aid solutions to the complete lack of objective in the game. Continent linking-and-locking is supposed to be the actual fix to the problem and thus alerts are likely to be removed when it is implemented.
  20. Rraymondo316

    Its the stupid Tech Plant, Amp Station, Biolab alerts that i cant stand :mad:

    Alerts were a lot more fun when it was just try capture Indar, Esamir or Amerish
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