I am really starting to hate smoke

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Paperlamp, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Paperlamp

    Right now, if friendlies OR enemies are using it in an area it often means I just have to leave and find another fight. Switching to HS/NV is a pain in the first place, but on my settings the scope is worthless and I can't see practically anything with it in most environments.

    I don't think the solution is removing smoke, but right now it's not a quick, tactical thing to provide cover but rather a spam thing where a group decides to sit on ammo packs putting it everywhere while using HS/NV to basically remove anyone without an HS/NV from the fight.

    It seems like it creates stupid gameplay rather than tactical gameplay. Maybe I'm biased due to my HS/NV being worthless but I don't think smoke spam in area should even mean everyone is just forced to swap to HS/NV in the first place. I feel smoke should be a short lived thing serving more specific purposes, rather than almost blinding everyone not running a specific scope in a large area indefinitely - as long as a few players are sitting on packs spamming smoke the area is just a death trap for those w/out HS/NV.
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  2. Pat22

    There's no real point in continually spamming it, unless you're against vehicles or aircraft. The advantage is, if you're prepared for it and the enemy isn't, you can blind them and push on the with HS/NV scopes but after they respawn and notice smoke is still being spammed, they'll probably switch to HS/NV too. So really there'll be as many friendlies as enemies with HS/NV after the initial "surprise" moment.
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  3. HadesR


    Guilty of spamming it in certain situations ... It's good for attempting to break out your spawn room or if the enemy is camping a certain area such as a tower or cap point ..
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  4. Mastachief

    Man up and equip irnv. Smoke is definitely tactical, so if it is causing you problems it is working as intended.
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  5. DirArtillerySupport

    I wish it came in colors.
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  6. TheFamilyGhost

    Smoke may be exactly what is needed from a LA standpoint. I try to put smoke in smart places every LA spawn. Sometimes, there is no smart place, so I don't place it. Don't consider your teammate's efforts wrongly. They want to win as much as you do.
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  7. Phazaar

    I love smoke. Any attempt to tone it down would ruin a well-designed part of the game.
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  8. Pat22

    It might be if it weren't for the fact that engineers can apply smoke to a battlefield better than any LA can.
  9. Paperlamp

    Did you not read? HSNV doesn't work on my settings. Everything is so bright I can't really see anything through it.
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  10. Decian

    Pat22, you are completely wrong. 99% of players will continually try to fight through the smoke without getting an HS/NV scope. My squad uses it all the time and we rarely if ever have people swap scopes to fight us.
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  11. Liquidrider

    I hear they have a PATCH for that :D

    hahaahahaha oh see what I did there

    I'm lonely :(
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  12. Pat22

    The same applies to your allies, unless your squad operates alone. The competent enemies will switch to HS/NV and the remaining allies / enemies will keep fighting using regular scopes.
  13. The Rogue Wolf

    There are some people who spam it in an annoying way, whether they think they're contributing to the fight or just want to be a pain. But I usually consider smoke to be a benefit in fights, especially playing as LA- it's a chance to gain some ground (or height) undetected, and ambush the enemy from a point they may not realize was vulnerable.

    Plus you can still shoot under enemy-colored Doritos, and keen eyes can detect enemy weapons being fired through the smoke.
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  14. MFP_TK_01

    Congratulations, you just figured out the entire purpose for smoke.
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  15. Tuco

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  16. Lethal_Sting

    Would have to say that's true. Many times in a biolab teleport room, I'll quickly pop out and throw smoke outside the shields. Many times, friendlies will see that as a chance to rush out.

    Then again, I do it to the enemies who are camping their teleport room, give them a false sense of security while I pick them off with my suppressed HSNV trac5. ;)
  17. Donaldson Jones

    Smoke pisses me off....

    but I mostly play as a sniper, so that comes with the territory.

    *Best use of smoke..
    1. Line a facilities spawn room with mines and every conceivable deployable you can.
    2. 2 or 3 people stay rest redeploy ..
    3. at the 3 sec mark fire off smoke, hide and watch the fun.
  18. Epic High Five

    Smoke is the #1 way to keep and entire room of MAXes firing into their teammates because they don't have IRNV

    420 smoke cap points erry day
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  19. Moisture

    I love this new trend as a HEAVY IRNV user
    Smoke spam is just a turbo charge to my KDR
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  20. Nocturnal7x

    yea, I run HSNV all the time partially because of the chance someone will use smoke, its just such an advantage in such instances. I like the crosshairs the most too.

    If you could set shadows to low I think it would help. Or play on high but that is a whole other thing.
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