I am having trouble finding fights on Waterson

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Dagonlives, May 2, 2014.

  1. Dagonlives

    I enjoyed playing Planetside 2 for over a year, but now it seems like there are no more fights. I keep seeing the same 30-40 people over and over. I've had three sessions now where I've logged on, then logged off 15 minutes later due to boredom. Is there any chance that they can merge the U.S east servers? Because as it is, i find I cannot play the game.
  2. DJPenguin

    Don't act like you grow bored of me.
  3. Ball5

    What time of day (and time zone) do you play in? Besides, what is the typical peak server pop? Divide that number by 3 and you are probably looking at 300 players per faction at most. If you are in an organized outfit doing the objectives you are likely fighting enemy outfits doing the same. You will encounter those same people at said objectives. So how many out of the 300 are in intelligent organized outfits doing the objectives? I bet you arrive at your 30-40 number.

    Of course if you are playing off peak... which your BR suggests you do...your 30-40 is very believable.

  4. Casterbridge

    I had an odd experience last night on Waterson, I logged on at what should have been around primetime for Waterson, round 8pm EST, and found no fights, I think NC had Indar, TR was on Amerish and VS was holed up on Esamair, there were a few little fights going on but not much. Ended up logging off.

    Came back much later in the evening and all of sudden I find several huge fights going on, it was just odd since it was much later in the evening.
  5. Huxer

    Stare deeply into the eyes of the Hypnokitty and believe. Who knows, I played as one of maybe a dozen vanu on Amerish for a little while but I had a league ranked tournament to attend to. With double xp this weekend I imagine I will be mezmering and commanding noobs more than usual.
  6. HexySmexy

    I have this problem a lot actually.

    You are right, though. Sometimes I'll be on and find a bunch of huge off-hour fights.

    Most of the time everyone is just zerg capping.

  7. Dagonlives

    what does my battlerank have to do with the hours I play at? I earned that from playing with NUC for so long when we would drop in on 48+ fights that had at least 200 players running around counting us. This was during 8-10 EST. I simply cannot find fights like that anymore on the Waterson server.

    I play the game sporadically, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening. I am in an EST timezone. Regardless of the time I am playing at, I am rarely seeing fights beyond 25-48 in a single hex, with no fights anywhere else. I took a break from this game for a few months, and I come back and find it's dead.
  8. 3Stan2112

    I only rarely have a problem finding action at night on Waterson. During alerts? Forget it, no issues.
  9. Huxer

    So.... you made a BR100 and a BR 50 on the same server AND took a break from the game for months and still wonder how some guy konws you play in off hours? Dude, we all know you played WAY too much ;P You want a server merge with Matherson, I get it. That topic was up on these forums for weeks, eventually radax stepped in and said there were no current plans for a merger... Your move good sir.
  10. DashRendar

    Hop in a Mosquito and fly over to the NC Warpgate, I'll meet you there.
  11. EliteEskimo

  12. DeathTollDavid

    I only see pop issues during the day on waterson. In the evening there are plenty of fights. I've found ways to keep it interesting like jumping in a reaver/mossy and finding something to shoot at.
  13. Cirevam

    Define "much later" as the NC and TR were having large scuffles at the bases northeast of Indar Excavation around 9 PM. PXP was there having a medic ball event. At one point I looked at the population at one of the bases and it was +48 for both factions, with NC having 66% hex pop. So at least 100 people were in the fight. I logged off around 10 pm EST and the fight was still going pretty hard.
  14. oberchingus

    Get in a harasser...join us. There is always something fun to shoot at.
  15. NC_agent00kevin

    I almost never have issues finding a good fight, or several of them, on Waterson. The only time its an issue is when its weird hours like 7am or something - and then we have the 'issue' of warm weather returning. People are outside more.

    I also do not see you very often. Could it be that you gravitate towards the same things/places? I play on all 3 continents, choose battles from 48+ v 48+ down to 1-12. All offer the same level of fun. They do not, however, offer the same level of farming. I tank, fly a little, and play a lot of Infantry. There is always something to do.
  16. dstock

    Numbers in NUC waned, now the NC and VS who think they have something to prove are leaving in droves to find a server with a 'challenge.'

    As someone who usually works during EST primetime hours, I feel the same way about Waterson. Playing after midnight on a weekday typically means 2 12-24 fights on one continent, one 12-24 on another, and a smattering of 1-12 boredom.

    I will say, though, when alerts pop late-night before the primetime crews bail out, the population seems to stick around for a significantly longer period of time.

    I rerolled on Connery, I'm entertaining myself by playing for roadkills in my Harasser. I thought Waterson VS had footzerg down to a science, but nothing can compare with the lemmings on Connery, lol.
  17. BoBlackson34

    Seriously, people saying there is no problems on Waterson are delusional or in denial. I played PS2 since Alpha and was there for the Jaeger days and the first merge. This server is a shell of itself and the VS are damn near dead on that server unless an alert is going on. Now if you guys think it is OK for battles to only happen during alerts than IDK what to even say.

    TR get 40% on alerts and NC was flavor of the month back in March, now they need to fix this issue or there will be no one but the same 50-100 players on Waterson. I know FAN BOYS attack is coming, but this is a honest problem I DO NOT WANT THIS GAME TO DIE, but these issues need addressed sooner than later.
  18. Paisty

    Prime time on Waterson has been fine the few days I have logged in over the past two weeks.

    The daytime has been dead for 9 months to a year so not a surprise there.

    Your playing off hours and do not want to go to a region that is in prime time, then your going to see small fights. I have an alt on Briggs ffs and live on the east coast of the US.
  19. Casterbridge

    It probably was closer to 10ish, and I think I was involved in that same fight.
  20. NinjaTurtle

    Even this evening for double xp there is a lower population than what is normal. I was expecting more fights than what were present