I am actually glad what this game is dying

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  1. JibbaJabba

    This policing you describe has always been handled by CS at DBG, not the PS2 devs.

    But unlike you, some of us don't need police. We won't cheat on principle even if guaranteed we would get away with it.
  2. JibbaJabba

    Grow up.
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  3. Silkensmooth

    This is blatant cheating.

    Anyone who cant see it, is either blind, or a cheater trying to downplay the multitude of cheaters in the game, most of whom are not as blatant as this guy.

    Jibba jabba, you might need glasses.

    You cant SEE a stalker inf crouched at the ranges in this video, let alone headshot him.

    And not once but over and over again.

    Come on man.
  4. Skraggz

    I'd like to think Jibba was being difficult for the sack of being difficult...
  5. JibbaJabba

    Nah, I've slowly changed my position on the whole thing. But a lot of what is thrown at me is not argument. It's insult.

    I'm not surprised the guy got caught there. Some exploratory fire in that direction was completely expected because he did give himself away about 30 seconds earlier. He doesn't need to see him to know roughly where he is.

    The opening shot being a head dink is just way too sketchy though.

    So yeah, I'll give it to you guys. It could be a cheater.

    Anyone actually submit it to CS? They do bans pretty quickly.
  6. Villanuk

    *could* i see no room for doubt..
  7. Jbeasty

    Haven't played since the death cam was put in...game seems to be exactly where I thought it would be lol. Wouldn't mind taking some of my vehicles out though, if the game weren't so dead. Would love nothing more than a true successor to PS2 coming out.

    I think it is pretty clear that the player in question in OPs video is cheating on some level. Even disregarding his BR/armoury and looking solely at his gameplay. Having said that though, I have had far too many hackusations from idiotic infiltrators that spam their spotting key nonstop, letting me know exactly where they are. The first day after death cam, I got multiple accusations about shooting through walls, the first being within minutes of starting the game, because some people are far too ignorant to understand how the death cam works. I've had people run at me (from a distance) in the exact same way 10 times in a row and accuse me of an aimbot.

    I don't think the stupidity of many players should be underestimated and when they see threads like these, it becomes the only possibility in their minds that others are cheating after they got out played. Sometimes I feel like these players are playing at sub 30fps, with a mouse from 1995 that has one of those roller balls in it clogged up with dust and hair and ****, so they cannot possibly fathom how much of an advantage a proper setup with 120+ frames and optimized gaming peripherals is.

    TL;DR - Guy in OPs video is clearly cheating, but more false hackusations probably get thrown around than valid ones, completely tainting many players perception of the game.
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  8. gunnner10

    If anyone's interested, there's a Hacker running around Emerald, insta killing sundaes rightnow
  9. JibbaJabba

    We used to ping Drew about those on discord and he would jump on, confirm, and take care of it. Alas, no more Drew.

    Catch a shadowplay or other vid of it and send it to CS. They usually have a pretty fast turnaround. Minutes to couple hours at most.
  10. BoomBoom4You

    Been awhile since I've logged in. Don't think I will now.
  11. Towie

    Personally I wouldn't bother - the game is now totally overrun with cheats, you only have to hope that you have enough cheats on your faction to counter the cheats on the others. It really is THAT bad.

    The original guy targeted in this thread was a cheat (categorically - forget the naysayers). Yet he had pretty 'normal' stats.

    Now compare his stats to the likes of this guy - https://ps2.fisu.pw/killboard/?name=wreiicopter

    DBG (what's left of them) have totally lost control so it's a free for all, the guy with the best cheat wins. Sad.
  12. JibbaJabba


    This is why I reply in cheating threads.

    We've seen cheaters. We report them. We see their accounts go offline. There are still cheaters, and some of them continue to get away with it.

    But this view is just utter bullcrap. The absolute unmitigated whining about *perceived* cheating is damaging to the game. Look at yourself. "sToP plAyiNg ItS oVarrUn!"

    I get hackusated periodically and it's insane. Guys telling me I'm laggy when I have like 30ms pings. The infiltrator being so predictable he lights up in your very first exploratory burst. The guy that Q spots before he fires and suddenly I'm an aimbot because I spin too quick. Noobs with sensitivity cranked beyond belief think the only way to hit heads is with a hitbox mod.

    There are cheaters in the game. It is not overrun with them in the slightest. The last one I reported was over a month ago.

    There are people that drop me in the blink of an eye. I'll get like one shot landed to the head and I'm looking at the sky...if I'm that lucky. But it's because they are better than me. Faster reflextes, better aim, and better positioning/battle sense.

    The hubris of people. The actual belief that someone needs to cheat to beat you. Hubris.
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  13. Towie

    You may very well be replying to such threads with the intention of downplaying the issue in the hope / belief that the game will continue to survive (incidentally - I hope it does too).
    You may truly believe the issue isn't 'big'.

    Others (like myself - and many others as witnessed by the constant threads on the subject) believe it's a big issue. Big enough for me to cancel a membership on a game I love.
    I tried to justify my expense on the basis that DBG will get to grips with it some day - and they may still do, i'll be the first to re-sub.

    That day seems further away than ever after the recent news.

    Meanwhile - if you think it isn't a big issue - then good for you, please keep pouring your cash into PS2.
  14. JibbaJabba

    Right on man.

    I do truly believe the issue isn't big. I appreciate you acknowledging that is a possible reason behind my actions, and not just some cheater-facilitator or something.

    I'll assume the best intentions in you as well. You see widespread cheating. If I felt that way, I would have been gone long ago myself so I understand where you are coming from.

    If I could leave you with just my final thought/wish it would be this: Please be sure it's real. If you're seeing it widespread in the game then yeah, that's real. If you're just seeing it reported from others in some widespread way...that may or may not be real.

    That's all. Hope you stick around.
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