I am actually glad what this game is dying

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by IVANPIDORVAN, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. Skraggz

    Yep, and a 48.81 HSR on an account made yesterday:rolleyes:
  2. Naskoni

    Yeah, dimwit noobtard, I didn't even have to look at his profile after seeing the video... Plus I never considered it an insult to call a ****** a ******... especially one posting on a profile that has NO stats... other than being BR11 with a KDR of 0.49... ha-ha-ha...

    Given your outright delusional claims of no cheating in the game, not even in this video, I can definitely deduce why you seem so desperate to claim so ;)
  3. Towie

    He only joined yesterday so not much time to rack up assists - plus - as the video demonstrates, he doesn't assist - he kills everyone so quickly that nobody else has a chance to claim the 'kill'.
  4. Towie

    Oh dear - I did warn you - despite the stats, the video is really really damning. You are not helping your credibility by trying to defend him with '1.6 KDR' which statistically may very well be true - the reality of the video says cheating scumbag 100%. Please just let this one go...you cannot win.
  5. Moonheart

    Like some others, I didn't see a death in that video that could not be explained by other means than a cheat....
    Can someone explain what they saw, instead of calling others idiots?
  6. pnkdth

    Average accuracy + great HSR = He probably manipulated his stats by firing into nothing. Completely fresh character + a fairly aggressive style + LA = KDR likely suffer but he still manage a very respectable 1.17 KPM. Plus there is the inexplicably fantastic aim and supernatural ability to find a cloaked infiltrators.

    A few of the kills could be explained by legit means (like spotting an infiltrator running at full speed) but the vast majority is suspicious to put it mildly. I consider myself pretty damn good at hunting down infiltrators and have gotten my fair share of hackusations but this was some superman level s***.

    I tend to err on the side of caution but yeah, this really was quite obvious (even if the player did try and manipulate stats).
  7. Moonheart

    Sorry, but stating "it's suspicious" doesn't explain at all what is suspicious.
    I still do not see what is suspicious after 3 time watching this video, so... please explain us at least one of the deaths?
  8. then00b

    Don't bother defending such cheats, there are others that are more blatant like warphackers and such knifing people from under the ground. This is probably when they feel like being a little less annoying, or their software is finally detected for a while.
  9. Zizoubaba

    ok, that kind of makes sense, but he's got 86 kills. Out of all that killing, not once did he hit an enemy without finsihing him off and that enemy being finished off by someone else? not ONCE???

    86 kills is nothing, but zero assists????
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  10. Towie

    Define 'some others' ? It's just that - one person was (potentially) going to suggest it might be OK but never did.

    'Some others' I might define as the 6 people who smell a big fat rat from the video. I might add that this includes the OP who was recently defending another potential cheat (actually turned out to be a cheat - deleted) plus ObiVanuKenobi himself, and take it from me, he requires a lot of convincing.

    Really ? Like the couple of occasions where he's fully cloaked and gets multiple headshots with the Mercenary from god knows how far away with 1x sights ? Everyone can get lucky - nobody is lucky all the time.

    Your motives for defending are worrying me but then you did say this last month:
    "During the four years I've been playing this game, I've been wrongly accused of cheating several times"
    ...so I guess you're a bit more sensitive when it comes to such accusations...

  11. Skraggz

    I'm usually pretty skeptical about cheaters, but the video speaks for itself, and incase you are hearing impaired his fisu is pretty comical with a 48.88% her on a new account. He falls in the top 100 for that gun even at his comical 1.6kdr
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  12. Twin Suns

    What does a Head shot aimbot and a Ball Hog have in common?

    They don't give assists.....LMFAO!!!!
  13. JibbaJabba

    Haha, nah man it's all good. I can see the other point of view on it all. I'm not blind to that being sketchy. And indeed that guy might very well be cheating.

    When I get dunked on hard I assume it was me. Like in the video at the 7:50 or so spot...dunked on. If it were me I would assume my ****** gameplay after the kill at 7:10 was what led to my ultimate death.

    Others? O.M.G. When they get dunked on it... Cheaters... cheaters everywhere. As far as the eye can see....

    I've submitted CS tickets with video many times and gotten many people confirmed banned or put on a vacation. I would not submit this video if it were me. I don't find it convincing.
  14. JibbaJabba

    LOL. You are a little, little man. Bring your little insults.

    Go find where I said there is no cheating in this game. I'll wait.
  15. pnkdth

    Ah, so we're doing the tried and true method of burying our heads in the sand, eh?

    Meanwhile on Auraxis...

    (I'm not actually glad the game is in the state it is but likewise pretending nothing is wrong is just gonna speed things up)
  16. Beerbeerbeer

    Good. Hackers destroyed and sped up the inevitable demise of PS. It’s going to do the same here since no one wants to support it anymore.

    Let’s speed it up. Announce it far and wide: there’s no one to police hackers, exploiters or griefers. Good times abound.
  17. Skraggz

    I was serious when I said some would blame you for others hacking because you didn't give enough money to DBG.
  18. Beerbeerbeer

    Every day I’ll try and find a new exploit or hack and post it here or on reddit.
  19. Campagne

    A bad player can be killed by an aimbot just the same as a good one.

    Even if you were to have made a dumb decision or did something silly to give yourself away, the possibility of the opponent being a cheater is not affected.

    I don't the player in the video acted particularly good or bad but it was obvious the guy was cheating.
  20. InexoraVC

    Agree, obvious cheater killing stalker cloaker at any distance.

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