I am a pretty ice queen

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by day ofm one, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. day ofm one

    I recently unlocked the max rank of the Lightning rival chassis and I feel like an ice queen when I drive.

    The Lightning just slides all over again, you can not take a corner at full speed without sliding around like on soap.

    The Lightning needs more ground sticking!
  2. Prudentia

    One does not simply complain about the ability to circle around an enemy tank while only showing him your frontarmor
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  3. Ronin Oni

    I ♥love♥ Auraxis Drifting around enemy armor to put AP rounds in their tailpipe
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  4. day ofm one

    One does not simply find a single tank to fight.

    One does not simply have a chance against five enemy tanks while his teammates look at hot VS spandex.

    One can not simply drive properly when every little touch to the side makes you slide over the continent.
  5. Prudentia

    i can
    well 2 of those
    obviously i don't have to fight against 5 enemy tanks at once when i hunt lone tanks on the outskirts of a battle when i solo lightning
  6. day ofm one

    Sicne continent lock is broken, I can fight 5 tanks at once or noone at all.

    The decision between fighting 100 people on your own and searching for the one guy in the large base.

    I just quit the game, there is no reason to play it currently.

    It is just a MAJOR pain in the you get the idea...
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  7. RasFW

    I call it a Teflon Tank. It earns the name "Lightning Tank" when it starts behaving like one.
  8. FateJH

    Lightning drifting is a way of life.

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  9. AdmiralArcher

    i think all tanks need significantly more traction and torque....we are 400 years in the future....i think we should have more capable tanks
  10. RykerStruvian

    Lightning is just for drifting. But I agree, the game is in a terrible state right now and has a lot going against it. Every day I play it is a day I consider just quitting. I'm not upset about anything but it just has too much which doesn't make sense. AI that doesn't kill infantry, tanks that skid around like teflon, and MBTs which serve no purpose. Theres are just way too many things about this game which do not make sense.

    To be honest, of all the games I've played I think Planetside 2 is one of the most entertaining, however it is probably most bug-ridden game I've ever encountered. And the design choices are ones I don't agree with at all. Thats why I am not really certain if Planetside 2, or myself, will be around for another two-years to have to deal with this. I'm just tired of having to make excuses as to why something happens to be a particular way. And at least in reference to this thread, I don't see why the lightning needs to skid around with zero traction.