I <3 the Gauss Rifle

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by lilleAllan, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. lilleAllan

    Is this the most underrated weapon in the game?

    Stat jockeys will quickly dismiss the Gauss Rifle for not being a super situational gimmick weapon. DPS is basically the same as the Mercenary or EM6. No fancy attachment options either.

    But this weapon handles so insanely well. High bullet velocity, easy to control recoil and little damage drop off. It's is like a surgeons scalpel - made of bullets. Highly accurate, shots connect right away, it's just a well-rounded, no-bs type of weapon. Throw on a laser sight and it's go time.

    I've primarily played HA, LA and engineer so far, but I keep coming back to combat medic nowadays, only because the Gauss Rifle is such a thing of tremendous beauty.
  2. EViLMinD

    I use the S model quite a bit. I really like it. It's stats are slightly weaker than the default version, but it offers more customization. Which is attractive to an attachment junkie like me.

    I've been meaning to get around to using the default version, though. Just have too many other cert project on the go (my Wraith Flash is almost maxed!).
  3. johnway

    Like all starting weapons the NC Medic one works quite nicely. I just have a x1 scope and a foregrip and it works fantastically at medium range and the speed i sometime drop an enemy is satisfying. Not to mention very accurate at those ranges in the right hands.

    I predominately play as HA and switch to Medic when we have a shortage of medics or i see potential to get easy certs or lots of revives for players. I haven't got the gd-22 for the medic yet and although its dirt cheap, i can't see myself using it in every fight whereas the gauss rfile i have better chances at all ranges.
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  4. Kociboss

    I prefer gauss rifle over my T1 cycler actually. Unidirectional recoil ftw.
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  5. lilleAllan

    I agree. On my TR-alt I play CM with the Cycler/grip. While it does perform a bitter better on closer ranges, the Gauss Rifle just handles so nicely in all situations.
  6. hansgrosse

    The Gauss Rifle really is an outstanding weapon. You are right to love it.

    Laser sight's the only attachment I run on the thing. It really doesn't need anything else! :D
  7. lilleAllan

    That's my setup. Laser and iron sights. I call it the Ghetto Gauss. It's so beautiful.
  8. ColdCheezePizza

    I'm in love with the Carnage, it just seems to own since the buff
  9. almagester

    Guys, hush! If people find out how pleasant the NC1 is, they'll scream for a nerf!

    Also, I'm right there with lilleAlan and hansgrosse; laser and iron sights for the win.
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  10. Incarnus

    "NC weapon overpowered! [insert faction here] needs a weapon that randomises the enemies key bindings every time it hits to compensate for such an OP weapon!"

    More weapons in Planetside should handle like the Gauss Rifle in my opinion.
  11. MrK

    I add a x2 on top of it for that lil extra mid range and the gun turns into a do-it-all wonder.

    It has by default all the requirements for ranged combat, laser sight raise is CQC ability just enough, and the 2x is a standard for me.
    I was a S freak until I rediscovered the base Gauss. Not that the differences are huge, just enough to make it comfortable and competitive in any situation. (well, if PS2 hadn't turn into ShotgunSide, but that's another story :) )
  12. lilleAllan

    Well, there's the NS-11A which also have unidirectional recoil and 0.75x ADS move speed to boot. Some of my friends like it better than the NC1. Personally I would never betray my Ghetto gauss.
  13. BleuNoir

    I'm back in love with this weapon, it's really like a watered down SAW when you do headshots, I love the burst fire mode for that. I was close to abandoning it because with my NS-11a I could just hold down the mouse at even long range but the high damage for the Gauss Rifle is worth it.
  14. Pikachu

    I never felt that NC AR was any special, rather TR having impressive ones. I still have that idea after starting to play as terran. Their AR is good and fun to use.
  15. TsubasaKuroi

    On my NC alt I seem to be more accurate with it than any of the TR Assault Rifles I've ever used.

    Honestly, I think it's a wonderful gun. Only bothered to have a 2x sight on it though since I was trying to save up for a GR-22 and saving up the certs to get attachments for that. Gauss Rifle still served me well.
  16. ryuga

    Me too... the UBGL is the main reason i use it over the default one, the launcher itself is very situational as a weapon, has an almost fixed range and terribly low ammo, and doesn't do much damage, but it usually grants a kill or two (and possibly several assists) when used against already softened troops taking a control point, or massing behind cover! :)
  17. EViLMinD

    Anyone else loving the recent buff to attachments? Man, oh man. The Gauss Rifle S is super accurate now. I tend to use HVA, compensator, grip and a 3.4x when I need a solid range gun. Holy crap. The single fire mode is brilliant. So much better than before.

    The single fire mode is just fine with an UBGL. I think I'll finally get that shotgun attachment. This will give me great flexibility for when I charge through a field and then into a base.
  18. kennonfodder

    yes the update was just perfect!! a nice thing about the Gauss Rifle S is also the burst fire mode, devastating on 50 meters+ with HV

    If the grip is necessary or you go for the quick UB GL kill, thats a matter of taste ;)

    @OP: Gauss Rifle and Gauss Rifle S are identical except the higher velocity of the Rifle arent they??
  19. EViLMinD

    Ya, burst fire mode is handy too.

    What are you asking about the difference between the Gauss rifles? I can't remember the specifics, but the S has a slightly slower reload and ROF. Not enough to be a real issue, though. Just enough to make the standard Gauss (and Gauss Burst) better in certain situations/preferable to some play styles.
  20. Peacemaker12

    Gauss Rifle is indeed an incredible weapon. If you get bored, try using the Gauss Rifle Burst. It has wacky recoil compared to the original gun, giving it a higher learning curve, but put High Velocity Ammo on it and you get the highest velocity weapon in the entire game, faster than even the high end sniper rifles like the Longshot/RAMS.50/Parallax. It's hilarious when your bursts shoot so rapidly because of the extremely high velocity and the enemy has little time to react.