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  1. RockPlanetSide2

    Everybody always is on the fence about what it would actually be like.


    How much do you think it would change the game if any LA could have a C4 belt, to carry 4 C4 total and also could have access to the Battle Rifle.

    Everybody always gawks about how that would be SO OVERPOWERED! but would it?

    what do you think?

    The battle rifle is not a sniper rifle nor is it even a scout rifle, at distance way up on a mountain, its not even that good.
  2. Jac70

    I think everyone who isn't an LA main is less on the fence than you might think. In fact I think a majority would like to see C4 slapped out of their grubby little paws full stop :eek:
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  3. Campagne

    C4 would be a big fat "no" from me.

    Battle rifles, eh... Maybe? Been a long time since I've used my Warden, but I don't think it was any better than bursting a carbine even at long range. The only reason I wasted certs on it was because I was a nub and didn't know much about the game. The bar chart said it was good and I believed it.

    I think it would mislead other new players into wasting certs on it too, if they could fly up high with it.
  4. Iridar51

    I've tried Battle Rifles on all classes, and the only one where it legitimately works are Infiltrators. Incidentally, infiltrators can make absolutely any weapon work due to cloak, and on that class Battle Rifles are more or less directly inferior to Scout Rifles and CQC BASR. Grenade Launcher is a fun novelty, though.

    Battle Rifle LA would be incredibly annoying for all the 3 seconds it takes an enemy infiltrator to snipe him.

    As for C4 - yes, that would be OP. Light Assaults have been receiving buff after buff lately, so in public's opinion we don't deserve anything more. C4 LA specifically was always controversial, people would not tolerate a buff in that field.
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  5. Cirena

    Yeah four bricks is too much, especially in a post rocklet rifle world :)

    You should try the black hand if you want a pocket battle rifle. Long range plinking isn't that useful on a LA in my experience.
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  6. Oleker2

    As a dedicated C4-Fairy, I disagree with the 4 C4 belt thingy... It would drain nanites like crazy, make explosive spam even worse and it would unbalance cqc against maxes even more.

    For a battle rifle option, i'm totally on the yes side for it. I always go for the longer-ish range carabines for a reason. Assuming that our option is not 100% crap... Remember that LA have the vertical advantage to get on top of trees and towers, so even easier sniper spots than infiltrators.
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  7. Icehole1999

    This is how I play LA as well. The Cougar is my favorite weapon for the class above all else.

    Personally I think the battle rifle sucks. I’d really like to see the Archer on LA tho.
  8. OldMaster80

    I love LA but C4 is a little bit too powerful for this class. 4 bricks would be insane imo.

    The problem with LA is it passed from unperforming class to overperforming because:

    1) CAI changed numbers deeply and now vehicles have less protection than before against C4. Even with maxed Flanker Armor still you can be obliterated by C4 which is pure idiocy

    2) We have the Rocklet.

    3) Ambusher jetpack give very little chance to escape.

    In my opinion I would buff Flanker Armor and Flak Armor: specific anti-C4 loadouts should not die to C4 that easily. And I would move the Rocklet in the same slot as the C4, because it's just too much AV power for a single class (that also carries firearms!)
    I am honeslty proud to say I am NOT a C4 ****ter: I ofter run ammo pouch, medikits, flashbangs and a good carbine, and my main job is to flank and achieve rooftops superiority. UB smoke launcher and NV are my best companions.

    I also believe giving a long range weapon to a class that can reach positions no one else can is a bad idea. It is basically the same reason why the idea to give Infiltrators grappling hooks has always been rejected.