HV-45 Attachment question

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by AbkaFlab, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. AbkaFlab

    I was wondering what type of attachments I should put on my hv-45 for best performance in all situations. So if anyone could tell me that would be great.
  2. tugernut

    its hands down the best CQC gun you can get without going smg or shotgun
    adv laser grip and soft point are great for this gun then sight of your choice - but like said its better hip fired then ads
  3. AbkaFlab

    Yeah I heard of most people running it with a laser sight + soft point but I wasnt sure. I know this is kind of random but what kind of attachments should I use on the pulsar LSW also?
  4. Booface

    Prefer the foregrip, actually. I know it can be a beast in CQC with the advanced laser sight, but it's already a beast in CQC without it. With the foregrip you can reach out and touch people, and if someone gets close you can still make them pay.
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  5. tugernut

    but i found the ns-11a to be the go to or nothing gun for med to long range
    hv45 for anything under @ 30 meters cant be beat
    bio fights or holding a point you want the hv45
    anything outside its just not the best gun - hard to beat the ns-11a its an all over good gun.

    personally im like the one guy on the forums that doesnt use the lsw
    i love the flare
    ill argue with people til im blue in the face the on paper statistics dont translate to in game effectiveness
    trial the flare - trust me
    and on it i have 2 loadouts
    CQC - soft point , compensator , 1x reflex , laser sight
    outside - high velocity , compensator , 3.4 , forward grip
  6. Booface

    True, the NS11 will outperform at longer ranges. But not by a whole lot--you'd be surprised how well the HV45 does if you burst it well with a foregrip. It only seems more inaccurate because its putting more rounds down range, but that's a good thing.

    Yeah, if you want to specialize, HV45 with lasers and NS11 with grip. You'll be the best at one specific range of engagement. But HV45 with grip does *everything* damn well, imho. And I like to be able to adapt quickly without needing a resupply.
  7. JonConnor

    Definitely go advanced laser. I also run with a 3.4x in case I need to fight at range in a pinch (though I wouldn't use this gun if I expected that). Close up I hip fire so the 3.4x doesn't hurt me.
  8. Cynosure

    I'm a newbie and have just picked up a few attachments for the HV-45.

    The first was the foregrip; however, I really didn't notice that much of a difference having it enabled (that's not to say there isn't one). The second was the 1x reflex sight; I actually really enjoy this as it gets rid of that annoying two-sight scope. Everyone says you should be hipfiring this gun, but I prefer using my sights. The third was soft point ammunition; I would recommend you get this first as it made the most noticeable difference in my ability to kill and made me feel like a badass.
  9. asdfPanda

    In cqc, I use the adv laser sight, soft point ammo and 1x reflex. If you want to reach out and touch people, I suggest the forgrip and HS/NV scope.
  10. Kastrenzo

    night sight and one or two levels of laser dot, soft point ammo too if you want,
  11. Shiaari

    I use a suppressor, soft-point ammunition, advanced laser dot, and IRNV scope which sights the perfect range for this gun. Anything much further away and the spread is too wide. You sacrifice some velocity with this setup, but that just means you lead a little more.

    Burst fire from the hip is important in surprise CQC, otherwise you may find yourself with an empty magazine really fast. Its rate of fire is insane, but only holds 30 rounds in the magazine.
  12. ACE McFACE

    This, even with the high accuracy you sometimes miss enough shots to have to reload, which pretty much means you die plus you would only spray at <5m anyway, and not all short-range fights are like that. I never have a problem in CQC while ADSing and the H-V45 is surprisingly useful even at medium ranges, but I have the NS-11A for that.

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