[Suggestion] Hunter/stalker cloak under performing

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Sneakle, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Sneakle

    Yes I use that term as it makes the class weak or CQC where we are supposed to be. I agree that the hunter cloak shouldnt be near as invisible as the stalker at close range but as it is now even walking will make you visible as a star on a clear night sky too far away. This is the issue atm since it got it's revamp, well, fix for all settings.

    It makes SMG's much less usefull than before. I agree that sprinting should make the render distance further away, but as it is now it's just rendering too far away when sprinting or walking. The same goes for the stalker cloak, even walking is too visible at ranges, not as much as the hunter but still way too much.

    The time from sprint to walking while cloaked and the render distance is also working too slow, way too slow, the same as from sprint, walk to crouch. Here I can mention into cloak also is too slow, I can litterally see which way an infil is running after he cloaked, just the direction for a split second, and this is 100-150ish meters away using 12x scope and thereby shoot in that direction and hit. While fun to hit a target you're leading but can't see anymore, it negates the role of being an infiltrator.

    Also when getting hit while cloaked we light up like we are on a suicide run.

    1. Please change the render distance og said cloaks, how much I'm not sure but it needs to get looked at.
    2. Decrease or entirely remove the hit flashing when cloaked and being hit.
    3. Time between "stances" spring, walk, crouch takes too long.

    It's debilitating for the class as it is now. It doesn't need to be overpowered so you can run around and kill without any seeing you but it certainly needs some lovin. You are to have the data by now, like te Striker got a fix, this needs a fix too.
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  2. MarkAntony

    Right now cloaked infiltrators are stupidly easy to spot. And not just "running 5m in front of a group of enemies" as people will constantly yell as a counter argument.

    We need another cloaking pass or the cloaks usefulness will be reduced to sniping distance forever. GG SOE.
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  3. Astraka

    I think it would easier and more effective against a wider array of players if they just remove some of the downsides of the Cloak, rather than outright making it harder to see (which just makes it more frustrating).

    Give the Infiltrator the same health as the other classes. Allow your personal shield recharge and passive health regeneration (from biolabs or implants) to function when cloaked. Tone down the noise of it a bit. Decrease transition time between 'cloak modes'. These are somewhat minor changes that would greatly improve the quality of life for Infiltrators in general, without making them more aggravating to fight as a straight up less visible cloak would do.
  4. MaKiro2

    Make the crouched walking better and the still cloak more harder too see... Still cloak is at moment not bad but expierinced players see u to easy :/ That would be all and i would be so Happy...
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  5. Dbldeuce

    Completely agree. The distance cloak (don't even want to call it that atm) can be seen is extremely far. I play stalker cloak only, and the amount of times I'll be still, crouched, and not moving in hills etc. and a tank or infantry rolls up randomly and looks around , then BAM, shot in the face because the "cloak" distorts the textures behind you so badly even in deep cloak that it's painfully obvious to see. And while you're at it fix the cloak sound being heard 250m out, and spotting while cloaked should be silent or not heard more than 5m out. When snipers are able to still snipe you on the run or crouched 200m out after cloaking, it's broke. Fix it.
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  6. CuteBeaver

    Haha in my case enemies tend to trip on me rather then see me. :) When I checked PS2 Issue tracker the bugs I mention here in this video are currently being worked on. So don't worry too much, the ADS one is a high priority fix.

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  7. Matt879

    I notice this too. 50% of my deaths are from people that were looking shooting at a wall on my screen. Combined with the bug where they are firing even though on your screen they are just walking around with their gun idle, it makes adapting to situations even harder.
  8. Tykune

    After all this time, SOE still does not want to improve or fix infiltrator cloaking. This should of been done at the beginning of the year.
  9. MajiinBuu

    Crouch-walking needs to be addressed more than anything. As a stalker I crouch-walk to avoid radar, but even than you become very visible :(
  10. Sn0w

    What annoys me more than anything is how long it takes for the cloak to transition when you crouch. The stupidly loud cloak sounds aren't far behind though.
  11. volth

    And they spot you when you dont move too, +sensors+motionspotters+darklights+cloaksound+visible when running+slow hacking times+no main weapon with stalker cloak and cant shoot from cloak.

    And why do a infiltrator need to scream when they spot someone?
  12. Raun Paru

    It'd be nice if I could throw an EMP at my feet, cloak, maybe pop in and out for a couple knifes.
    But currently, especially for NC the cloak sound is obnoxiously loud, transition is really slow, and she screams at the top of her damn lungs when she's spotting or nading... it's.. completely counter-intuitive..
  13. Raun Paru

    Editing is broken in firefox apparently? so I'll just quickreply this once. It's supposedly the far future, we have HUDs, EMP's disable these HUDs. Would it be too far fetched to have the infil spot/event intitiated voice macros removed/muted? You're still putting the info into people's HUDs, no need to physically scream it. This is futuristic warfare is it not?
  14. Navron

    No. This is warfare from a year ago.
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  15. PWGuy93

    The description on the cloak tells you straight up that stalker cloaking isn't that effective for movement.
    It works as advertised.

    Adapt or die...
  16. Sevinos

    I get it! It's Halloween, so we necro'd!
    In all seriousness though, people have been suggesting it for years. Prolly won't get removed for a while. It's just another way to "balance" this class.
  17. PlanetBound

    Stalker cloak seems to be effective when things are busy.
  18. Iridar51

    Enemies don't hear your voice when you call out throwing a grenade. They do hear when you spot, though. As someone who played a lot of stalker infil last few months, I can say that decloaking sound is a non-issue whatsoever.

    If you're opening on a single target, it should be dead before it can react to the sound. And you shouldn't attack multiple enemies unless things around are so busy that nobody's gonna even hear the decloaking sound.
  19. Biddion

    They only thing I really think that is needed is the sound to be completely eliminated, or either minimized to 10m (like the xbow) or so that only other infiltrators could hear (if coding wouldn't be too complicated.

    And instead, that sound can be applied to HA. Jeeze how is THEIR shield so quiet and ours not?
  20. oTec

    I can perfectly see hunter cloack infil running within, let's say 5-10m. For stalker cloacks, i can't see them at all if they stand still. Idk what they changed but it took me and 2 others 10mins to find one guy sitting on a point...