[Suggestion] Hunter QCX isn't up-to-par with other sidearms

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Nehemia, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. TheKhopesh

    The issue with that would be that it would essentially be the ultimate quickscope weapon, and available for stalker infils.

    In order for a high power sidearm to be acceptable as a one-hit-kill headshot weapon, it would have to be incredibly, incredibly short ranged.

    In fact, the only sidearm weapon that could have this as a feature without having concerns for it's damage model between point-blank and ranged shots would be a shotgun pistol....

    *feigns cluelessness* Now where was it that I heard about an upcoming shotgun pistol again???
  2. Vikarius

    and that is the general issue with the mindset of which this game is balanced. There would be nothing imbalanced with the xbow OHKO on headshot every class, not even an inkling of overpowered.

    So what if it can be used on a stalker, the xbow should be infiltrator exclusive anyway. Hell, Infiltrator is the ONLY class in the game that has hard counters to it including basic human awareness (+Darts, Mspotter, detect bolt, darklight, etc etc)

    The stalker should never even get into a position to get off a shot (given average level or higher intelligence enemy players)
    Even if it does, he gets one kill.... oh well now everyone and their grandma knows there is a cloaker on the premises in which case he is probably dead anyway unless he bugs out. Given the average TTK of all primary weapons, if the stalker actually manages to get off a OHKO in say a head to head fight, then well thats called skill

    If you have a problem with quick scoping there is nothing stopping a normal infiltrator from just doing it with the low mag bolt actions, so the only difference would be the stalker cloak which in reality is probably the weakest cloak/class ability in the game.
  3. TheKhopesh

    A secondary weapon that can kill in a single quickscope or hipfire at 35m is not something this game needs.
    (In fact, the only weapon type for a pistol that could OHK headshot and remain balanced would be a shotgun, due to it's limited ammo and having worse range than a spitwad.)

    If you want a game where a single shot from a sidearm can kill from that far away, go back to playing Battle Field.
  4. Nehemia

    Hence I did not suggest a damage boost, but overall the weapon needs faster rate of fire and increase to its velocity, those bolts feel like you're blowing beans out of a tube.
  5. TheKhopesh

    I assumed that you meant that you were wanting the headshots to be a 2x multiplier so it could OHK to the head.

    I do agree that it should have a slightly faster reload speed.
    I would like to see it fire at about 80-90 RPM to give it just a little more dependability for stalkers.
  6. Archiadus

    I assume you already know this but in the time it takes for someone to shoot (and land) 2 hits with the crossbow you could have already shot more than enough rounds with most sidearms to kill the target.